Denver, Colorado, boasts a vibrant education landscape, with numerous elementary schools garnering acclaim for their commitment to providing outstanding learning experiences. These institutions embody the essence of academic excellence, fostering a nurturing environment that promotes intellectual growth, creativity, and character development. The best elementary schools in Denver are known for their dedicated educators, innovative teaching methodologies, and robust curricula that cater to the unique needs of each student. Beyond academic achievements, these best schools in denver also prioritize cultivating a sense of community, fostering inclusivity, and encouraging students to become responsible and compassionate citizens. Parents and guardians seeking exceptional educational opportunities for their children can find solace in the diverse array of top-tier elementary schools that Denver has to offer.

Top 10 Best Elementary Schools in Denver, CO

Ilmibook has a list of Denver’s top elementary schools. All these institutions are chosen after getting alumni reviews and Google ratings.

1. Steck Elementary School

Steck Elementary School is a renowned educational institution in Denver, Colorado. Steck Elementary provides a comprehensive education to its students through academic excellence and a nurturing learning environment. Serving more than 300 students from prekindergarten to fifth grade, it is becoming one of the best schools in the state. This school is also offering a Full-day early childhood program. Other than focal subjects (maths, science, social studies, and reading, students remain in touch with enrichment activities, such as music, art, and physical activity. Steck Elementary’s dedicated and experienced faculty ensures that students receive individual attention and support to succeed academically and socially.

Contact Details

Address: 450 Albion St, Denver, CO 80220

Phone No: +17204243870

2. Park Hill Elementary School

The Park Hill Elementary School was established in 1893. It is providing education to students from early childhood to fifth grade. Park Hill Elementary has a well-schemed curriculum focusing on science, social studies, maths, and literacy. This school has highly qualified teachers for academic needs. It also has experienced staff for other courses and programs like arts, music, dance, drama, physical education, and Spanish language learning. The Collaborative School Committee allows students, teachers, and parents to work together for the betterment of children.

Contact Details

Address: 5050 E 19th Ave, Denver, CO 80220

Phone No: +17204244910

3. Carson Elementary School

Carson Elementary School was founded in 1952 by Mary G. Carson. She gave forty-five years of her life and served there as a teacher and principal. This school offers kindergarten to 5th-grade schooling and center-based programs. It has a traditional environment in classrooms for around 400 students. Chinese-Mandarin and Spanish are taught as global languages. In addition to core subjects, arts, physical education, and extracurricular activities, Carson Elementary offers a comprehensive curriculum focused on academic excellence

Contact Details

Address:5420 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80220

Phone No: +17204249090

4. Lowry Elementary School

A highly respected educational institution in Denver, Colorado, Lowry Elementary School is known for its academic excellence and community involvement. A comprehensive curriculum focusing on core subjects and enrichment activities is offered at Lowry Elementary, a student-centered school. Lowry Elementary’s dedicated faculty and staff encourage students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking, and critical thinking are valued at the school. Respect, responsibility, and compassion are also instilled in students at Lowry Elementary School. The Lowry Elementary School fosters a strong sense of community and a commitment to student success.

Contact Details

Address: 8001 E Cedar Ave, Denver, CO 80230

Phone No: +17204245910

5. Slavens K-8 School

It is located in Denver, Colorado, and is one of the most regarded educational institutions in the state. Students at Slavens K-8 benefit from a top-notch educational experience thanks to the school’s dedication to academic excellence. A variety of academic subjects are available at the school, including fine arts, physical education, and technology. Slavens K-8 provides a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in high school and beyond through the dedication and experience of its faculty. In addition to character development, the school fosters a positive, inclusive environment where students feel supported and encouraged to succeed. Academic performance and a nurturing environment are two of the hallmarks of Slavens K-8 School.

Contact Details

Address: 3000 S Clayton St, Denver, CO 80210

Phone No: +17204244150

6. Steele Elementary School

Steele Elementary School is another best one in Denver, founded in 1970. It is public school having a community of around 500 students getting an education from K-5. Steele is the first Candidate International Baccalaureate School as it got recognized by the board. This educational institution is committed to providing a high-quality learning experience for its students. They offer a Spanish language course, arts and music courses. Teachers indulge students in Socratic discussions and debates to promote critical thinking. Steele Elementary encourages character development, community building, creativity, action, and curriculum.

Contact Details

Address: 320 S Marion St Pkwy, Denver, CO 80209

Phone No: +17204243720

7. Teller Elementary School

Teller Elementary School, located in Denver, Colorado, is known for its commitment to academic excellence and community involvement. With a student-centered approach to learning, Teller Elementary provides a comprehensive curriculum that fosters intellectual growth, critical thinking, and creativity. The dedicated teachers at Teller Elementary create a supportive and inclusive environment, encouraging students to explore their interests and reach their full potential. The school also emphasizes character development, promoting kindness, respect, and responsibility among students. Teller Elementary School is deeply connected to its surrounding community, engaging parents and community members in the educational journey of its students.

Contact Details

Address: 1150 Garfield St, Denver, CO 80206

Phone No: +17204243560

8. Edison Elementary School

Edison Elementary School is a public school located in Denver, Colorado, serving students from kindergarten through fifth grade. With a predominantly Hispanic student body (92%) and 8% white students, the school faces a high poverty rate, with 94% of students qualifying for free or reduced-price lunch. As a Title I school, it receives federal funding to support low-income families and provides essential programs such as tutoring, summer school, and mentoring to aid struggling students academically. Edison Elementary focuses on literacy and math, with a dedicated literacy coach working alongside teachers to enhance instruction. The school has community partnerships that further support students in these areas. Being a community school, it extends services like a computer lab, library, and health clinic to the wider community, reflecting its commitment to fostering education and support for all.

Contact Details

Address:  3350 Quitman St, Denver, CO 80212

Phone No: +17204247780

9. Swigert International School

Swigert International School offers a global-focused learning experience in Denver, Colorado. Students at Swigert International School learn cultural awareness, global competence, and social responsibility by focusing on international education. The school offers A rigorous academic curriculum, which incorporates global perspectives into various subjects. Swigert International School promotes curiosity and open-mindedness by exposing students to different cultures, languages, and global issues. Staff and faculty work together to create a supportive, inclusive environment, encouraging students to become lifelong learners. A Swigert International School education prepares students for a globally interconnected world.

Contact Details

Address: 3480 Syracuse St, Denver, CO 80238

Phone No: +17204244800

10. Cory Elementary School

Located in Denver, Colorado, Cory Elementary School provides its students with a high-quality education. The Cory Elementary School offers a comprehensive curriculum for K-5 that includes core subjects, arts, physical education, and extracurricular activities. More than 400 students are currently studying at Cory Elementary. A positive and inclusive environment is fostered at the school to encourage students to reach their full potential. Students at Cory Elementary are encouraged to love learning, think critically, and develop social-emotional skills. Academic performance and a nurturing atmosphere distinguish Cory Elementary School.

Contact Details

Address: 1550 S Steele St, Denver, CO 80210

Phone No: +17204248380

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Denver, Colorado, boasts a vibrant education landscape with standout elementary schools like Steck, Park Hill, Carson, Lowry, Slavens K-8, Steele, Teller, Edison, Swigert International, and Cory. These institutions excel in providing outstanding learning experiences, fostering academic excellence, creativity, and character development. With dedicated educators, innovative teaching methods, and a focus on community and inclusivity, these top-tier elementary schools shape responsible and compassionate citizens, making Denver an ideal hub for exceptional educational opportunities.

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