Los Angeles is one of the most popular and largest cities in the USA, California.  LA is one of the most popular education cities for students due to its best schools, college, and universities. Now LA is ranking #31 among the best student cities for the education system in the world as per QA best student cities. In Los Angeles, there are lots of world-class best schools for international and local students. By studying in these top-class schools students can get to the best colleges and top universities easily. Ilmibook has listed the best schools in Los Angeles area. These all schools are leading with their quality of education system and high ratings.

Top 8 Best Schools In Los Angeles, California

Here are the top 8 best schools in Los Angeles due to good ratings and positive alumni feedbacks.

1. Berkeley Hall School

Berkeley Hall School is a 66-acre, independent, coeducational campus in Los Angeles, California, USA. It serves students in Nursery through Eighth Grade. The institution has been given the stamp of approval as a genuine educational establishment by both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges as well as the California Association of Independent Schools and the teachers at Berkeley Hall are united in their desire to always do better in the classroom. Their professors demonstrate this dedication via the Depth of Study curriculum.

Berkeley Hall’s Depth of Study professors collaborates on a regular, systematic basis to improve many aspects of the educational experience for their students.

Contact Details

Address: 16000 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Phone No: +13104766421

2. Wildwood School

L.A.’s Wildwood School is a progressive, independent, and greatest K-12 institution. Beginning as an elementary school in 1971, Wildwood was the inspiration of a group of parents headed by a young lawyer named Belle Mason. In 2000, the doors opened to the secondary campus. Young children in elementary school have a strong desire to learn and participate actively in their academic pursuits. They engage in activities such as reading, writing, research, computing, problem-solving, scientific experimentation, and the creation of performances and artwork. In Wildwood, thoughts and excitement flourish. Students in Wildwood’s upper and middle schools are independent thinkers who work well together because they are immersed in an engaging learning environment where their instructors and tutors have a firm grasp of youth growth and development.

Contact Details

Address: 11811 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064, United States

Phone No: +13104787189

3. Windward School

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges has recognized Windward School, an independent institution located in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles, as meeting its rigorous academic standards. Shirley Windward, a writer, and educator established it in 1971. 625 students from grades 7-12 are now enrolled in the institution. Windward Athletics fosters environments where student-athletes may study and compete at the highest levels, with an emphasis on individual development, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of success. In addition to Winward’s wide and challenging academic program, students have access to a broad variety of co-curricular options designed to promote continued personal and intellectual development.

Contact Details

Address: 11350 Palms Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Phone No: +13103917127

4. Harvard-Westlake School

Harward-Westlake School is one of the top school in Los Angeles.  There are roughly 1,600 students enrolled in grades seven through twelve at the independent, coeducational, and university preparatory day school known as Harvard-Westlake School. The establishment can be found in the county of California’s Los Angeles area, specifically in the city of Los Angeles. The location of the school’s current campus was not yet determined at the time. The location of the school’s current location has not been determined and it was designed to be an all-female educational institution that provided both primary and secondary levels of instruction to its student body. A significant e-sports presence is maintained at Harvard-Westlake, as shown by the school’s run as the second-best League of Legends team in California over the next two years.

Contact Details

Address: 700 N Faring Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077, United States

Phone No: +18189806692

5. Downtown Magnets High School

Downtown Magnets High School is an alternative magnet high school in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Temple-Beaudry. Now they have classes for kids as young as 5 all the way up to seniors in high school. For the convenience of their parents, this institution also offers a virtual campus tour. When it comes to interacting with both children and their families, the faculty at this school excels. An additional service provided by this institution is a counseling group for students. At the semester’s conclusion, the student may also participate in internships.

Contact Details

Address: 1200 Colton St, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Phone No: +12134810371

6. Curtis School

Curtis School continues to raise the bar for elementary education not only in the Greater Los Angeles area but also beyond it as they get closer to celebrating its 100th anniversary. According to their innovative programs, young learners are inspired to be engaged, healthy, and caring so that they can move forward in their education and lives with joy, confidence, and a sense of purpose.

Students in grades DK-6 can choose from a variety of options during extension sessions. Some classes are for all grades, while others are only for certain grades. Extension classes end at 4:30 pm. All extension students who aren’t picked up by 5:00 pm will be signed into Day Care, and their parents will be charged according to the current Day Care fee schedule.

Contact Details

Address: 15871 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Phone No: +13104761251

7. International School of Los Angeles

International schools of Los Angeles is among the best schools. Students aged four to eighteen may enroll at the private International School of Los Angeles. Accreditation bodies for the International School of Los Angeles include the French Ministry of Education, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and the International Baccalaureate. Sports such as rugby sevens, football, tennis, volleyball, track and field, and fencing are all offered to students. In a multilingual setting, the International School of Los Angeles’s curriculum mirrors that of the French Ministry of Education. The school’s purpose is to provide students with a constructivist education, where students actively participate in the process of meaning and knowledge production, in addition to the advantages of bilingualism established by science.

Contact Details

Address: 4155 Russell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

Phone No: +13236654526

8. The Episcopal School of Los Angeles

The Episcopal School of Los Angeles is a private, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students. This school starts from grades 6 through 12, and this is located in the center of Old Hollywood. The school welcomes students of all genders. Young people are better prepared to thrive in a multicultural society. To develop into morally responsible leaders in their churches, communities, and beyond as a result of this commitment. The extracurricular activities that are provided to students in elementary school and middle school help to increase their passion for learning.

Contact Details

Address: 6325 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Phone No: +13234623752


When we speak about the city of Los Angeles, we are talking about many of the greatest schools in the state of California. Therefore, ilmibook has provided a list of the top schools in Los Angeles that your children may attend to get an excellent education. All of these institutions provide a traditional education in addition to a variety of extracurricular activities for your lovely Children.

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