New Orleans school system has long struggled to meet the needs of its children since Louisiana is a state with historically significant poverty and systemic inequalities. Only 40% of students in New Orleans were high school graduates when the first Teach for America corps members arrived in 1990. Thanks to the efforts of TFA and other organizations deeply rooted in the New Orleans public school system, the city’s graduation rate has risen to 78 percent in just a few short years. Now in New Orleans, there are lots of the best schools with quality education facilities. Ilmibook has found the best schools in New Orleans for the local residents. These elementary and high schools not only provide education but also focus on students’ development.

Top 10 Best Schools in New Orleans Louisiana

TFA alums lead 35% of Orleans Parish’s open-enrollment schools. TFA members care deeply about Greater New Orleans’ students and are trying to innovate and create change. Now, here we are discussing the best schools in New Orleans.

1. Louise S. McGehee School

Louise S. McGehee School is an all-girls private school in New Orleans, Louisiana. Garden District. You could believe it’s because of their difficult curriculum and experienced team. We think it’s because the girls change so much from day one until graduation.

Every girl is different, and we do mean every girl.

This institution has Lower, Middle, and Upper School systems. Louise S, Mcgehee school provides some ways your child will grow in the areas of perceptual skills, readiness skills, creative expression, balance, and coordination.

Contact Details

Address: 2343 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Phone No: +15045611224

2. International School of Louisiana

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International School of Louisiana (ISL) has three campuses: one in Dixon (K-2), one in Uptown (3-8), and one on the Westbank (K-5th). Their teachers and students value diversity. ISL has 200 employees from 33 countries speaking 23 languages. ISL students learn key subjects in French or Spanish from day one. They learn a second language through conversation and schooling.

Contact Details

Address: 1400 Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States

Phone No: +15046541088

3. Ursuline Academy

Ursuline Academy is a private, Catholic, all-girls school located in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. High and elementary school are both parts of the Ursuline Academy. The Ursuline Sisters of the New Orleans Community, who are a part of the Ursuline Central Province of North America, serve as the school’s trustees. The Ursuline Sisters of the New Orleans Community oversee the Early Childhood Age 1-K, Lower School (1ST-4TH), Middle School (5TH-7TH), and High School programs at this institution (8TH-12TH). The team in charge of managing the school is also responsible for overseeing the extracurricular activities.

Contact Details

Address: 2635 State St, New Orleans, LA 70118

Phone No: +15048619150

4. Dwight D Eisenhower Elementary

Dwight Eisenhower Charter School is an InspireNOLA school in the Algiers neighborhoods of New Orleans. It serves grades PreK–8. Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School is a popular school with the goal of making sure students RISE to distinction with Respect, Integrity, Scholarship, and Excellence.

DE is one of Louisiana’s Outstanding Schools in Greater New Orleans. DE had the most growth in Orleans Parish in 2019. It received the city’s greatest progress rate among open-admission elementary schools. InspireNOLA Charter Schools operates eight public charter schools in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It is also the only network with one A-graded school and two B-graded schools. At the moment, InspireNOLA helps more than 5,500 students in grades pre-K through 12.

Contact Details

Address: 3700 Tall Pines Dr, New Orleans, LA 70131

Phone No: +15043027109

5. Cabrini High School

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Cabrini High School is a parochial institution that admits only female students. Cabrini is a Catholic one of the best school in the New Orleans area. The Crescent is the nickname for the school’s sports teams.

Cabrini provides a rigorous academic atmosphere that caters to students of varying abilities by maintaining small class sizes and providing individualized attention from a credentialed and experienced faculty.

The college preparatory curriculum at Cabrini prepares students for success in higher education and beyond. As part of its commitment to a well-rounded education, Cabrini places equal value on the arts and athletics as it does on the traditional disciplines of science, mathematics, history, language, and literature.

Contact Details

Address: 1400 Moss St, New Orleans, LA 70119

Phone No: +15044821193

6. Mount Carmel Academy

Mount Carmel Academy, also known simply as Mt. Carmel, is a private, Catholic high school for girls located in the Lakeview neighborhoods of New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. The Sisters of the Lady of Mount Carmel, who have been educating young women in New Orleans since 1833, run the school.

This is a prestigious Catholic boarding school for young women alone. Eighth to twelfth. Course sizes are manageable. More than 95% percent of applicants are accepted into TOPS. Mount Carmel’s athletic teams are nicknamed the “Cubs” and wear brown and white.

Mount Carmel has a rhythm dance team, a competitive cheering team, a game squad cheerleading team, sailing, golf, tennis, track and field, softball, and gymnastics.

Contact Details

Address: 7027 Milne Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70124

Phone No: +15042887626

7. Phillis Wheatley Community School

New Orleans is home to Phillis Wheatley Elementary School. In 1954, architect Charles Colbert created the initial school building specifically for black pupils to attend

Phillis Wheatley, the first black female slave poet in the United States, was chosen as the namesake for the school because of the area’s historical significance. First Line Schools’ goal is to improve public education in New Orleans by establishing and nurturing high-quality, free-to-all-students institutions.

Tennis, swimming, basketball, and other athletic instruction are just some of the options available to pupils at this institution.

Contact Details

Address: 2300 Dumaine St, New Orleans, LA 70119

Phone No: +15043736205

8. Academy of the Sacred Heart

New Orleans, Louisiana is home to a prestigious private Catholic high school known as the Academy of the Sacred Heart. The Society of the Sacred Heart founded the institution in 1886. Every year, we welcome the Greater New Orleans community by offering Admission Events and Personal Tours. Their young ladies are inspired to change the world. This private, autonomous high school is co-education. This institution has five basic goals faith, academic, service, community, and growth. Here in the academy of sacred heart students not only study but also get classes in dance, visual arts, digital media, and many other outdoor activities.

Contact Details

Address: 4521 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115

Phone No: +15048911943

9. Mary Mcleod Bethune Elementary Charter School

Mary Mcleod Bethune Elementary Charter School is having an outstanding campus building with amusing infrastructure. This school serves education for students in grades pre-kindergarten to 8th. Throughout the grades, the main focus of the curriculum is on Math, English, Science, and Social studies. Special educational programs are also offered. There are special and trained teaching staff for every grade and also for special education. The whole staff is highly skilled and qualified. This school also offers distance learning in the summer.  Along with the teachers, parents are welcome to get involved in the development, learning, and assessment of their children.

Contact Details

Address: 2401 Humanity St, New Orleans, LA 70122

Phone No: +15043247076

10. Audubon School

Audubon School was founded in 1981 with its community and exclusive educational programs. This school serves students in grades pre-k to 8th. It offers a French Program, Montessori Program, Bilingual Montessori Program, and Arts program. The uniqueness of this school lies in its French Program which was adopted by the school in 1990. Their French Program is accredited by the Agency of French Education Abroad (AEFE) and also declared as Certified World Language by the Louisiana State Department of Education. This school is also home to the National Montessori Training Center. Students with disabilities get school nurses, social workers, speech therapists, and other support services.

Contact Details

Address: 1111 Milan St, New Orleans, LA 70115, United States

Phone No: +15043247110

Final Thoughts

As these top schools have outstanding achievements and high rankings, people consider them to be the most prestigious colleges and schools. We have gathered a list of the best schools in New Orleans. They have a good lead all over the city. So choose the best schools wisely for your kids.

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