Austin ranks high on quality of life education. Austin ranks in the top 10 cities for its quality of education. If you’re living in west Austin or have just moved here and are looking for the best schools to study, worry no more because we got you. Here are some of our recommendations you can easily choose a good school that captures your attention the most. In West Campus Austin, parents can choose the best school for their kids for quality of education. Schools not only provide standard education but also extra co-curriculum activities for students’ better future and also the progress of the united stated of America.

Top 5 Best Schools In West Campus Austin Tx

As there are lots of best schools in Austin Tx but for the west campus Austin, residents here is the detailed list of the top 7 best schools in west campus Austin.

1. Kirby Hall School

Kirby Hall School is just a few minutes away from the University of Texas, providing you with an education far beyond classroom walls. The school was founded in 1976 and solely focuses on building career paths for its students providing them with the highest level of academics. The school strongly believes in its core values of eternity, and respect for every individual.

The school is divided into four sections i.e. Pre-K and Kindergarten, Lower School, Middle school, and Upper School. The school provides you with a warm Family Environment and helps with the character building of students. The school does not discriminate against students on basis of religion whatsoever. Other than curriculum, the school also teaches theater, drama, arts, and music to students.

Contact Details

Address: 306 W 29th St, Austin, TX 78705

Phone No: +15124741770

2. Headwaters School

Headwaters School was founded in 2001 and teaches students from Montessori through Grade 12. It is an independent school with a vibrant learning environment. The school has three campuses. The first one is Springs Campus which focuses on Early Childhood students, the Second one is Creek Campus which solely deals with Elementary students, and the last one is River Campus which contains Middle & High schools.

Headwaters School focuses on the personality grooming of students. The school firmly believes that every individual is different and needs a special kind of attention and the school makes sure that they’re there to help the students throughout the process. There are also different kinds of gatherings for students to bond with each other including talent shows, project week, cultural dinners, and singing songs gatherings. The Headwaters Forward is an annual retreat during which Headwaters staff and students from the Middle & High School spend a few days playing and bonding in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Contact Details

Address: 306 W 29th St, Austin, TX 78705

Phone No: +15124741770

3. Trinity Episcopal School

Trinity Episcopal School is an independent institution that is situated five miles from downtown and connects to two highways MoPac Expressway and 360 Loop. It is easy to find and you can consider it if you live downtown. It teaches from pre-school till Middle school grade 8. The campus is divided into kindergarten, Lower school, and middle school. The Lower School academic buildings include a library, science labs, welcoming classrooms, and an engaging common space while the Middle School building includes spacious science labs, a Collaborative Learning Center, state-of-the-art tech rooms, and plenty of common areas for students to work together.

The school also has different clubs which organize different competitions throughout the year. Students can easily choose the club according to their interests. The school also includes nature preserves, hiking trails, an outdoor classroom, and a community garden that is accessible to all students.

Contact Details

Address: 3901 Bee Caves Rd, Austin, TX 78746

Phone No: +15124729525

4. St. Andrews Episcopal School

St. Andrews is an Episcopal School and is known for its core values. The school helps young people achieve their potential not only in intellectual understanding but also in esthetic sensitivity, physical well-being, athletic prowess, and moral firmness. They believe to help lead productive, responsible lives, not only for their students but also for their community.

The school teaches from kindergarten to High school (Grade 12). It is a private school and almost one thousand students are enrolled there. The school has four pillars Scholars, Athletes, Artists, and Servants. St. Andrews Episcopal School provides students with all the facilities a student desires. Sports grounds for every kind of sports, a vast library, a Fine arts center, theater & music, visual arts, and much more.

Contact Details

Address: 5901 Southwest Pkwy, Austin, TX 78735

Phone No: +15122999700

5. Hyde Park Schools

Hyde Park School is a Christ-centered school that deals from elementary to high school. They believe in their core values of Biblical Worldview, Christ-Centered Culture, Community, and Excellence. Hyde Park provides an opportunity for each student to reach his or her maximum intellectual, spiritual, social, and ethical potential. The school also offers safe and reliable transportation for students. Besides studies, the school offers students with extracurricular activities ascetics to their interests including athletics and fine arts.

The school has two campuses. Speedy Campus deals with kindergarten to 8th classes and
Quarries Campus teaches high school grades 9th to 12th. Despite being Christ-centered, the school does not discriminate based on gender, race, creed, color, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its education policies, scholarship, athletic, or other school-administered programs.

Contact Details

Address: 3901 Speedway, Austin, TX 78751, United States

Phone No: +15124658338

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