Tucson is a city in Arizona State of the United States. It is the state’s second-largest city, following Phoenix. This area is home to the University of Arizona. This university is consistently listed among the top 100 universities and institutions in the world and places a strong emphasis on its student body. Arizona has received several praises for its superior academic offerings and value. In Tucson, there are lots of best schools for students with standard education systems, top-class facilities with proper future guidance programs, and many more. After studying in the best schools of Tucson students can easily get admission to the best universities, colleges, and best schools in Arizona.

Top 8 Best Schools In Tucson, AZ

Here ilmibook has listed and explained the best schools in Tucson. These all schools are good with their great reviews and high ratings.

1. BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Schools is one of the greatest schools in the Oro Valley Tucson area. Students in grades six through twelve are educated at the chartered school known as BASIS Oro Valley. There is a charter school network to which it belongs. Students at this school are obliged to begin enrolling in Advanced Placement courses and taking examinations at the ninth-grade level. Students who have reached their senior year are eligible to participate in the Capstone program offered by BASIS. This program requires students to take classes taught in a seminar setup for two-thirds of the academic year and allows them to propose an off-campus research project for the final trimester. The chess club, the band, and the hiking club are all available for students to join.

Contact Details

Address: 11155 N Oracle Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Phone No: +15203085220

2. International School of Tucson

When it comes to international education, no other institution in Tucson can compare to the International School of Tucson. This school started from toddler year to Junior & Middle School. This school also offers classes for primary and nursery school.  This school provides a one-of-a-kind program that begins in the toddler years with a complete immersion in Spanish, Chinese, French, and German, and continues through the middle grades with a bilingual immersion in Spanish / Chinese / French /German. It’s a public school that doesn’t discriminate based on gender or ability, and it accepts students of both genders. Scholarship Assistance is one of the primary means through which IST seeks to promote diversity within its student body in terms of both socioeconomic status and background.

Contact Details

Address: 1701 E Seneca St, Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone No: +15204060552

3. The Gregory School

The Gregory School in Tucson is a private, non-denominational, middle, and high school for girls. There is no particular religion taught at the institution. In 2015, there were 350 students enrolled in grades 5-12 at Gregory School. The average class size was 14. Every parent is welcome to visit this exceptional institution. The 35-acre grounds and towering trees that surround their actual school are an immediate delight for visiting parents. In addition to academics, students may also take part in sports. The people at this school value their local culture and history and use it to provide their children with meaningful, hands-on experiences in the classroom. A Gregory School meal program includes a tasty and nutritious lunch prepared daily from seasonal and locally available ingredients.

Contact Details

Address: 3231 N Craycroft Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone No: +15203276395

4. BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson North is among the chartered schools taking no tuition fee, enrolling students in grades 5 through 12. Being a part of the BASIS Charter Schools network, which has provided excellent education since its inception in 1998, is something they celebrate every day. On all of their campuses, they provide a unique blend of STEM and liberal arts courses that have allowed our kids to achieve the academic success they never thought possible. Most significantly, their teachers are inspiring a lifelong curiosity and love of learning in the next generation.

Students don’t need to wear uniforms because they think that letting kids express themselves freely is more important to the growth of creative ideas and the capacity to critically evaluate and solve issues.

Contact Details

Address: 5740 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ 85750

Phone No: +15202070076

5. Green Fields School

Green Fields School is another best school on our list. It is a public Charter school that does not charge tuition and is located in Tucson, Arizona, in the United States. Students in elementary, middle, and high school may take advantage of the educational opportunities it offers. Historically, Green Fields School was an autonomous and charitable educational institution that began in (Pre-K..12). Green Fields, commonly referred to as Green Fields Country Day School, was first established in 1933 as a residential preparatory school for boys under the name Circle Double A Green Fields Preparatory School for Boys. In the 1960s, it abandoned its role as a residential school and changed its policies to admit students of both genders.

Contact Details

Address: 6000 N Camino De La Tierra, Tucson, AZ 85741

Phone No: +15202972288

6. Empire High School

The Vail Unified School District in Tucson is home to Empire High School or EHS as it is more often abbreviated. This is the first public high school in the United States to completely replace traditional textbooks with an online digital curriculum accessed through wireless laptops. Empire High School was the first high school in the United States to eliminate textbooks and offer each student a laptop computer when it opened its doors to students in August 2005. Empire’s first graduating class was in 2007. Football, track and field, baseball, softball, golf, volleyball, cheerleading, soccer, basketball, painting, steel drums, photography, pottery, theatre, and technical theatre are just some of the fine arts offered at Empire, in addition to the curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Contact Details

Address: 10701 E Mary Ann Cleveland Way, Tucson, AZ 85747

Phone No: +15208793000

7. Mexicayotl Academy Charter School

Mexicayotl Academy Charter School is one of the good schools for kids in Tucson. This institution is proud to be a part of a unique K-20 educational program that allows its students to grow up in a community where they can start working toward a Ph.D. in their first year of kindergarten. They live in the southwest of the United States and enjoy exposing others to the rich cultural traditions of their region. They are committed to providing quality education to all members of the community at no cost and do so by promoting environmental awareness through field trips, teaching Danza (a traditional Mexican dance form), and providing bilingual instruction in a safe and supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

Contact Details

Address: 1300 S Belvedere Ave, Tucson, AZ 85711

Phone No: +15206152100

8. City High School

The first ninth and tenth graders enrolled at City High School in September 2004. Roughly 200 students throughout grades 9–12 are now enrolled in City High School. Between 2003 and 2006, City High School benefited greatly from financing for new schools made available under the federal Charter Schools Program and High-tech High Learning. The City Center for Collaborative Learning is an equal opportunity provider and employer, and does not discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, age, gender identity or expression, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability.

Contact Details

Address: Pioneer Hotel, 47 E Pennington St, Tucson, AZ 85701

Phone No: +15206237223


As you can see all the top schools in Tucson. If you are a local resident then free feel to choose the best schools for kids for their better and bright future. Instead of the above, there are so many other schools that provide quality education such as Math & Science Success Academy, Southern Arizona Community Academy, Academy of Tucson Elementary School, BASIS Tucson Primary, and University High School.

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