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Arslan Shahbaz SEO expert in Lahore

Hi! I am Arslan Shahbaz

As an E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Professional, I live and breathe Online Marketing. Digital Marketing and SEO experts are in even my dreams. I am crazy about SEO projects. I have expertise in SEO. I started my SEO journey as a passion. Now, I’m adopting it as my profession to get some incredible success. I believe in the quality of work not the quantity of work
I can help you with:

How does my process work?

Keyword Analysis

Working to Searching and High Volume keywords is my passion. I can also work for your content optimization.

SEO Audit

As an SEO expert i can deeply look into your website and can find technical errors and can give you suggestion how you can improve your website.

Experience Your Growth

As an Local SEO expert I have abilities to grow your business and generate successful leads.

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. Its about PARTENERING with GOOGLE to provide the best search results for GOOGLE's users.
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Certifications, Degrees, and Experience

I am Software engineer form my Qualification. But I fall in SEO accidently after some time SEO become my profession and now SEO is my passion. Now I am working in USA based SEO agency in Lahore.

Arslan is in SEO industry form last 2 years. Now he found the formula of success in his profession .

Software Engineer

Arslan has a degree of 4 Years BS Software Engineering. I worked in many software houses as a quality assurance engineer and WordPress developer.