What is FSc Pre-Medical?

FSc stands for “ Faculty Of Sciences.” It is also called “Intermediate” mostly Pronounced FSc in Pakistan. FSc Pre-medical is an intermediate program with major subjects in Biology, chemistry, and physics. After matriculation, if a student is willing to study medical then they can get enroll in FSc Pre Medical. It is a program done after one has done one’s matriculation. It is a two-year program which comprises of two parts or two years of education namely 1st year and 2nd year.

In Pakistan, FSc is a higher secondary level or in other words a college-level course. For getting enrolled in FCS Students must have passed matriculation level in science subjects (Physics, chemistry, biology) with at least 70% marks from a recognized institute. For students who want to get into medical fields in the future FSc Pre-medical Program is for them. FSc Pre-Medical means you have taken Biology as a major. Why do students choose Fsc pre-medical? Mainly to become a doctor. This Program is Completely different from Fsc Pre Engineering.

FSc Pre Medical Subjects:

Here are the complete details of all subjects for FSc part 1 and part 2 for the Pre-Medical Course. There are major six subjects three are compulsory subjects and three are elective subjects.

Part 1(1st Year) Subjects:

Compulsory Subjects

Elective subjects

Part 2(2nd Year) Subjects:​

Compulsory Subjects

Elective subjects

You may have noticed that all the subjects which were present in 1st year are present in 2nd year except the Islamic Education which has been replaced by Pakistan Study. So, in the 1st year, the students study Islamic Education as compulsory and in the 2nd year, the students study Pakistan Study instead of Islamic Education.

Eligibility Criteria:

For Intermediate Applicants must be a Citizen of Pakistan/AJ&k. They should be between 18 to 23 years old to get enrolled in undergraduate Programs.


The duration of the FSc Pre-medical Course is two years. The Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education conduct FSc Exams separately as Part 1 in 1st year and Part 2 in 2nd year separately. Most students ask can Fcs be done in one year? Yes, Students can also give combined exams of FSc if they had passed a time limit of 2 years after passing matriculation examinations. Many students do not get good marks in FSc if they want to improve their marks and believe that there has been an issue in your grading, then you can apply for a recheck for your BISE examinations Centers. This will provide you with One More Chance to improve your grades per subject requested.

Is Fsc Pre Medical Difficult?

No, it’s not difficult if you have studied biology subject in matric and got good marks. You just have to only study regularly then you can get good marks. Also, you will easily get admission to the top medical colleges and universities in Pakistan.  Just cover all of your topics regularly and do test sections to avoid mistakes in board exams. As you have studied biology in matric then you have a great opportunity to get enroll in FSc pre-medical to become a doctor or get in in the medical industry successfully.

Which Board is Best and Tough for Fsc?

According to students’ and teachers’ reviews, the Lahore board is one of the best and toughest boards in Pakistan due to students’ competitions and paper checking by the best professors. Also from all over Pakistan students prefer to come to Lahore for quality studies.

Most Demanding Field of Medicine in Pakistan

There are many best options for a student in medical with fewer marks in FSc Pre Medical. Here is the list of Medical fields for students who want to pursue their future in medicine after doing FCS Pre Medical.
And many more Medical fields in Pakistan.

Medical Diploma Courses after FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan

After doing FSc in medical different short or long diploma courses are offered. The high medical diploma courses list is as follows:

And many more Medical diploma courses after 12th in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 80% good in FSc?

Yes, 80% is considered a good score in FSc pre-medical. It is above the average score and indicates a strong academic performance. But if you want to get admission in best medical colleges in Pakistan then you must score more than %90 to beat competition and Pass the Criteria score of MCAT entry test.

Can I get admission in MBBS with 50% marks in FSc?

To qualify for admission to the MBBS program, candidates must meet the following academic criteria: a minimum of 70% marks in their Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or F.Sc (Pre-medical) exams or equivalent, which requires at least twelve years of education. Additionally, they must obtain a minimum of 60% marks in the entry test. The minimum aggregate score required for admission to the MBBS program is 70%.

How can I improve my FSc marks?

To improve your FSc marks, you may opt to retake the exam by submitting an improvement form at your designated Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) examination center. Once the form is processed, the examination board will provide you with a roll number slip that includes the examination date and other relevant details. It is important to note that the deadline for submitting an improvement form and the exam schedule may vary depending on the respective BISE. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with your BISE or educational institution for the exact deadlines and requirements for submitting an improvement form.

Can Students do Fcs Pre Medical after doing matric in computer science?

No, you can not apply for Pre Medical if you have not studied biology subject at the matric level. Biology is required at the matric level.