What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is the branch of science that is the combination of two words including Bio and Chemistry. It includes all the chemical processes occurring in a living body. That is included in both chemical sciences and biological sciences. That’s why it helps us in solving many issues or problems occurring inside of the living organisms including humans, plants, animals, and microorganisms that all take place due to certain imbalanced chemical reactions occurring inside their bodies.

As biochemistry helps us in identifying the solution to most of our issues and complex medical and chemical reactions and in the same way it also helps us in making advancements in the files of veterinary, medicine, agriculture, and many more. So in these field the scope of bio chemistry is growing in pakistan repidly.

Scope of Biochemistry in Pakistan:

While talking about the scope of biochemistry in Pakistan doubt. There is no doubt that biochemistry has been proved as a fast-growing field due to its importance in today’s world and its diversity. The interesting and astonishing branches of this field have attracted many young minds especially those who have a greater interest in biology and chemistry and who want to pursue their future even further in this field. In Pakistan, there is a larger scope of biochemistry both in the private and public sector including many areas like:

These all the sectors are those in which the young minds can find their high earning future but they all need to keep one major point in their minds that all the scope and progress always depends upon their own efforts and interest.

What do Biochemists do?

As by the definition above, it is clear that a biochemist deals in both biological and chemical sciences and a biochemist gets the opportunity to explore more inside of it by conducting both basic and applied research.
Both of the research make the biochemist more expert of his/ her field and let him/ her gain more out of their knowledge. They all try to understand all the processes taking place inside the living organisms including genetic changes, reproduction, developments, etc.

Branches of Biochemistry:

Biochemistry is a vast field of study that further includes many subsections inside it including:
Due to the vast diversity of this field almost on daily basis, new topics are being added up in this pool and it is becoming bigger and bigger day by day to resolve all of our basic and complex issues to make our lives easy for us and for other living creatures.

What are the Required Skills in Biochemistry?

Just like by any other field biochemistry also contains a whole world of arts and living organisms in itself and it requires some special skills in all those members who want to be a part of it and want to get an advantage from it. The skills required for this field mainly depends upon your era of work but still here are some important skills that you need to develop in yourself if you want to be a part of a biochemists society:
These are all some of the important skills these are not related to any of the single fields these all are related to this field as a whole while talking about some other skills then there are so many that usually depend upon the nature of your job you are trying to opt.

Biochemistry Salary in Pakistan:

Firstly as we all know that the salary if any job mainly depends upon the skills and experience of the employees but still while talking about the salary of a person pursuing his/ her future in this field starts from almost 70, 000 PKR and ranging till 250, 000 PKR.

That is an average salary range and many companies offer you some accommodation, transport and bonuses along with your salary and it starts from 70, 000 and it increased by making progress in skills and experiences. More the experience more the salary and the benefits of these jobs are associated with this field.

Job Title after Biochemistry:

The job title associated with yourself along with your field is very important and after completing your Master degree in biochemistry and gaining a bit of experience of the practical life you can apply for any of the following jobs titles:

Best Universities for Biochemistry in Pakistan:

While searching for the best medical universities in Pakistan you will be glad to know that there are many high-ranked universities in which biochemistry has been emerged as a separate department due to its importance and diversity. A list of some of these high ranked universities is given below:

And many more private and givermaent institutions in pakistan. By enrolling yourself in any of the up-stated universities you can have an everlasting experience of biochemistry that will not only help you in daily life but will also help you to explore further in this field. Always remember in field always skills matter.

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