A new world is being set up with their individual capabilities, talents, and qualities. The citizens of the new world are stepping into the new age with their own dynamics and newer institutions that are equipped with the vision shaping tomorrows

Pak Turk maarif education institution was established in 1995 in tribute to a stance and sentiment of allegiance and in response to similar justified requests. In the belief of facilitating a past varying the capacity of ruling this geography to attain the future by means of quality human resource.

Park Turk education institutions provide education in nine cities of Pakistan (within four provinces) including Lahore. Today park Turk is one of the value brands in Pakistan. Pak Turk owed its nationwide splendor to its outstanding achievements, sincerity, and preferences made by the people of Pakistan. Today Pak Turk international school lahore is in among one of the best schools in Lahore.

Aspiring to bring forth the highly qualified and refined individuals desires by Pakistan. Pak Turk School Lahore comprised of all facilities required for providing a world-quality education with no concern for material gain.

High Qualified and Proficient Native and Foreign Educationists:


No doubt Pak Turk School Lahore is one of the most meaningful investments made for the future of Pakistan. Pak Turk educational institutions benefit from the service of hundreds of native and foreign educational professionals for the bright future of Pakistan.

Certainly in addition to the transmission of academics and scientific knowledge, ethics, instilling the sublime national values of Pakistan. As well as the importance of attached to educating the generation equipped with modern-day knowledge. Which is honest highly competent and which may step forward without a second thought when duty calls. The educational professional at park Turk school Lahore are aware of this.

Self-Renewing Educational Staff:

Pak Turk teachers raise their bars of self-renewal and efficiency by continuous development seminars and workshops delivered around the years exclusively by foreign experts from the University of Cambridge and the university of oxford.

World Standard Educational Tools:


This institution is capable of producing its indigenous educational tools in the line with world standards. In addition to the interactive of smart boards with native content. One computer per computer classroom and fully equipped modern labs for physics and chemistry, science and technology.

Education is a practical affair at park Turk international schools and colleges. It aspires to bring forth the citizens of the modern world. Educating global students who are open to all colors and sounds across the world. It is definitely possible by means of quality language training.

Students at Pak Turk School Lahore learn English in a real-life and native setting using the course books published by the oxford university press and Cambridge university press build up more in the portal and their mother tongue and speaking English at an advanced level.

Pak Turk students also learn Turkish yet another prominent world language. International trips to language geographies are significant steps to enhancing student’s foreign language proficiency. Park Turk organizes annual summer schools in United States, England, and turkey.

A Spectrum of Social Club Activities:


New Generation with a vision to shape tomorrows by means of their native dynamics may attain success to the extent of how they understand and interpret life. Pak Turk educational institute Lahore has a student profile able to establish communication with diverse cultural codes easily. Found of the arts, music, sports and proficient in own institutional culture.

Pak Turk arranges for professional trainers and needed setups for each student to learn to play at least each musical instrument skillfully and to engage branch of sports at the amateur level.

Pak Turk Schools Branches

Love grows when it’s shared. Pak Turkish Aspire to expand its branches from preschool to college to many more cities across Pakistan. The aspiration to reaching out to every part of Pakistan for the sake of Pakistan. Newer foundations are being laid for the fostering of an exquisite generation with a sense of responsibility. Campuses that embrace students with generous social equipment and modern hostels are designs only for education with a variety of academic departments.

Keeping a full belief in the approaching bright future of Pakistan. Pak Turk holds nationwide tests to selects gifted students with limited means. And provides them with free-of-cost education on merit. Facilities provided for hundreds of students are not limited to free tuition only. Scholarships also include free accommodations and stationary.

Complementary Elements Hostel


The word hostel defines the exclusive student’s accommodation at Pak Turk campuses. Besides being clean hygienic and secure. Pak Turk hostels also complements a greater culture of discipline at the foundation of programs applied as hotels.

Keeping in full belief in the approaching bright future of Pakistan. Pak Turk Holds nationwide tests to selects gifted students with limited mean and provides them with free of cost education on merit.

Admission Process

Pak Turk school Lahore offer classes offers multiple subjects including O/A levels(cambredge Studies).

Visit Pak Turk Maarif Official website to fill Admission form.

Pak Turk School Lahore Address

Address: Raiwind Rd, Block D Opf Housing Scheme, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Phone: (042) 35954861

Visit Pak Turk school official website here for more details.


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