Education in the best school can change the life of any person. Every child’s foundation starts when he enters school. School plays a vital role in the career of every student. That’s why every parents wants their child to get admission to one of the best schools. In Pakistan, there are hundreds of best schools, especially in Lahore. Lahore is called the city of education. That’s why in Lahore population literacy rate is very high than in other cities of Pakistan.
Now in Pakistan, our education system is pursuing the British education system. Honestly, the British education system is much better than the Pakistani education system. In Lahore, there are many best schools for standard education. Standard educations mean quality education.
Here is the list of best schools in Lahore due to their standard education, quality school environment, neat and clean building, Experienced and qualified staff, Outdoor facilities and many more.

List of 8 best schools in Lahore.

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    Here is the list of one of the top schools in Lahore that will help you to choose the best intuitions for your child to get the quality of education.

    1 Aitchison College

    Aitcheson College was founded as a chief college in 1886. British made this type of 5 schools in north India where only the richest families kids were allowed to study. Aitcheson covered 200 acres area.
    Aitchison College is semi private institution. Its cover grade from 1 to 13 for boarding and day students.
    AC provides one of the best quality standard education in Pakistan. Many Pakistani government persons studied here including our presidents and prime ministers. Aitchison’s education is just only based on O/A level studies. This college provides one of the best co-curriculum actives and tools for character development.

    In Aitchsion there are largest sports grounds, café, indoor gaming clubs, swimming pools, acrobatic clubs, cricket club and many more.

    Now Aitchsion collage is the member in G20 schools of the world.


    Aitchison college has three sections

    Contact Details

    Address: Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab

    Phone: (042) 36317201

    Principal: Michael Thomson

    Admission Process

    To get admission to Aitchison college first of all download the registration form here. After filling the admission form submit it to the bank with the registration fee. After that college will email you to submit all the required documents before the due date to appear in the test.

    Furthermore, if you want to Furthermore, if you want to prepare yourself for the admission test then follow all of the guidelines which are available on the official website of Aitcheson college. You will be asked some of the general questions in the interview.

    You can check some of the admission frequently asked questions here.

    AC Fee Structure 2021

    For more fee related information visit official website here

    2 Beacon House School System


    Beacon house school arise in 1975 and now Beacon house is one the top school In Lahore as well as in Pakistan. It has almost 9 branches all over the world and in Pakistan in every city beacon house school system has its running network.

    Beacon House is a private institution in Pakistan following almost oxford syllabus. BSS is famous due to its quality of education, extra co-curriculum activities, and a decent amount of security measures that are parents most likes. In BSS students can get a considerable amount of social and mental health. Students can improve their spoken English level in BSS.

    Contact Details

    BSS has many branches in Lahore. Here are some with addresses

    Address: Main Walton Road, near Farooq Colony، Farooq Colony, Lahore, Punjab 54000

    Phone: (042) 35929683

    Address: 45-1-B-1 Maulana Shaukat Ali Rd, Township Block 1 Sector B 1 Lahore, Punjab 54600

    Phone: (042) 35122970

    Address: 17-G Model Town Link Road, Block G Model Town, Lahore, Punjab

    Phone: (042) 35856351

    Address: 112 Street 113, Garden Block Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab 54600<

    Phone: (042) 35866216

    Address: 488, Y، Block, Phase-III Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab 54000

    Phone: (042) 35723150

    Admission Process

    Visit Beacon house official website for Admission information.

    Fee Structure BSS 2021

    beacon house fee structure 2021 ilmibook

    3 Lahore Garrison Education System

    Lahore-garrison education-system-lahore-building-ilmibook

    The Lahore garrison education system is next on the list of best schools in Lahore. LGES is the branch of army Army public school and college systems. LGES established in 1950 and working under the supervision of the Pakistan army. LGES’s main focus is discipline, quality education, physical activities, and leadership. This school system based on GCE international general certificate education.

    In LGES there are FBISE (The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education), BISE (Board of the intermediate and secondary education system),FSc and O/A levels studies.

    LGES provides education from Basic KG level to Graduation level. Lahore garrisons university is a leading university working under the supervision of the Pakistan army.

    LGES Sections

    Lahore education system has six sections

    Contact Details

    Address: 9 Link, Falcon Complex, Lahore cantt, Punjab

    Phone: (042) 99220570

    Admission Procedure

    LGES publish admission open advertisement in the local newspaper as well as list admission related social media platforms like LinkedIn, job bee indeed, and many more.

    First of all, you have to get a prospectus from LGES to headquarter and then fill the registration form there and submit it to the branch with supporting documents. After that, you will receive the test data of the applicant. After getting a test if the applicant passes the test then LGES will choose the best applicants in the test competition. LGES has always limited seats of every grade according to their civilians (40%) and defense person’s (60%) quota.

    Admission Policy

    Visit LGES official website for Admission policy here:

    4 Lahore Grammar School


    Lahore grammar school is one of the best private schools in Lahore commonly referred to as LGS. Lahore grammar offers education of pre-school, primary and secondary school education. LGS was invented in 1979. Now LGS is affiliated with the Cambridge board of international examination which provides education to both boys and girls till O’ level and A’ Levels.

    LGS is providing education in more than 9 cities of Pakistan such as (Lahore, Gujranwala, Karachi, Islamabad, Sialkot, , Multan, Faisalabad, and Gujrat). The main campus of LGS is in the city of Lahore.

    LGS main focus on quality standard education at the best level. LGS offers many co-curricular activities like discipline societies, debate competitions, inter-house competitions, inter-college competitions.

    LGS sections

    LGS has four main sections. According to students’ level, every section has its own co-culler activates like annual sports and drama competitions annually.

    Contact Details

    As already mentioned LGS have more then 9 branches in different cities of Pakistan.

    Contact detail of LGS Lahore branch is below:

    Address: 136 street 59, block E phase I Sector E defence housing authority, Lahore, Punjab.

    Phone no: (042) 35894306

    Admission Process

    Visit Lahore Grammar School official website here for admission process:

    Fee Structure of LGS

    Fee structure of Lahore grammar school
    For more detail of Lahore Grammar School system visit LGS official website here.

    5 Frobel’s International School

    froebels international school

    Froebel’s International is a private institute that emerged in 1975 by the struggles of Mrs. Sabiha Zamir Khan. The college has started with 10 college students, four instructors have now improved eight campuses with the committed and expert staff in Pakistan.

    Froebel’s International School is well-known for its ideal academic system. It facilitates the academic, sports, extracurricular and social packages to thousands of students from the youngest of 6 weeks up to the adults of 18 years. In a loving and respectful environment, everyone feels valued and is aware that variety in gender, bodily or intellectual abilities, culture, and beginning are benefits worth attention.

    Froebel’s achievement is the end result of the committed coaching staff, hardworking college students, corporation guardians, and loyal college staff. By cautiously balancing freedom and control, instructors and college directors try to make the transition to better training and maturity easygoing for college students.

    Contact details:

    Frobel’s Lake City, Lahore:

    Address: Raiwind Road, Lake City, Lahore Pakistan

    Phone: +92 432 54 50 602 & +92 432 54 50 603


    Frobel’s Ring Road Lahore:

    Address: Frobel’s International School, Ring Road Adjacent M Block, Lahore Pakistan

    Phone: +92 3331487450


    Admission Procedure:

    If you are thinking to make your child a part of this institute then you simply have to go t the official website of Frobel’s International. Where you can find the link for registration for admission and the admission officials will contact you soon after your registration. Here is the direct link for your registration Form.

    6 Lahore College of Arts and Science (LACAS)

    Lahore College of Arts and Sciences
    LACAS stands for Lahore College of Arts and Science. It was inaugurated in 1987. In the small period of three months, LACAS gets to mention in the international everyday newspaper Dawn as a “key of excellence”. With the help of this foundation, the girls of Lahore get to take an examination of A-Levels for the first time and it becomes the primary co-academic group to provide A Level schooling. They provide a stimulating and satisfying surrounding to the students to encourage them to meet their best interests and potential. The main emphasis of LACAS is to prepare students for the professional and aggressive world by facilitating them with competency-based research. The expert and cooperative staff make sure that every student gets a quality education. Their aim is that each of them gets to the peak of their own interest and potential with the strengthened self-reliance and to gain their dissimilarities, to encourage unconventional ideas and thoughts for their better future.

    As a “School of Unique Thoughts and Ideas”, besides the well efficient academics, LACAS has evolved four skill-based modules with a multi-talent implant, connected and based to get to peak in evaluation directing to certifications.

    These modules are as follows:

    Contact Details:

    Phone: +92-42-35311088

    Address: 302 F/II, M.A JOHAR TOWN, LAHORE.

    Admission procedure:

    From Here get the admission information to this institute. . The information related to admission of any section is available here. You can download the admission form online and can get the admission details from here as well.

    7American Lycetuff:

    American lycetuff is established as a small group in 1999, but now it is appeared to be one of the most reputable instructional organizations. The best quality educational surrounding is being delivered to the students with the help of the well-trained and professional staff, which proves the standard of the best quality education the institute is providing. The institute is making a difference in society with its unique and modern coaching techniques and academics.

    The motto of ALS is “sustain to prevail”. The main aim is to emphasize self-reliance, potential, vision, unique inspirations, revolution, and interest of the students for them to grow in the right direction and strong base. To build the students with strong character and to face the aggressive society of professionals, they focus on the key points of tolerance, regulations, core value, sympathy, and compassion. They provide the essential principles with academic modules and the first-hand experience of different experiments with the help of modern laboratories and equipment is the first priority of American Lycetuff School.

    Contact detail of head office:

    Address: 91 D Model Town Lahore Pakistan

    Contact no: +92 42 35947340-42


    Fee structure of American Lycetuff:


    Admission procedure:

    If you want your child to be a part of one of the best national and international school then here is the admission form:

    8 Queen Mary College:

    Queen Mary College was found in 1908 as Victoria May Girls High School for the daughters of high society and the rulers of states etc. the institute started with only eleven students is now extended to seven thousand plus students and two hundred plus teaching faculty due to its good quality education and unique teaching methodologies. The college is renowned for its well-organized laboratories, immense lecture halls, and libraries. The institute has four sections that are:
    The talented and supportive staff at the institute encourages student’s interests to boost up their self-confidence and prepare them for their bright future. They encourage students to have a positive attitude towards life to get a better result of their progress. The motto of the institute is “Service with Simplicity”. The institute is making exceptional benefaction to the society in every field whether it is sports or academic modules, with the help of its well-trained faculty and students with the desire for self-enhancement. With more than a hundred years of exceptional provide to its credit, Queen Mary College is a very reputable institute. Serving the purpose of instructing the teenagers with simplicity, it displays its review for the development of expertise in all sections of society to provide beneficial and higher citizens.

    Contact Details:

    Address: 2-Durrand Road Garhi Shahu, Lahore

    Phone no: +92-042-36278789


    Admission procedure:

    All the information related to admission of any section is fully available here. You can download the prospectus online and can get the admission form from here as well.

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