CSS stands for Competitive Superior Services. It is recognized as one of the best appealing experiences of one’s life that we can have. The test is conducted in different phases to test your aptitude, knowledge, and proficiency over your different subjects. To pass the CSS exam, you must have a sharp mind, be knowledgeable, and be well-informed. You must have to be creative enough to refine your bookish knowledge in such a way that it will ensure your success in the exams.

What is CSS Syllabus:

The syllabus and material related to CSS are revised by FPSC each year and different aspects of current, practical issues have been added to it. Here we will discuss the written exam pattern of the compulsory subjects:

  1. English Precis:

The English Precis exam is comprised of multiple parts including précis writing, reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, corrections, pair of words, and translation. It is said to be a tricky paper as it includes so many parts and needs clarity of content and data.

  1. English Essay:

In this exam, students are provided with around 7 to 8 topics and they have to write and brief and comprehensive essay on any one or two topics while covering all the historical and future aspects of it.

  1. General Science and Ability:

This paper required you to be more vigilant in your knowledge of sciences including environmental, physical, food, and biological sciences, and information technology. The next part of 40 marks is added including the content to analyze your analytical skills, quantitative reasoning, and mental abilities.

  1. Current Affairs:

It is a bit broad-level exam that required you to keep a bull eye view of all the current and foreign issues. It includes questions related to Pakistan’s domestic affairs, Pakistan International affairs, and global issues. I required you to state proper reasoning behind your discussion with suitable facts and measures.

  1. Pakistan Affairs:

It included the question related to the history and upcoming future of Pakistan that how we can survive in the upcoming practical era of science and advancement and our history. It further asks you questions related to internal issues like wars, global relations, Kashmir issues, and more.

  1. Islamic Studies:

As Pakistan is an Islamic country so every participant needs to be clear about this paper who has complete knowledge of all the Islamic history or culture and norms. It includes the questions related to the history of Islam, women’s rights, our civilization and culture, Islamic World, Islamic code of life, and Sirah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Comparative studies:

FPSC provides a choice to the Non-Muslims to be a part of this exam instead of Islamic studies and this paper asks questions about introduction, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and basics of Islam.

These are all some of the basic detail that anyone or especially the beginner needs to know about it. Not only this, the detail of all the other subjects and some rules and regulations of this examination is provided here in detail, you must visit to know more about it.

CSS Subject Details:

Following are the details of the written examination:

  1. CSS written exam is comprised of 12 subjects as a whole in which 6 subjects are compulsory and 6 subjects are optional.
  2. Total marks are 1200 and each subject paper is100 marks.
  3. The exam is comprised of both objective and subjective parts.
  4. Candidate must secure 40% in compulsory and 33% in optional subjects to be successful.

Students can opt for any of the elective subjects from the given list of subjects given by FPSC. Following is the subject list in detail:

Compulsory Subjects (Marks 600):

No. Subject Name Marks
1. English (Precis and Composition) 100
2. English Essay 100
3. Current Affairs 100
4. Pakistan Affairs 100
5. General Science and Ability 100
6. Islamic Studies or Comparative Studies/

Major Religions (For Non-Muslims)

  Total Marks 600

Optional Subjects (Marks 600):

In the Elective subjects list students are provided with multiple groups and students can opt for any subject from the list of their own interest and choice.

Group 1: (One subject comprised of 200 marks can be selected by the candidate)

No. Subject’s Name Marks
1. Economics 200
2. Accounting & Auditing 200
3. Political sciences 200
4. Computer Science 200
5. International Relations 200

Group 2: (subject(s) of 200 marks can be selected by the candidate)

No. Subject’s Name Marks
1. Chemistry 200
2. Physics 200
3. Pure Mathematics 100
4. Applied Mathematics 100
5. Geology 100
6. Statistics 100

Group 3: (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

No. Subject’s Name Marks
1. Public Administration 100
2. Governance & Public Policies 100
3. Town Planning & Urban Management 100
4. Business Administration 100

 Group 4: (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

No. Subject’s Name Marks
1. British History 100
2. History of Pakistan & India 100
3. European History 100
4. Islamic History & Culture 100
5. History of the USA 100

Group 5: (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

No. Subject’s Name Marks
1. Agriculture & Forestry 100
2. Botany 100
3. Zoology 100
4. Environmental Sciences 100
5. Gender Studies 100
6. Urdu Literature 100
7. English Literature 100

 Group 6: (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

No. Subject’s Name Marks
1. Law 100
2. International Law 100
3. Constitutional Law 100
4. Mercantile Law 100
5. Muslim & Jurisprudence 100
6. Philosophy 100
7. Criminology 100

Group 7: (One subject of 100 marks can be selected)

No. Subject’s Name Marks
1. Psychology 100
2. Sociology 100
3. Geography 100
4. Punjabi 100
5. Anthropology 100
6. Persian 100
7. Balochi 100
8. Arabic 100
9. Pashto 100
10. Sindhi 100
11. Journalism & Mass Communication 100
Things to remember:
  1. The subject of 100 marks is comprised of a single paper but the subject of 200 marks will be comprised of 2 papers.
  2. Language papers have to be attempted by the candidate in the same language.

What is CSS Exam?

CSS exam is personally conducted by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) Islamabad. It is conducted for recruitment and selection of all the best candidates for the post of BS-17 for various sectors including:

  • Commerce and Trade
  • Excise and taxation
  • Information group
  • Foreign affairs
  • Office management
  • Pakistan Audit & Accounts services
  • Postal services group

The jobs of CSS provide plenty of opportunities, skills, and abilities and a respectable future afterward. That’s the main reason that around 12,000 candidates appear in this test every year. Almost 400/ 500 students clear the written examination and started their journey of interviews and from which around 125/ 150 candidates are finalized for the jobs.

Parts of Examination:

Students have to appear in the following test to qualify for it including:

  1. Written Examination
  2. Medical Test
  3. Psychological Test
  4. Viva Voice

Eligibility Criteria for CSS:

Following are some points that a person must fulfill to be eligible for the CSS examination:

  1. The candidate must be a citizen of Pakistan or a permanent resident of Jammu Kashmir.
  2. One can apply for this exam from the age of 21—30 years. In the case of Government employees, the age limit is from 21—32.
  3. Candidate must have Bachelor’s degree with second division from any of Pakistan’s reputed university.
  4. One candidate can not appear in exams more than three-time.

Important dates for CSS Aspirants:

Following are some important dates to consider:

  1. The application submission period started from October till November.
  2. Exams are conducted in February.
  3. The examination fee is Rs. 2200/-

Final Thoughts:

Completing CSS is the dream of many students but still, it is a game of severe competition as securing high marks out of 12000 candidates is a tricky task. Still due to the devotion, passion, and hard work the dream comes true for many CSS aspirants each year. To be successful in these examinations, one must try to be more precise about his/her studies while keeping in view the proper timetable and her/ his diet.

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