FSc stands for “Faculty of science”. In Pakistan, it is an intermediate degree with a duration of two years. FSc has two parts namely 1st year(11 Grade) and 2nd year(12th Grade). FSc is higher secondary education or college-level studies. FSc is equivalent to A-levels in British school system studies, and in Pakistan, it is equivalent to FA (Faculty of Arts ), ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science), and I.Com (Intermediate in Commerce). FSc Exams are conducted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Pakistan. Students who have completed their matriculation in science subjects can get admission to the government or private colleges. These colleges or higher secondary schools provide students with two major options to get enroll in the professional medical and engineering fields in the future as follows:

Students must have to appear in three elective subjects along with their compulsory one including the following combination:
Students must have to clear all the following subjects to get the HSSC degree. The HSSC or Higher Secondary School Certificate is formally called 12th class or grade in Pakistan. The degree is recognized as a high school education certificate after which students can get admission to any of the high-ranked universities or colleges for further studies.

FSc Pre Medical

Fsc Pre Medical is the high-ranked intermediate degree in Pakistan mostly opts by students. It is the first major step for every student toward their dream of becoming a successful Doctor. The main reason for it is that the majority of the students want to see themselves as high-ranked professional doctor in the upcoming years.

FSc Pre Engineering

FSc pre engineering is another option for science students after completing matriculation. It is the major and primary step toward the best engineering fields. It is a vital demand for those students who are looking for professional careers in subjects other than medical, such as chemistry, mathematics, and chemistry.

What are the total marks in FSC (Pre Medical and pre Engineering)?

While working upon the options that students can opt for after matriculation many of them work more on the details including the subjects and the total marks. We have gathered all the required information on one platform for you. So here is the detail per subject marks detail of FSc Pre Medical
Marks of FSc Pre Medical are 550 each in parts 1 and 2. The total marks of FCS are 1100.

Merit for admission in any college for FSc Pre Medical

The minimum requirement for admission in any of the high-ranked or best colleges in the town is at least 60% marks in Matriculation. But this percentage varies between different colleges. Other than marks and percentages, another important requirement is that the applicant must have an age of more than 18 at the time of admission to any college.

Required Marks for Fsc Pre Medical

It is the main part for which all the students struggled hard in their intermediate to pass their MCAT with distinction. So that they can get admission to any of the further medical colleges to get our dream come true. The last year’s closing merit of Medical college ranges till 94%. Here is the closing merit of some of the high-ranked medical colleges:

How many times one can improve FSc marks?

While pursuing FSc or Intermediate any course the students have the option to appear in exams thrice continuously. But it also depends upon the percentage of the marks obtained by the student. If she/ he thinks that he can score more marks in any subject then he/ she can apply for resist exams after applying for it within 60 days of declaration of the result.

How to improve marks in FSc?

Getting good marks in FSc Pre Medical is the main concern of the students for which they all struggled hard. But still, they don’t have to get disheartened if they don’t get good marks for the first time as they have further two options for improvement. So here are some tips for you by which you can improve your marks:

Tips to the top in FSc Pre Medical?

It isn’t easy that much to get a higher percentage in FSc Pre Medical but it isn’t such a big deal as well. But it all depends upon your willpower, passion, and commitment to your studies. So here are some important tips with which anyone can get good marks if they implement them properly.

1. Choice of College

No doubt that you must be devoted to your studies but college is the main component of your success in FSc Pre Medical. It is important because by choosing the best option for yourself one can pave the way towards the road to success directly. By choosing the right option you don’t have to divide your time among the tuition or academies as by going to college you will make yourself able to learn fully in all respects.

There are many governments and private sector colleges in Pakistan that doing their best but among them, there are some networks of colleges that are providing the best education. Such networks like Punjab group of colleges, KIPS, Aspire, etc. can be the best option for you. These colleges have campuses all around Pakistan. But it is not meant by this other colleges are not good. It is all depending upon various factors that what type of college you want to go for. By doing your proper research, you can check for the best colleges for Fsc in Pakistan.

2. Concepts clarity

Concepts are the main factors upon which you need to work more and more. Make sure to make yourself familiar with all the major concepts of pre-medical as it will help you more in your studies. After making clarity in these you don’t have to cram anything further as you will become able to write all the concepts on your own.

3. Timetable

Strict timings and a proper schedule are required by which you can make proper use of your time. It will manage all your work and activities in a more manageable and mannered way.

4. Memorization power

The main tool towards clarity is your memorization power that makes you able to understand and memorize the entire concepts for a greater time period so that you don’t have to learn everything again and again.

5. Practice

We all have heard that practice makes a man perfect so FSc Pre Medical is a great time to experience the same. You only need to practice the formulas and methods repeatedly to get more grip on these.

6. Faithful presentation

While checking the paper the first thing that attracts the teacher/ paper checker is your writing style and your paper presentation which tells more about your personality and preparation. Your paper must be neat, coherent, and tidy enough so that it must be checked in good mood.

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