Choosing an Educational institute has become the most important thing these days, and after doing matric every student needs to choose a good College based on their grades of matric exams. Students want to get admissions in the best intermediate colleges for doing Fsc Pre Medical, FSc Pre Engineering, or all other intermediate subjects. 

List of Best Colleges in Pakistan for Intermediate Students

Here is the list of one of the best colleges in Pakistan for intermediate.

  1. Kinnaird College.
  2. GC College University, Lahore.
  3. Forman Christian College, Lahore.
  4. International School of Cordoba Pakistan.
  5. Army Public Schools & Colleges System (APACS).
  6. Lahore College for Women University.
  7. Bloomfield Hall School.
  8. Premier Law College, Gujranwala.
  9. Aga Khan College.
  10. Punjab Group of Colleges.
  11. Mukabbir College.
  12. Aitchison College.
  13. Queen Mary College, Lahore.
  14. KIPS College.
  15. OPF Boys College, Islamabad.

List of All Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

Cadet colleges are special schools and college systems that operate under the direct supervision of the military and are designed to produce students who can lead the country and also act as skilled army officers. Children who have passed the 7th class and are of the age of 12 years are enrolled in cadet colleges. Education up to the 12th class is imparted, with emphasis on physical training and character building. Besides, cadet colleges, there are three military colleges imparting similar training. The basic mandate of these cadets and military colleges is to prepare officers for the armed forces.  Here is the list of all cadet colleges in Pakistan.

  1. Cadet College Lahore
  2. Military College Jhelum
  3. Cadet College Swat
  4. Cadet College Kohat
  5. PAF College Lower Topa Murree.
  6. PAF College Lower Upper Topa Murree
  7. Cadet College Petaro
  8. Cadet College Noshki Balochistan
  9. Cadet College Hasan abdal
  10. Military College Murree
  11. Cadet College Ghotki
  12. Cadet College Pasrur
  13. Cadet College Choa Saiden Shah
  14. Cadet College Dera Bugti
  15. Cadet College Fateh Jang
  16. Cadet College Esa Khel
  17. Cadet College Hasan Abdal, Punjab
  18. Cadet College Jaffarabad Jaffarabad,Balochistan
  19. Cadet College Jhelum
  20. Cadet College Khushab
  21. Cadet College Killa Saifullah Balochistan
  22. Cadet College Kohat
  23. Cadet College Gawadar
  24. Cadet College Kohlu Balochistan
  25. Cadet College Mastung
  26. Cadet College Rawalpindi
  27. Cadet College Okara
  28. Cadet College Palandri
  29. Cadet College Panjgoor Balochistan
  30. Cadet College Ormara
  31. Cadet College Pishin Balochistan
  32. Cadet College Spinkai
  33. Cadet College Swat
  34. Cadet College Wana, South Waziristan Agency
  35. Cadet College Razmak, North Waziristan Agency
  36. Cadet College Sanghar
  37. Cadet College Skardu
  38. Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi
  39. Cadet College Sukkur
  40. Cadet College Warsak
  41. Garrison Cadet College Kohat
  42. Military College Sui
  43. Manjabazam Cadet College Ghazi
  44. Military College Jhelum
  45. PAF Public School Sargodha.
  46. Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi.
  47. Pakistan Steel Cadet College.
  48. WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela.

These are all the cadet colleges in Pakistan. All of these colleges are working under the supervision of the Pakistan army. These institutions are the best way to get into the armed forces in Pakistan.

Secondary Education in Pakistan

Pakistan is lagging behind many countries in achieving an education. Secondary education in Pakistan, despite concerted efforts, fails to go beyond the borderline of 50 percent. Colleges In Pakistan for Intermediate are now promoting the best education.

Planning for education does not go in congruence with the needs and the system is getting more spoiled than flourishing. Private education in Pakistan is far-reaching for the poor and the turnover of this quality of education does not properly serve the country. Nowadays in Pakistan, almost everyone gets a matric education But after doing matric Students get confused about their intermediate education.

After passing the Matric (SSC) year board exams, then comes the time for a big move in the educational career of the students, as they need to choose a college where they can continue their further studies. Every student wants to get admission to the best college. The student thinks choosing is just easy but it is not.

Getting admission to the best college may lead you toward success, but a bad choice can certainly harm your educational career as well. Therefore, many factors must be considered before choosing an intermediate (FA, FSc, ICS, ICom, etc). So, here is the list of all the best colleges in Pakistan for intermediate for you, so that you can choose any of them to ensure a good study experience in the future.

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