Lahore is the center of many charms and gloats of our Mughal history. It contains many eye-catching views of our great Mughal architecture and glamour. It is been on the top of the list of many tourists while exploring Pakistan. It is the most visited city of Pakistan and is the second-largest city as well. A famous phrase for it “Anyone who hasn’t seen Lahore simply hasn’t been born” will be proved true when you sample some of your time to explore its beauty.

It is well known as the “Cities of Gardens” containing many worth seeing parks, historical places, forts, and shrines. We will be your thorough guide if you are willing to explore this city of wonders and history.

Top Historical Places in Lahore to Visit

Some of the worth seeing places of Lahore on top of the list

1. Badshahi Mosque:

badshahi mosque lahore
That is the most iconic place in Pakistan and a great example of Mughal architecture. This great monument was constructed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgir during the time of 1671 to 1673. With a capacity of 150, 000 worshiper it is the second-largest mosque of Pakistan and is the 10th largest mosque in the world. 55,000 worshipers can offer prayers in the main hall and the courtyard is large enough for 95,000 worshipers.

It contains 53 meters high four minarets located on each corner of the parameter of the mosque. The interior of the mosque is designed with carved marble and the red sandstone that makes it unique and remarkable in color. Both day and night visits are admiring as both the times reflect the beauty and peace of this historic place. In Badshahi mosque, the weekends are the busiest for visits that make this place one of the best sites in Lahore.

2. Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila ):

Lahore fort shahi qila
Lahore fort or Shahi Qila is the center of many tearing and heartwarming stories of our ancestors who have struggled a lot for us. The fort went through a lot of stages of construction and was demolished many times before being given its current state. The fort was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1566 but later on harmed by the Sikhs and the British. The upcoming successors have added many appealing parts to this monument later on. The fort is restored to its current state in 1904. It is located on the north side of the walled city of Lahore.

The fort is comprised of Moti Masjid, Sheesh Mahal, Diwan-i-Khas, Shah Burj Gate, and another royal residence. Sheesh, Mahal is one of the most visited places in Lahore fort by visitors. It is constructed with numerous amount of glass tiles. To make your view more magnificent remember to have a look at the Badshahi Masjid and Fort from Sheesh Mahal. The Fort further contains three main museums including the Sikh Gallery, Mughal Gallery, and the Armory Gallery. These galleries are comprised of all essential parts of our history that remind us of our culture and dignity.

3. Lahore Zoo:

That was firstly established in 1872 and is the greatest zoo in Pakistan. It is completely in control of the wildlife, fisheries, and forest departments of Pakistan. It is situated on the Mall road adjacent to Lawrence garden. It is comprised of about 1378 animals of 135 species including birds, mammals, and reptiles, and a snake house. That is the main attraction for families and especially for the children. As children have a lot of their friends in here so they love to visit it in their vacations. Lahore zoo is expanded to an area of 25 acres. It is a great place for family, school trips, or picnics. It provides the facilitation of food, horse riding, a play area for kids, face paintings, and many more.

You will surely enjoy a visit to this beautiful place especially when you meet some of the creatures who make you feel closer to nature.

4. Gawalmandi Food Street:

lahore Gawalmandi food street
All the Pakistanis are quite famous in the world for being a foodie and due to our eating habits. Then it is quite obvious that we have a lot of food streets in the city comprised of many traditional and modern dishes with yummy and mouth-watering taste. One of the most famous food streets is Gawalmandi Food Street comprised of restaurants, food specialties, and craft items.

That started establishing when people migrated from Amritsar and nearby cities to Lahore. In the start due to lack of employment opportunities, many people have set up their small shops and restaurants. The chairman of this food street Khawaja Shakeel, later on, answered that the rising trend of food and public interest in that area gradually increases. In 2000 by the local and government support they have converted that area into a proper food street.

By feeding yourself for the first time at that place you can become a person who is more passionate and a lover of food.

5. Masjid Wazir Khan:

Over the years Wazir Khan Masjid is still well recognized due to the immense scale of its mosaic feature which reflects the magnificent dexterity of the period and its cultural influence. The mosque was built in 1634 by Hakim Ilmud Din, known as Wazir Khan. Just a few steps away from the Lahore Fort, the mosque gained political importance. Wazir Khan Masjid was constructed over a time span of seven years. The main elements of the masjid are the Prayer Chamber, Courtyard, Hujras Vestibule, and the Bazar. The entrance of the masjid is called the calligrapher’s Bazar which is characterized by a large gallery at this intersection. The masjid is a heaven of peace in the center of the walled city and is linked with markets, homes, small businesses lined along the path. Entering into the vast courtyard, visitors come across the magnificent piece of architecture. The courtyard is like the heaven of beauty, grace, and serenity. The walls are completely covered with the ornamentation of mosaic, fresco painting, stone, and chuna decoration.

6. Data Darbar:

data darbar Lahore
We all being Muslims are so much concerned for our prestigious and religious places. Data Darbar is one of that places that remind us of our culture and religion. It is the largest shrine in south Asian history. That built the remains of Data Ganj Baksh who is a Sufi saint from Ghazni. It is situated in the center of the Walled City Lahore. By the 13th century the believes that great spiritual powers are connected with that Sufi of Allah have paved the way for larger shrines construction. The shrine is reformed by adding a library, offices for NGOs, Madrasa, offices, and police stations during the rule of dictator Zia-ul-Haq. Data darbar is among the best schools for Muslims for spiritual peace and knowledge.

All the believers either Muslim or Non-Muslim all are welcome here to have the blessing of this Sufi bazurg.

These all are one of the most famous and visited places in Lahore. Many visitors not only from Lahore but also from other countries or cities also love to visit these places to have the experience of all the wonderful and amazing sights. Now the government of Pakistan is also trying to enhance our tourist industry that will help to broaden the cultural heritage of Muslims to other people as well. If you are planning to visit your next trip then you can rent a car from Haririi rent a car Lahore DHA that is always available to provide their best car rental and tourism services at affordable rates. Here is haririi address you can visit easily. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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