After intermediate or A-levels, many of the students usually select a degree that they can pursue as a professional career. A great number of people of them go for a medical degree or medical-related programs and at the same time, most of the students select engineering as their professional degree. Engineering is a field that includes maths, science, and other major subjects that are taught in different fields. The engineering field in Pakistan now has great scope as this field is very vast and has many branches like mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and civil engineering. Because of diversity in this field, applicants have greater chances to apply but also get confused about which engineering field is best for them to pursue as a career in best engineering universities in Pakistan.

Top 6 Best Engineering Fields In Pakistan

Here is the list of best engineering fields in Pakistani for students , Now students can easily decide which engineering field is best foe them to pursue good carrier.

1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of Pakistan’s most diverse engineering fields. Because technology has engulfed the world and new machines are being developed every day to decrease human work, this field has a bright future in Pakistan and throughout the world. This field is all about knowing about tools and machines and developing new ones with more innovations. Mechanical engineers spend most of their time working with machines. Mechanical engineers create both power-generating and power-consuming machineries, such as generators, combustion engines, steam turbines and engines, and refrigerators and air-conditioners. Mechanical engineering in Pakistan has a bright future and a bright future. Being a vast field, it has further branches. Students of mechanical engineering have further specialization options such as design, production, and thermal engineering. If you’re interested in learning more about machinery and engines. Then you can pursue a career as a mechanical engineer in this profession.

2. Electrical Engineering

Electronic engineering is among Pakistan’s most well-known disciplines. It is a branch that deals with energy and things that are linked to it. Telecommunications is a branch of it that deals with communication networks. The students in this field can apply for jobs in WAPDA, K-electric, or other electricity-based companies. Electrical engineers work on electrical and electronic products, equipment, machinery, and processes, as well as their designing, research, production, development, management, surveillance, and verification. These vary greatly in size from the tiniest core processor to massive power distribution and aging structures. This includes anything from transmitting designs to electromagnetic devices, computer systems, and broadcast communications, to name a few. The interest of people in this field is increasing with the increase in the number of jobs.

3. Civil Engineering

As you know that civil engineering is that branch of engineering that deals with the designing and development of natural things such as roads, bridges, buildings, and dams. We drive on roadways that are free of deformation, we possess bigger bridges to accommodate the inordinate prevalence of cars on the road without causing traffic congestion, we have a well-maintained canals network to assist our agricultural sector, and we have developed dams to fulfill the need for electrical KVs. All of this is feasible because of Civil Engineering, and the future looks promising for Civil Engineers. Civil engineers have made our lives much easier. Most of the students have a desire to join this field, it has very tough competition. This field is helping in earning more than other engineering fields.

4. Software Engineering

The field of software engineering is a non-stop and rapidly growing area. Computer and online tools, smartphone applications, gaming, robotics, system software, communications networks, and other solutions are all created by the students of software engineering. To develop a concept into a finished product, they use programming languages, networks, databases, servers, and other technology. This field has infinite job opportunities and scope of software engineering in Pakistan is on peak. This is much more related to computer sciences and information technology, so students with computer subjects in their history and more knowledge about computer technologies can understand it best. Other than jobs, software engineers will have more opportunities like they can create their own software house, computer and software making company or they can set up their software and IT business. This field can give you such success in less period of time. Software engineer salary depends on its skills if any have great skills to develop software or related information technology or computer science, he can get handsome salaries then other engineering fields.

5. Chemical Engineering

Before selecting many students are used to inquiring about which engineering field is ideal in Pakistan and usually people recommend Chemical Engineering to all of them. Chemical engineering is the study of all about chemicals and their use in everyday life products. As it is one of the tough study programs, so many fewer students enroll in it. Therefore, there is a very less number of chemical engineering graduates. Despite the fact that it is a more difficult and demanding area than other fields, the employment opportunities are proportionately greater. Students who have a background in chemistry, physics, and biology can have a better understanding of this field. Chemical engineers are expected in the disciplines of commercial chemical production planning and operation, and as you may know, every sector has chemical properties that will only be managed by Chemical Engineers.

6. Architectural Engineering

It’s also called construction engineering, and it’s what’s created structures that shout towards the skies without shaking, and we feel more comfortable in that brick-and-iron framework. That’s why the demand for architectural engineers is high and still increasing day by day. So the scope of this field seems to be never-ending. Architectural engineers have contributed to the prominence of every place in Pakistan, but there is still a need for new architectural constructions that are resistant to environmental calamities and weather variations. You can apply for relevant jobs if you have a degree in architectural engineering.


There are more engineering fields too such as mining engineering, petroleum engineering, biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, material engineering, automotive engineering, nuclear engineering, network engineering, environmental engineering, computer and hardware engineering and marine engineering. We have discussed the top six major fields of engineering in Pakistan. And all of the engineering fields are letting you in achieving high-paying jobs and other opportunities. Read them and then select anyone according to your interest and merit. Hope you can now figure out which is the best engineering field in Pakistan.

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