Software engineering is one of the branches of computer science getting more popular day by day. As the globe is digitizing all of the fields related to Information technology are booming through it Like SE, CS, digital marketing, etc. According to the survey application count software engineering field increased, 3 times more than before. Software engineering is getting very popular nowadays with the development of the most powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence-based systems, cybersecurity, cloud computing and services, blockchain technology, and many more such advancements That’s why organizations are looking for better solutions and solution providers. As the IT and computer science fields are increasing day by day, software engineering is expanding. In 2023 many students are pursuing the software engineering field after doing their intermediate studies. In 2023 software engineering is trending in Pakistan as well as all over the world that’s why students are getting interested in this field. First I will tell you what is basically software engineering is.

What is Software Engineering and What Do Software Engineers Do?

The computer industry was established late 60’s. SE field started in Pakistan’s middle 90. At the time only computer languages and architecture were defined. It was very difficult to keep track of the process and system designs. Then the field SE comes into existence Software engineering is defined as “A process of analyzing user requirements (functional and non-functional requirements) and then designing the software, building, testing, and maintenance the software.” A software engineer is also called a quality assurance engineer.

Basically, the SE field was started to study the custom software development process management for delivering good quality and expected products to clients. Software engineers have to increase the quality of the software. The software should have the quality to run on any device without any problem. The Software can be of any type like game development, web development, Educational software (LMS), etc.
SE starts from first requirements gathering, meeting with clients, budgeting, and delivering a high-quality product to the end-users including user manuals. Else than handling documents for reuse and design processes for developing software.
Software engineers have to start their careers by learning programming. If he wants to get programming skills then he must have problem-solving skills. First of all, you have to get a bachelor’s degree in BS software engineering or computer science to get some skills and get to know how basically is computer works.

Scope of Software Engineering In Pakistan

The scope of software engineering is increasing day by day. One of the biggest factors is COVID-19 nowadays. With the biggest demand for new software and mobile applications, the need for software engineers continues to rise all over the world.
In Pakistan every year at the rate of 35% software Engg field is increasing. Pakistani software industry shares USD 2.8 million in the international market. Software engineering is a field that is witnessed a boom in demand since the last decade rest assured you can select software engineering as a career with complete confidence and peace of mind. This field is in high demand in Pakistan but the same is the case all over the world. So rest easy and choose software engineering for a secure future Plus software engineers can either take on a job or work as a freelancer according to their needs and convenience This is an upside of this field, the whole world is your clientele and you can be working for anyone, anywhere all around the world.

Software Engineer Salary In Pakistan

The average salary of software Engg in Pakistan starting of job is 30k to 50k. If you have good skills and you can earn more. Your skills and experience can lead you to a good salary. You can earn up to 1 lack after getting quality skills. By myself Arslan Shahbaz I am a software Engg I believe in skills. Your university Grades (GPA) do not define your skills. If you pass out from university with a very good GPA but do not have skills, no one will pay you a good salary. First focus on getting skills and then jump into your field. Computer science is a very vast field just get some quality of skills and prove yourself in the IT industry.

Here is the list of experience software engineers’ salary list of different software houses in Pakistan.
Software houses- Salary/month
Arbisoft ₨82,500/month
NetSol Technologies ₨52,000/month
I2cnic ₨75,000/month
Techlogix ₨51,750/month
NorthBay ₨60,000/month
Systems Limited ₨65,000/month
CureMD ₨70,000/month
Confiz ₨84,000/month
Xavor ₨70,000/month
Nextbridge ₨65,000/month
Tkxel ₨60,000/month
IBEX Global ₨79,000/month
Softech Systems ₨53,000/month
Afiniti ₨100,000/month
Strategic Systems International ₨70,000/month
Intagleo Systems ₨70,000/month
Rolustech ₨80,000/month
GameView Studios ₨41,000/month
VentureDive ₨115,500/month
Panasonic ₨85,000/month

How to Become a Software Engineer

Most ICS computer science students ask how they become software engineers in Pakistan. First of all, you have a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields.
• BS Software Engineering (BSSE)
• BS Information Technology (BSIT)
• BS Computer Science (BSCS)
These are core fields related to Information technology. These all courses last for a period of four years.

Software Engineering Courses

Mostly in Pakistani universities, there are 8 semesters of Software engineering during the period of the 4-year degree program. Students have to study more than 50 compulsory and elective subjects. Here is the list of subjects. Here is the list of Software engineering subjects.

• Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
• Programming Fundamentals(PF)
• Discrete Structures(DS)
• Object-Oriented Programming(OOP)
• Human-Computer Interaction(HCI)
• Software Requirement Engineering(SRE)
• Database Systems(DBS)
• Operating Systems(OS)
• Linear Algebra(LA)
• Software Design and Architecture(SDA)
• Data Structures & Algorithms(DSA)
• Computer Networks(CN)
• Software Construction and Development
• Information Security(IS)
• Software Quality Engineering(SRE)
• Entrepreneur and Leadership
• Applied Physics
• Web Engineering
• Professional Practices(PA)
• Software Project Management
• Calculus & Analytical Geometry
• Introduction to Software Engineering
• SE Supporting-I
• Technical and Business Writing
• Islamiyat
• Pak studies
• Probability and Statistics
• SE Supporting-II
• SE Supporting-III
• Software Re-Engineering
• SE Elective 5 courses
• Social Science electives
You have to pass all of these subjects to clear your software engineering degree. In the last year, there will be a final year project (FYP) you have to pass your final year project to get the degree.

Institutes offering Software Engineering Programms

Pakistan is growing very fast in the IT industry. Now in Pakistan, there are many universities offering software engineering. Here is the list of one of the best universities offering software engineering programs.
• LUMS University
• NUST Islamabad
• Lahore Garrison University
• FAST NUCES Lahore Campus
• PUCIT Lahore
• UET Lahore
• UMT Lahore
• GC University, Lahore
• GC University, Faisalabad
• Comsats Lahore
• Imperial University Lahore
• Superior University Lahore
• Leads University Lahore
• National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Lahore
• National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad
• Bahria University, Islamabad
• Abbottabad University Of Science And Technology
• Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro
And many other computer science universities in Pakistan.

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  1. Salam!
    My question is that I am a inter student and I planned to get in virtual University in the department of software engineering,on the other hand at same time I will get some skills in a software house then after 4 years I have a degree from VU and skills
    Is it worth or not?

  2. Wa Alaikum Assalam…!
    Yes, this will be very beneficial for you to complete your degree and get practical skills in Software house at the same time. About me, I did the same strategy.

  3. I was in matric and very concerned about that what I will do in my future but after reading this article I will be able to choose what I will be doing in my future.

  4. which university is suitable for software engineering? Is a virtual university suitable for software engineering and which institute is best for a diploma in software engineering?

    1. In Pakistan, reputable universities for software engineering include NUST, LUMS, and FAST-NUCES. For diplomas, consider institutes like PITB, ITU, or online platforms like PIAIC or Virtual university. I will recommend not to get software engineering from online platforms.

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