In Pakistan, the Medical field has become the most respectful and passionate which is why in Pakistan the Medical field is called the mother of education. In Pakistan, there are hundreds of the medical best universities and colleges according to their specialties. In these institutes, the study quality is very excellent. There are qualified teachers who prepare students for upcoming challenges in the medical field. Here is the list of all top Private and government Medical colleges in Pakistan.

Top 18 Best Medical Colleges And Universities In Pakistan.

Here is this list of top medical universities in Pakistan according to the Higher Education of Pakistan HEC.

1. King Edward Medical University

King Edward Medical University is a government university offering medical education in Lahore. It is one of the top medical institutes in Punjab and Pakistan. It is categorized into two sets of departments. One set is named as Basic science departments and the other is Medicine and allies departments. Both include relevant departments. It is offering MBBS, DPT, and BS (Hons.) in Allied sciences as undergraduate programs. In post-graduate programs, it has Ph.D., MCEH (Master in Community Eye Health), MD, MS, FCPS, MRCP-UK (Membership of the Royal College of Physicians), M.Phil. and diplomas. Students who have the highest aggregate all over Punjab have the opportunity to get admission to King Edward Medical University.

2. CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry

CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry is a co-educational college and is linked with Combined Military College Lahore. It was founded in2006 and is located on Abdur Rehman Road, Lahore. Its Institute of Dentistry was started in 2008. It offers MBBS as well as BDS. CMH has an affiliation with the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS). It offers undergraduate programs (DPT, MIT, MBBS, BDS, and BSc in Nursing) and MPH. The departments of Combines Military Hospital & IOD include Medical education, Physiology, Pathology, Anatomy, Behavioral Sciences, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Radiology, Gynecology, Surgery, Forensic medicine, and community medicine, pediatrics, etc.

3. Lahore Medical and Dental College

Lahore Medical and Dental College is a private medical and dental college established in 1997. LMDC has an affiliation with the University of Health Sciences (UHS). It offers MBBS, DPT, BDS, D-Pharm, BSc Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, and Biotechnology. The teaching hospitals of LMDC include Ghurki Trust Hospital, Doctors Hospital, and Surgical Hospital. The campus is fully air-conditioned. The college has a library, research and IT labs, dissection hall, museum, lecture theatres, playgrounds, cafeteria, common rooms, and gymnasiums for boys and girls. It also has separate hostels for boys and girls.

4. Army Medical College Rawalpindi

Army Medical College Rawalpindi was founded in 1977. AMC Rawalpindi has a serene infrastructure. It is a constituent institute of the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS). Before NUMS, the Army Medical College was affiliated with Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad and NUST. It is a potential institute that is serving the nation effortlessly. It is offering MBBS and BDS every year to various students. Its admission tests occur twice a year. It also offers many undergraduate programs including BSc Nursing, BSc Medical Lab Technology, and BSc Cardiac perfusion. It also offers many postgraduate and doctoral programs such as MS, FCPS, MPH, MPhil, and Ph.D.

5. Islamabad Medical and Dental College

Islamabad Medical and Dental College is one of the best medical and dental colleges in Islamabad. It is permitted to enroll 100 MBBS students, 50 BDS students, and 4 MDS students every year. Islamabad Medical and Dental College has affiliation and recognition from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University and Pakistan Medical Commission and Ministry of Health, respectively. It is also under the list of the International Medical Education Directory and the World Health Organization (WHO) Directory of Medical Schools. The Social Security Hospital, St Joseph Hospice Rawalpindi, and Ahmed Medical Complex are attached to IMDC as training hospitals.

6. University College of Medical and Dentistry Lahore

University College of Medical and Dentistry Lahore is a private institute for medical and dental education, situated on Defence Road, Lahore. It is affiliated with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Its degree awarding institute (DAI) is the University of Lahore (UOL). University of Health Sciences (UHS) has permitted UCMD to enroll 150 MBBS students and 75 BDS students per year. Other than MBBS and BDS, it offers Post-graduate programs FCPS in Orthodontics, FCPS in oral and maxilla-facial surgery, MDS, MSc in Public health, international health, and medical education. It also offers MPhil and Ph.D. in physiology, microbiology, and biochemistry.

7. Agha Khan Medical University Karachi

Agha Khan Medical University Karachi is a private university founded in 1983. It is one of the earliest health facilities providers in Pakistan. Other than MBBS, BDS, Nursing, and other health-related programs, the Agha Khan Medical University has now started programs in teaching education, Muslim civilizations, Public policy, Journalism, and Early childhood development. Other than Pakistan, it has other campuses in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. In Pakistan, around 75% of biomedical research takes place at the Agha Khan Medical University. It also has an Institute of Educational Development. The AKMU Karachi has a well-furnished library containing above 90,000 books collection.  AKU is in among best universities in Pakistan.

8. University of Health Sciences Lahore

University of Health Sciences Lahore is a government university that provides affiliations to other institutes and universities. UHS was founded in 2002 and is recognized internationally and offers undergraduate programs in Medicine and Dentistry and graduate programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering, Nursing, and allied health sciences. The university has well-equipped research centers and labs. The University of Health Sciences is the institute behind the conduction of the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT). All the private and degree-awarding institutes (DAI) which are offering MBBS and BDS are affiliated with UHS and can’t offer these programs without its accreditation.

9. Nishtar Medical College Multan

Nishtar Medical College Multan is one of the oldest and largest government health institutes, founded just after the independence of Pakistan. It was named after Sardar Abdur Rub Nishtar, who was the leader of the Pakistan movement and Governor of Punjab. It has three medical institutes. Nishtar Medical College offers MBBS and after that, it offers medical residency and training house-job in various medical specialization fields. Nishtar Institute of Dentistry offers BDS and medical training and residency in various dental specialization fields. Nishtar College of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It is a four-year nursing program.

10. Isra University Hyderabad

Isra University Hyderabad is a private and non-profit institute situated near National Highway in Hyderabad. It is legislated in 1997 under the Isra University Act. It was established by Isra Islamic Foundation and got certification by the Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy (PCP). Al-Nafees Medical College and Al-Tibri Medical College and Hospital are affiliated with Isra University. Isra University has separate faculties for dentistry and medicine. This university offers degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Allied medical sciences, allied dental sciences, DPT, and nursing. It also offers a Diploma in Healthcare assistance, Masters of Public health, MPhil, and Ph.D. in medical fields.

11. Baqai Medical University Karachi

Baqai Medical University Karachi was established in 1989. It is situated on Super Highway, Karachi. It is a higher education institute recognized by PMCD. The Baqai Medical University has many institutes and colleges affiliated with it. It offers MBBS, BDS, DVM, DPT, BSc Nursing, FCPS, MCPS, MS Surgery, MD Internal Medicine, MD Pediatrics, BSMT, MS Ophthalmology, MPhil in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, and Pd.D. in pharmacology. The Baqai Medical University also offers admission to foreign students. The university has an auditorium, cafeteria, computer labs, libraries, medical rooms, demonstration rooms, and science and research labs. It has separate hostels for boys and girls.

12. Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore

Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore is a non-profit government institute for higher education. It was established in 1948 and was previously known as Balak Ram Medical College. Its name was changed after Fatima Jinnah. This medical university is only for female medical students. It has an affiliation with UHS Lahore. Sir Ganga Ram hospital is its teaching and training hospital. Mojang hospital and Government Teaching Hospital Shahdara are also linked with Fatima Jinnah Medical University. It offers MBBS and nursing courses. It has a total of 325 seats for MBBS for medical students from all over Pakistan.

13. Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore

Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore is a government medical college in Lahore, founded in 1957 and was previously known as Lahore Medical College. Jinnah Hospital is linked as its teaching and training hospital. The Allama Iqbal Medical College has basic science departments offering MBBS, Nursing, and allied health sciences educational programs. Its facilities include a library, lecture theatre, admin block, cafeteria, auditorium, sports complex, science labs, and research centers. It has residency accommodation for medical students, internees, nurses, and paramedical staff. It has affiliations with Riphah, University of Lahore, University of Health Sciences, College of Physiotherapists, and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

14. Sheikh Zaid Medical College

Sheikh Zaid Medical College is another best medical institute, established as a government college in 2003. It is linked with Sheikh Zaid Hospital. Its departments are divided into three categories which are Basic Science departments, Medicine and Allied departments, and Surgery and Allied departments. This college is offering undergraduate programs which include MBBS, DPT, BSc in Operation theatre technology, BSc in Medical laboratory technology, BSc (Hons.) in Medical Imaging Technology, and Nursing diploma. Its post-graduate programs include MS, MD, FCPS, and MCPS. The college has a society named Zaidians Awareness and Literary Society (ZALS) founded by the students.

15. Gandhara Medical University Peshawar

Gandhara Medical University Peshawar is a private medical institute in Peshawar. It was established in 2002. It has accreditation from Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and recognition from HEC. For its postgraduate dental courses, it has an affiliation with the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. It has different departments offering degrees in medicine, dentistry, pharm-D, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, public health, and paramedical education. It offers bachelor’s courses in dental technology, health technology, anaesthesiology, Medical image technology, surgery technology, and master’s programs in Anatomy, biochemistry, chemical pathology, forensic medicine, and public health.

16. Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro

LUMHS is a government medical institute. It was established in 1881and is the second oldest medical college in Pakistan, the first in Sindh. and is situated in Jamshoro, Sindh. It is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Health Sciences.  Liaquat University Hospital and NIMRA Cancer Hospital are linked with Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences as teaching hospitals. There are different departments in this college that offer DPT, MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, MPhil and Ph.D., and MSc in Medical Nutrition and Dietetics. It has separate hostels for girls’ and boys’ accommodation.

17. Khyber Medical University Peshawar

Khyber Medical University Peshawar is a public medical university established in 2007. It has many constituent medical institutes and colleges offering graduate and postgraduate programs. It also offers MBBS, nursing pharmacy, and other allied health sciences degree programs. It is recognized by Higher Education Commission and is accredited by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. It is affiliated with UHS. The college offers facilities of playgrounds, libraries, research labs, demonstration rooms, lecture theatres, etc. it also engages its students in extracurricular activities such as sports competitions, debates, Naat and Qirat competitions, and cultural activities. Students have made some active clubs and societies.

18. DG Khan Medical College

DG Khan Medical College was established in 2010. It is linked with the DHQ Hospital of Dera Ghazi Khan. It was started as a project of King Edward Medical College. Its departments are categorized as Basic science departments (seven departments), Medicine and Allied departments (eleven departments), Surgery and Allied departments (twelve departments), and Administrative departments. The college has four major lecture rooms, a central library, demonstration halls, science labs, museums, cafés, and hostels for girls and boys. The excellent teaching faculty of DG Khan Medical College are well-experienced. The college can enroll 100 students for MBBS at a time.

These are all top medical colleges in Pakistan in the medical fields according to HEC ranking.
Now Pakistan is working in the medical fields. There are five provinces in Pakistan and in every province, there are medical colleges and universities. Here is the separate full researched list of medical institutes in the provinces of Pakistan.

Medical Colleges and Universities in Punjab And Islamabad Pakistan

Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan according to population. From all over the Province students come to Punjab for high-quality education. After Doing Fsc Pre Medical students can get admission into these medical colleges according to their marks. Here is the list of all Private and government medical institutes in the province of Punjab and Territory Islamabad Pakistan.

Medical Colleges And Universities In Sindh

Sindh is known as Bab-ul-Islam, From here the first time Islam spread into South Asia. In Karachi Sindh, there are many famous medical colleges. Here is the list of all Private and government medical institutes in Sindh Pakistan.
And many other small medical institutions.

Medical Colleges And Universities In KPK

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s abbreviation is KP or KPK. In sector and facility governance, reforms within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have focused mostly on medical fields. So many doctors can be made from KPK. Here is the list of all Private and Government medical institutes in KPK Pakistan.

Medical Colleges And Universities In Balochistan

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan according to areas (44% of Pakistan ) and has the lowest population (5%). In Balochistan, there is a very low literacy rate. But the Pakistani government has made many medical colleges and universities for the students of Pakistan So that every province should have equal rights. Here is the list of all Private and Government medical institutes in Balochistan Pakistan.
And other small medical institutions.

Medical Colleges And Universities In Azad Jammu and Kashmir

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