When it comes to seeking professional life coaching services, everyone needs to have the facilitation from someone who is an expert in the field. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an emerging field in Pakistan. In recent times, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people now have the awareness that focusing on one’s emotional well-being is equally important as choosing the right career or source of income is. Traditional therapies and counseling may not provide such profound results as NLP coaching can by programming one’s mind and linguistics in a way that can bring the success of desired outcomes. Coaching creates a space for individuals to come to their own conclusions and unleash their hidden potential in different aspects of life; namely, career, finances, health, emotions, relationships, spirituality, and personal development.

Best NLP Coaching Expert In Lahore

So if you are searching for someone who has the toolkit for NLP coaching in Lahore and who can program your mind in the right direction and guarantee success and prosperity, you will certainly get to know the details and relevant information from this piece of writing.

Ayesha Arshad

Ayesha Arshad NLP expert

Starting her professional journey as an Educationist and later on, moving to the world of corporate as a Human Resource professional, Ayesha Arshad found the unique perception of each individual deeply fascinating. She has a strong conviction that whether one is a student or an employee, their overall well-being is the foundation for how well they perform in multiple aspects of life. After undergoing a major spinal surgical intervention and going through several other challenges in her personal and professional life, she has developed a strong connection to the world of spirituality. She has worked as a diversified professional in both, industry and academia, but found her true calling as a Trainer and NLP Life Coach In Lahore Pakistan. Her life has revolved around the concepts of self-determination and gratitude.

Ayesha is a certified NLP Master Practitioner from the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP). She has helped her clients, both, at the individual and corporate levels overcome the hurdles they face, improve themselves, and change their life patterns and strategies for the better. As a Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner via Time Line Therapy Association (TLTA), Ayesha has facilitated several clients, changed the challenging self-perceptions of people, modified their limiting beliefs, and resolved their internal conflicts regarding values, morals, spiritual quests, and ideologies to make revolutionary changes in their lives. She is a certified NLP Master Coach from NLP Coaching Division. As an Interventionist, she is able to build great rapport with her clients. Her prime intention is to assist them in achieving positive breakthroughs and live a more empowered life. Her sessions and programs encapsulate the art of healing, unlearning limiting beliefs, and developing new empowering beliefs. She has successfully created a profound impact on the lives of many of her clients.

Do With Coach” (DWC) is Ayesha’s personal coaching venture. It is a platform where people can address their self-coaching needs. She has helped her clients in various life domains. She made sure to fill the validation vacuum people are living in to unlock their true potential and bring them out of their own bubbles. She has facilitated people in getting clarity on their career paths, coached them to choose the right profession, and set up smart goals, hence aiding in their growth and development. Her clients have achieved the financial independence they aspired to. Seeking her professional help has provided impeccable solutions to her clients for their internal or external challenges.

Nevertheless, that is not all Ayesha is well versed in. She has also coached individuals and couples going through relationship challenges and helped them achieve a life of harmony and prosperity. People have healed from their past traumas and been cured of emotional turmoil and repression by focusing on their emotional wellness. They have built and re-built stronger and healthier relationships. She has recuperated individuals from resentment. Also, conducted workshops with multiple educational institutions and organizations to enhance workplace efficiency. Her clients have testified that this intricate treatment under the watchful eye of Ayesha has helped them deal with challenging emotions and internal conflicts by transforming their internal programming. She is highly focused in both, one-on-one sessions and group sessions with her clients.

Because of her hard work, empathic nature, and geniuses in NLP coaching trannie in Lahore, her clients are a walking testimony of her credibility. Her focus is client-centric, and all the sessions, be they individual or group are concerned with supporting her clients in bringing to the surface all the unexplored parts of their unconscious and reveling in the beauty that lies within each of them. If you ask her clients, they will describe the time spent with Ayesha as exciting and filled with awareness, realizations, self-reflections, and interventions, making the whole “do-with” process a roller coaster of emotions. Knowing the purpose of one’s life and excelling in personal development can definitely proffer a sense of satisfaction from within. So if one wants to live their lives to the fullest and receive abundance, balance, and prosperity in life, connect with Ayesha on her professional forums and seek her coaching to curate an authentic methodology to cope with life’s challenges.

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Phone No:  +92 323 8839911

E-mail: info@dowithcoach.com


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