Thirty years ago, the female-to-male ratio in medicine was 20:80; currently, it is 70:30, with 54 percent of females pursuing post-secondary study. In the case of Pakistan, the reports are highly optimistic.

Lack of access to education for girls is part of a broader landscape of gender inequality in Pakistan. Still, Female students outnumber their male counterparts in degree-level education in Pakistan.

What Do Facts And Figures Show?

Pakistan has experienced substantial gender differences in academics for a long time (Asplund, 2008). The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan makes significant efforts to increase female participation in higher education. Female participation has climbed from 36.8% in 2002 to 46.2 percent (2008).

According to recent gender data, overall male enrolment in colleges is 0.677 million (51%), while female enrollment is around 0.642 million (49 percent ). This figure demonstrates that the enrollment gap between men and women is fairly small. So both genders have an equal chance to pursue higher education (NEMIS, 2013).

Despite cultural impediments, many girls are attempting to obtain higher education. At higher education levels, girls have even outnumbered boys in some circumstances. Women are coming out and participating in academic activities in large numbers.

Choosing a Career for Women in Pakistan

As a woman, she is still discriminated against, but she now has the bravery to respond. Working women have two responsibilities: earning a living and caring for their families. Choosing a career might be difficult, so you should think about it carefully before making a decision. You must select a profession that will benefit you financially while satisfying your family duties.

Any country’s success and advancement are primarily determined by the educational possibilities accessible to its citizens. In most parts of the world, women face disadvantages in higher education, which is still true in certain places.

Many international development organizations have made eliminating gender disparities in education a top objective.

In Pakistan, the medical profession is the ideal option for females. Being a doctor entails earning a lot of respect, not a good living because medicine is Pakistan’s most prestigious degree.

The majority of Pakistani parents want their daughters to pursue a career in medicine to get respect from other members of society and make a decent living.

Top 6 Best Medical Fields for Females in Pakistan

We see that in the medical field, there are several specializations such as MBBS, BDS, DPT, PHARM-D, DVM, and so on.


MBBS is the most popular degree program among students in the medical industry, and it is an excellent career choice for females. For MBBS, you must take a medical college entrance test administered by the province, and if you score well enough for a restricted number of seats, you can continue your medical studies.

MBBS, on the other hand, can be stressful for women in particular. Since girls need to balance home responsibilities with work, it may be exhausting. Being a doctor entails many strenuous obligations, a large number of patients to deal with, and a variety of other variables. Surgery is a subfield of medicine, and it is not regarded as a particularly attractive option for females.

Girls are likewise subjected to continuous pressure. According to a poll, most female doctors do not practice after obtaining their MBBS. In KPK, 70% of girls do not seek employment, resulting in squandering seats. So, if the medicine is your passion, go for it; else, you’ll be wasting a seat.


The amount of jobs you can apply for once you finish your degree dictates the scope and career of any study. Because of the medical profession, the following are the jobs that you may apply for after completing your MBBS in Pakistan.

  • Educational Centers
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Health Care Centers
  • Medicine Sales Centers
  • Emergency Divisions

2. Dentistry

It’s an even better choice for females.

It’s a four-year degree program available at various public and private universities. The admissions standards are the same as MBBS, although it is less stressful and manageable.

After BDS, there’s a six-month compulsory house job compared to the one-year house job after MBBS. BDS is an excellent field because there is no tension of specialization after the degree.

When you finish your degree, you can immediately begin practicing. Timings are the most relaxed in dentistry, and there are no evening or night duties. Girls can manage all home jobs along with their practice.


Many career opportunities are available for BDS students both in Government & Private sectors. Some of them are as follows:

  • Private clinic
  • Armed Forces Jobs
  • Nursing homes
  • Poly-Clinics
  • Research & Health centers
  • Medical colleges teaching jobs
  • Research Centre Jobs

3. DPT

DPT is also a good field for girls in Pakistan. Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that changes and improves mobility, physical independence, and quality of life. It focuses on treating various conditions, including but not limited to Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardio-Respiratory, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Women’s Health, and Sports Injuries.

The majority of females have various physical ailments after the age of 50. Females feel more comfortable going to female physiotherapists. Hence, the need for physiotherapists.

Especially when women give birth to a child, she needs exercise to become normal. But also after every surgery, everybody needs Physio Therapy to become in normal condition. So women must consult with Physio Therapist in any case. The demand is now rising for female DPT, and it is a good profession for girls like an MBBS DOCTOR.

  • Public Sector (Grade 17 scale jobs)
  • Private Hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation centers
  • NGOs
  • Aid Agencies & organizations
  • Sports clubs & teams
  • Research
  • Academia
  • Medical Technology companies
  • International job placements

4. Pharm D

So, when we talk about the scope of PharmD in Pakistan, we must first consider the demand for pharmacists in the country. Even though Pakistan has many pharmaceutical businesses, there is still a pool of creative minds capable of developing new formulae and salts to capture fish more successfully.

After becoming a pharmacy doctor, one can specialize in various subjects and specialties, and it is also a field that is ideal for females.


In Pakistan, pharmacy has a wide range of applications. Pharmacy students have a diverse range of job options in the public and private sectors.

  • Private Jobs:
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Retail or Community Pharmacy
  • Distribution setup
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Hospital Pharmacist at a private hospital
  • Instructor at Institute training Category B candidates
  • NGOs
  • Nutraceutical Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Training Centers

5. Nursing

Women are sensitive and caring by nature. Thus, this career is ideal for them. Girls who, for whatever reason, are unable to continue their education after matriculation can enroll in nursing courses and work in government and private hospitals, where they will be paid well and get other advantages, or they can work with a private practicing doctor, depending on their circumstances.


After earning a B.SC. in nursing, nurses will be able to work in the following areas:

  • Different health departments.
  • Medical departments.
  • Nursing homes.
  • Reputable orphanages.
  • Training institutes.

These are key and main career fields for people interested in studying B.SC Nursing. Pakistani women and girls are particularly interested in this respected job. If any woman wishes to serve her country and work in a recognized profession, she should get a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a renowned university.

After receiving this degree, she will undoubtedly become a high-quality nurse and use her abilities and knowledge at any hospital or clinic. As a result, all ladies who wish to work in hospitals or clinics should pursue a B.SC Nursing degree.

6. Gynecology

Gynecology is a medical specialty that focuses on the health of the female reproductive system. Gynecology and obstetrics are twin subjects that deal with the female reproductive system. While Obstetrics deals with pregnancy and its associated procedures and complications, gynecology involves treating women who are not pregnant.

In Pakistan, women often feel shy to discuss their feminine health issues, especially with male doctors, and they prefer to visit a best Gynecologist for their gynecological problems. That is why it is the best and most demanding field for females pursuing a medical career in Pakistan.


The field of gynecology also includes the midwifery & obstetrics profession.

These midwifery, gynecology & obstetrics professionals can carry on their private practice; they can work and serve as family planning advisors. Then they can work in private hospitals or government hospitals. As a midwife, you can start a private practice.

You can serve as a midwifery researcher, a midwifery educator, or a midwifery unit manager.


In Pakistan, there are multiple medical fields to choose from. However, being a female, the options change. There are other alternatives to medical fields. These do not offer the title of doctor, but they are directly or indirectly connected to the medical field. Girls who aim to spend fewer years of education and want to start a career related to the medical field can pursue them and get a medical associated degree.


1. Is medical a promising career for girls?

Women patients, on the whole, prefer healthcare workers and physicians of the same gender, which is why it is an excellent choice for a career. The option is ideal for women breastfeeding or on maternity leave who have a few hours to spare each day to work.

2. Is MBBS good for the future?

In the field of medicine, there are bright prospects for the future. Potential employers are medical colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, health businesses, health ministries, medical health societies, back office medical consulting, and pharmaceutical enterprises.

3. Which field is best after FSC?

  • Sc. ( Bachelor of Science)
  • Master of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S)
  • Doctor Of Pharmacy (D.Pharmacy)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Medical Laboratory Technology.

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