It is the dream of many students to opt for the field of MBBS after completing their intermediate in medical. But the reality is not always the same. Many of the students couldn’t get admission to top medical colleges due to getting lower marks in intermediate. Many students asks questions about What is the best option for a student in medical with less marks in FSc?. All those students don’t have to worry at all because there are way many fields other than MBBS that you can opt for. All these fields have the same credentials and value as MBBS in the market. After which you can find your dream job quite easily.

Marks distribution

These all fields basically depend upon your marks obtained. If you got less than 80% marks then you can easily get admission for DDS or DPT. If you got marks less than 70% then you can get admission for bachelors in any science subject. But if you got less than 60 or 50% marks then you must go for some Arts subjects otherwise it might trouble you in the future. Many students got less then 60% marks in FSc and their merit does not meet to MBBS criteria in that case You can opt any of the following described medical field according to your area of interest and your expertise.

Best Fields for Students with less Marks in FSc

This is a highly competitive post-graduate degree extended to 5 years. It provides students with professional and competitive knowledge of bones and muscles rehabilitation. This might arise due to sudden accident, pain, or injury. The job of the physiotherapist is to provide relief to the patients suffering from any injury.

2. D-Pharmacy

D-Pharmacy is all concerned with pharmacy sciences including medicines, drugs, research, etc. it makes the candidates able to the best of their efforts in finding solutions to the prevailing diseases in the environment. With the increasing scope of this field demand for D-pharmacist is also increasing in the market. The degree is offered by many high-ranked universities in Pakistan extended to the period of 4 to 5 years.

3. Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

That is a six year degree that can be opted by students after completing their intermediate in medical. Many medical universities in Pakistan offer this competitive and professional degree that is considered equivalent to MBBS due to its scope. The field is all concerned with the cure of many oral and dental diseases.

4. BS Biochemistry

BS in chemistry is a bachelor’s degree being offered by many reputed universities after intermediate. The duration of the degree is of 4 years. During this students learn thoroughly the concepts, reasons, and causes of chemical reactions occurring inside the body of the living organisms. Now a days most of the universities are providing this degree due to the increasing scope of Bio chemistry in Pakistan.

5. BS Mass Communication

That is a bachelor’s degree that enables students to thrive in their time and efforts in the field of print and telecommunication media sector. That field has a wide scope as it is the era of media and communication. Many universities provide us with the opportunity to find our future in the field of mass communication. After completing this degree you can be a future editor, journalist, public relations officer, freelancer, reporter, etc.

6. BS Physics

That is also a bachelor’s degree that can be opted for by students after completing their intermediate. Many high-ranked universities in Pakistan extended to the duration of 4 years. During this students become able to understand the behavior of nature more deeply while applying all the concepts of physics to it. Not only this students can also find it suitable for further studies as it provides extended knowledge in the field of many interdisciplinary subjects.

7. Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)

That is a highly professional and competitive degree that is being offered by many reputed and high-ranked business schools in Pakistan. This is the field for those students who have a deep interest in management concerns and administration. It helps the students deeply in their professional grooming while including the further concepts of Finance, Supply chain, Human resources, and Marketing, etc. Students can get enrolled for this after intermediate whether in science or arts.

8. BS Psychology

Psychology makes you learn the art of reading the mind of the people around you. In this, we learn the changing behaviors of the people and the reasons behind it. It makes us learn the psyche of the people behind different decisions. That is a competitive degree that’s why now scope of psychology is increasing in Pakistan. Students can opt for this degree after their intermediate and it extends till the period of 4 years.

Final Thoughts

Not only these there are many other fields as well in which you can find your future but all depends upon your interest and expertise. Other fields after completing FSc pre medical include BS chemistry, BS Zoology, BS Botany, BS political sciences, etc. After F.Sc there are many filed with high competency and professionalism but you simply have to find the best one for you. You can find all the required information related to education in Pakistan at ilmibook easily. According to ilmibook in the present era, there are many best options and lots of jobs in Pakistan in every single field just you have to get some pretty skills to get these jobs. “Focus on getting skills not degree“.

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