O-Level has been considered as the most formal and worldwide recognized secondary school degree awarded by the Cambridge University U.K and is being controlled directly by British Council. It is equivalent to matriculation in Pakistan. After completing their ordinary level degree students can pursue their path in A-level or any other progressive stage.

Most of the students in Pakistan now like to opt for this degree in their career path as it provides them with more opportunities for advancement, worldwide recognition, and experience.

Subject Details:

During this time of 3 years, students have been provided with 3 major groups of elective subjects from which they have to choose any single group for the study. Students must meet the requirements of passing all the major subjects as well as the elective subjects to be qualified for the degree.

Compulsory subjects:

Following are the compulsory subjects that students need to clear:

Elective subjects:

Following are the elective subjects from which students have to choose any one group for further study.

Science Group:

Group A: Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Group B: Physics, Chemistry, Computer

Commerce Group:

Group A: Principle of Accounting, Economics, Business Studies

Group B: Principle of Accounting, Economics, Computer Studies

Humanities Group:

Group A: Sociology, Fine Arts, English Literature, History

Admission Criteria:

As O-Level is being designed at the international standards and it allows students from the age of 14 to 16 years to pursue further in this field. As such no specific criteria have been developed to judge the eligibility of the students for it but it depends upon the learning outcomes and aptitudes of the students after the 8th class.


The duration of this degree is of 3 years in most Pakistanis schools but they all are trying to cover it in two years like conducted in foreign schools. The session of the students starts in Oct-Sept. It covers the duration from the 9th class till the 11th. The national citizens of Pakistan during this duration have to clear 8th subjects including Urdu, Islamiat, and Pakistan Study but in case of foreign citizenship, students are exempted from these three subjects.

Fee Structure:

All the expenses and fee charges of O-Level students are directly finalized by the British council and the fee structure of the students is renewed each year. According to the renewed fee structure, 2021 following is the detail of the fee per subject:
No. Subjects Fee
1. Accounting 24, 200
2. Biology 28, 200
3. Chemistry 28, 200
4. Physics 28.200
5. Economics 24,200
6. Mathematics 28,200
7. English Language 28,200
8. English Literature 28,200
9. Further Mathematics 28,200
Somehow it is presumed that the difficulty level of O-Level is dependent upon the learning capabilities of the students that how can they manage their time and curriculum. It is also said to be more expensive as well than Matriculation in Pakistan. Other than that of the fee of O-Level subjects, the books of O-Level are also quite expensive in Pakistan. But still, due to its worldwide recognition, it is preferred by the students.

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