How To Secure Your Linux Dedicated Server?

The new site owners mostly prefer a shared hosting plan as it is cost-effective and simple to use. But as soon as the traffic begins to develop, the website demands more space and other resources to work smoothly and flawlessly to deal with the pressure.

In this case, you can go with the solutions like Cloud or VPS but if you want to own a real power then nothing can beat a dedicated server.
The dedicated server provides you with full control, access and it is highly dedicated to one single owner.

Unlike shared hosting resources are not shared by various users in a dedicated server. The resources are wholly utilized by a single owner.

As all the resources are devoted to the single user a dedicated server can easily handle high traffic making the best-suited type of hosting for a large type of website.
The best feature of a dedicated server is that it is customizable. You get full control for your dedicated server and you can also set up your server as per your needs and requirements.

Owning a dedicated server helps you to define speed and security. It involves important security updates that can help you to secure your Linux Dedicated Server.

Third Party Applications

Web hosting companies take care to prevent their servers from different types of attacks by following different types of security protocols. But cyber-attacks are growing exponentially and are never-ending to stay in protection from these attacks it is recommended to use a third-party application that guarantees you bulletproof security.

You can use a cloud-based security solution to make it more secure. An application like Sitelock Website Security is a pocket-friendly solution to stay on protection against cyberattacks.

It consists of various types of tools that work together to guarantee security for your website. The working of these third-party applications involves malware scanners, malware removal tools, active blocking, notification systems, etc. making the perfect solution for you in terms of security.

Installing SSL Certificates

SSL or secure socket layer certificate is a type of verification that who is the owner of the website owner and who owns the business for that website. An SSL certificate provides website authentication and makes sure that the data is end to end protected. Hence, providing high security.

SSL Certificate builds business identity by creating trust among the visitors. You can check a website is secure or not by viewing the green padlock in the URL bar. It tells your visitors that your site is secure and all the data which they will input is safe and secure. And ultimately your website changes from HTTP to HTTPS. If you do not have SSL installed for your website then most of the web browsers will display your site as not secure which harms your dignity and drives customers away.

Updating OS and application

Updating your software and applications on regular basis will help you to secure your dedicated server with no extra effort. The updates carry various security patches and solutions to various issues that are discovered from time to time. This not only works for Linux dedicated servers but also for any type of server.
Updates are crucial for network security.

Use trusted Devices

The best thing to secure your data is not to use or login your personal or server details from an unknown device. We recommend that you shouldn’t use the WiFi in any café or public network. Login info, user data, transactional data are at high risk when you do not use any trusted device or a network that is secure.

Make your trusted device is also virus and malware-free. Keep the device updates and install antivirus software to make it more secure.

Server Port Management

As the owner of a dedicated server you get full access and control to your server. You can change the setting and configurations. You can configure server ports to get high security. Ports are known for the communication in the server by which the information is traveled from the requesting party to the server.

For security measures close all the ports which are not used by you. This is because hackers target the open ports of your network and other ports which are open by default should be closed to reduce the risk of uncertainties.

The next thing that you can do is to prevent the server from a malicious attack is to change the port number. You can change the port number easily by reading a guide available on the internet.

PHP Settings

PHP ensures that your site works properly and smoothly. Some are important elements to run the website but some are not that important and may create issues.

You can easily disable services like Allow_url_include and Register_globals etc. you can go with the guides available on the internet to know your PHP settings well.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Dedicated Server is considered one of the best web hosting solutions all the server resources are wholly owned by a single site owner. This prevents downtime and secures your website to a great extent. It is capable of handling the website load well. Their service and security can be improved easily as you get full access and control of your server.

We recommend you only buy the dedicated server from a well-known company who is working in the industry for a long period of time.

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