Scope of MBA In Pakistan

MBA is the most professional and competitive Postgraduate degree, mostly opted by the students after Graduation. It makes the students able to understand the business criteria and environment in the most effective and simple way. There are different kinds of MBA degrees (MBA 3.5 and MBA 1.5) offered by universities in Pakistan based on your previous qualification. Now a day there is a big scope of MBA in Pakistan because many national and Multinational organizations are demanding expert Business administrators in order to perform business operations in the most effective and smooth way.
If you are a student and you have an interest in business then you are on the right page because here you will find all the answers to your questions on one platform.

Types of MBA In Pakistan:

As the demand for MBA degrees is increasing day by day, so many universities in Pakistan have now introduced different kinds of MBA for students to gain a professional degree in the diverse environments of business.
The following types of MBA are here.
2. MBA Marketing
3. MBA Finance
4. MBA Logistics and Supply chain
5. MBA Executive

Now we will try to understand that how these all are different from each other.


This field has been designed for those students who want to pursue their future in Human Resource Management. It enables students to sharpen their HR skills and to deal with Management issues and the firm’s organization in a professional way.

2. MBA Marketing:

This is for those students who have more creative minds and persuasive powers. This course basically covers the subjects of human behaviors, advertisement, branding and market research, and many more like these.

3. MBA Finance:

This course is for those students who have more interest in accounting subjects and want to pursue their future in banking and finance. It enables the student to understand the complex operations of business related to finance, taxation and investments, etc.

4. MBA Logistics and Supply chain:

Specialization in logistics and supply chain deals with strategic economics and technical issues of industry and enables the student to think outside the box in order to deal with all technical and management issue like real experts.

5. MBA Executive:

MBA Executive is a higher level of degree basically designed for corporate executives and senior managers who are already a part of the workforce and who want to work further on their skills to improve their work efficiency and hold their jobs in a much better way.

MBA admission requirements in Pakistan:

Followings are the admission requirements for any of the universities of Pakistan that you must keep in your mind if you want to get enrolled in the best:
1. A bachelor’s degree (B.Com, B.A, or B.S.C) from any of the HEC’s recognized institution
2. Must score at least 60% marks in bachelors
3. Must meet the admission requirement of the applied university
4. Must score 60% marks in entry test
5. Aggregate marks will be counted down from 60% in the entry test and 40% from the previous qualification.

Career Opportunities After MBA In Pakistan

The career opportunities basically depend upon the no of skills that you gained during pursuing MBA and it counts more than your GPA. After MBA no one will ask about your GPA the only thing that everyone asks will be:
“What you have learned during MBA”
So if you want to have a tremendous amount of career opportunities waiting for you ahead of you MBA you must gain as many skills as you can. Some of these opportunities which you can opt for after MBA are:
1. Banking organizations
2. Multinational organizations
3. Educational institutions
4. Can run your own business
5. Business institutions
6. Logistics firms
7. Import and exports business organizations
8. Marketing firms
9. Audit firms
10. Corporate sector
and many more

Private and Government Jobs Of MBA:

As the business environment is expanding day by day and it creates demand for expert and professional managers so that business management can ensure the stability and better performance of the firm. That’s why these firms now prefer to hire the services of experts and especially those who have done their MBA and have competitive and professional work backgrounds. Followings are some of the jobs that you might see in commercials and newspapers for both public and private firms and you can choose your job according to your interest and field of study:
1. Marketing consultant
2. Finance manager
3. HR manager
4. Organizational head
5. Bank accountant
6. Business development officers
7. Production unit head
8. Import-export managers
9. Logistics and supply chain experts
10. Taxation experts
11. Auditors

MBA Salary Per Month:

As we have already discussed that the scope of MBA in Pakistan is increasing and all national and multinational firms are increasing the demand for Business experts. It influences the salaries of the business experts as well. In Pakistan, the starting salary of an MBA is 40 to 50k that further expands to millions based upon your experience and skills. This always depends upon the skills that how much or how can you earn. If you have a good GPA in MBA but don’t know what you need to do in MBA then it is of no value. The thing values the most are your abilities and skills that make others hire you at any cost that will lead to a high degree of promotion and salary that everyone wants in life.
The highly asked question by the student before admission is:

Which specialization is best in MBA in Pakistan?

How do I choose my specialization in MBA? What will be best for me?

The answer to this question is more properly hidden in this question and many of the students instead of focusing on it depend upon the choice of others. The answer to this question is me, my interest. The field in which you find more and more interest and in which you think you can excel yourself more is must be the field for you with the greatest scope. Because by focusing on yourself you can make better decisions for yourself.
If we talk about highly recommended MBA specialization in Pakistan, then we still have many choices like MBA HR, MBA Marketing, and MBA finance that give us diverse knowledge and knowhow that what we need to do in an organization and how? These three specializations are greatly recommended and highly opted by the students in Pakistan because after it you can also continue your further education and can find your dream job in a multinational company easily with higher credibility and fame.

Which MBA is best in Pakistan?

While answering this question the main thing that must arise in our mind is:

From where should I do my MBA?

That is an important thing to know that from where I should have to do MBA because in the future it will decide that how much you know about your job and professionalism.
There are many high ranked universities in Pakistan with high competency levels and degrees of which are recognized worldwide. Many students try to find the best university or business school in Pakistan some of these are:
1. Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
2. University of Punjab
3. Institute of Business Administration ( IBA Karachi)
4. Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU)
5. University of Central Punjab (UCP)

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