Karachi is Pakistan’s largest and fastest-growing metropolis. It is one of the cities in Pakistan that includes lots of educational opportunities and degree programs in the best universities, colleges, and schools in Karachi. Karachi presents a multitude of outstanding law colleges that give academic reputation and in-depth understanding of law practical and theoretical to meet the needs of the profession of lawyers, therefore encouraging learners to share their practice and education to accelerate progress.

Top 6 Best Law Colleges and Universities In Sindh Karachi

Here we are going to share a list of the best law colleges in Karachi. This list will give you all information about the colleges, their degree programs, facilities for students, and much more.

1. Sindh Muslim Government Law College

This College was established in 1947, hence is one of the oldest law colleges in Karachi as well as in the country. This law college is located at Doctor Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi. It is affiliated with the University of Sindh. This college provides a different combination of academic possibilities and experiences not found at other institutions in the area. It is listed in the best law colleges of the city as it has known ministers, judges, and other authority members as its professional staff. Sindh Muslim Government Law College offers an LL.B of 5 years. This college has all the best facilities and resources that are available in a good reputed private law college. It has a huge collection of law books in its libraries. The college makes its students interested in extracurricular activities also. Such events contain recreational and sports interests that youngsters can do beyond the curriculum.

Contact Details:

Address: Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Rd, Saddar Karachi

Phone No: +922199212862

2. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law

SZABIST is without a question one of Karachi’s best and most prestigious colleges, as well as one of the greatest legal institutes in the city. Many of the law graduates choose SZABIST as it gives the experience that no other college can match. The SZABIST get a structure by year and take a highly useful perspective on how to educate their pupils, emphasizing the necessity of both conceptual and applied training. This prepares pupils for something their careers may strike at them. SZABIST is deserving of a spot in our list of best law schools due to its highly qualified teachers, well-developed academic programs, and extracurricular activities. SZABIST encourages socialization among graduates as well as relevant skills. SZABIST provides undergraduate and postgraduate legal degrees lasting 3-6 years. It offers LL.B (5-years), LL.M (2-years), Ph.D. (3-years), and LL.D degree programs. The university is also planning of starting some law diplomas. It also has criminology degree programs.

Contact Details:

Address: Khaliq-uz-Zaman Rd, Block 8 Frere Town, Karachi

Phone No: +922199203143

3. University of Karachi

University of Karachi is among the largest institutions in Pakistan and is in among the best universities in Karachi. KU qualifications are particularly prized both nationally and globally. Students at KU can get an L.L.B program in five years or an L.L.M specialization in two years. A Law degree is important in the development of a civilized and educated community. The institution likewise aims to improve its graduates’ educational outcomes and some other skills whilst still assisting individuals in developing their good integrity and personality. Furthermore, legal graduates must be capable of coping with others. The fundamental goal of KU’s college of law is to offer students with legal training so that they may have a massive impact and utilize their expertise to help others. KU is by far deserves to be among our top best law institutions.

Contact Details:

Address: Main Main University Rd, University Of Karachi

Phone No: +922199261300

4. Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education

Because of its highly trained staff and up-to-date educational offerings, including law, Dadabhoy was founded in 2003 and had become a degree-granting institution in 2005. It made our top law institute list because of its accomplishments in a really brief span of time. DIHE offers a five-year, B.A. L.L.B post-graduate combined study that integrates Bachelor of Arts and Law. They have a dedicational Faculty of Law. They also offer a Ph.D. degree in law. DIHE’s major goal is to give pupils situational training that will help them deal with future problems. They have a funding foundation also, that is offering dues to worthy and talented students with financial support.

Contact Details:

Address: MVRF+J2X, Bunder Rd, Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan

Phone No: +922134688333

5. Hamdard University Karachi

For those seeking an undergraduate law degree, Hamdard University law campus is another alternative.  it has its own school of law, which was founded in 2001. Their learners gain a five-year law degree. Hamdard School of Law is meticulous in its examinations and meticulous in its semester planning. Despite its tiny student base, the institution remains one of Karachi’s great legal schools. They have everything in a logical order, which makes things simpler for students to understand because they have an overview. After completing their intermediate/A level schooling, students can apply for admission. The school aims to develop the country’s legal department by providing both academic and practitioner training in the discipline.

Contact Details:

Address: Madinat al-Hikmah Hakim Mohammad Said Road

Phone No: +922136440042

6. Institute of Business Management

Because of its pleasant and skilled educational atmosphere, and 26 years of devotion, the Institute of Business Management has recently been a students’ favorite institution. Institute of Business Management’s students are knowledgeable and diligent. The LLB undergraduate courses at the Institute of Business Management last five years. IoBM is on our list of best law colleges because it is without a doubt one of the greatest private colleges in Karachi, with a diverse variety of academic programs. The facilities and resources at the Institute of Business Management are computer labs, Libraries, sports facilities, safety and security, health and wellness, dining facilities, and media facilities. It has the best and highly trained alumni.

Contact Details:

Address: Korangi Creek, Karachi

Phone No: 021111002004


There are many best and top institutes in Karachi for almost every field and profession. As Karachi is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan, it has the best educational opportunities and values. In the field of Law also, Karachi is not beyond any city. In this article, we have listed the top-rated and best Law colleges in Karachi. This read would be worth-reading for every future lawyer of this city. All the mentioned institutions are doing their best in the field of legal education. Their best facilities and modern educational system are making the worth of lawyers in Pakistan.

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