Allah Almighty created the whole universe and there are 99 sacred names of Allah known as Asam ul Husana. According to the holy Quran, Allah encourages Muslims to remember Him repeatedly for their salvation. For Allah’s remembrance, Allah has introduced 99 names.

Allah Almighty’s 99 names represent his absolute qualities. According to these fundamental qualities, Allah is the only one.  There are lot’s of benefits of Asma ul husna. A person who remembers Allah Almighty with these names will have multiple benefits, including the purification of their heart and soul, allowing them to become closer to Him.

The Secret Power of Asma ul Husna

Asma ul Husna, or the names of Allah, not only exists in Al-Qur’an information, but more information is in the endless universe. Therefore, the Asma ul Husna of Allah SWT is so vast and can only be captured by the people who use their senses correctly. Here are the related verses about the asma of Allah SWT :

Astonishment at Allah SWT’s Greatness and Nature

“Allah has sent down the best statement (a consistent) Book wherein is reiteration (the verses). The skins shiver therefrom of those who fear their Lord, then their skins and hearts relax at Allah’s remembrance. That is the guidance of Allah, by which He guides whoever He wishes. And the one whom Allah leaves astray, for him there is no guide. (Az-Zumar: 23)

The nature and greatness of Allah will astonish those who always remember and read Asma ul Husna deeply. Allah’s nature is not just for reading and memorizing but also for becoming an afterthought found in the universe. To this day, human beings have not been able to find the end of the universe, which is a manifestation of the power of Allah.

Those who use their senses will be able to see the miracle of Asma Allah in the realm of clarity. A good example is Allah, the Creator’s nature. The human body’s function is an example of it. In the same way that Allah SWT created a highly organized and complex body system. If one of them is damaged, it will also affect the others. Humans can’t defeat the creation of Allah.

Develop Submission and Obedience

Through understanding and reading the Asmaul Husna, we will become obedient only to Allah and abide in His peace.  This is the purpose of human creation, the meaning of life.

Islam views the concept of man as including the creation process by which humans genuinely manage the earth.

Those who cannot comprehend or read asmaul husna will never experience the miracles that existed as those who consistently read it. A helpless human cannot run anywhere except to submit and obey Allah SWT because of the deep feelings and the mature appreciation of Asmaul Husna.

Living and Bringing Change to Life

Asma ul Husna will enable people to live fuller lives and make positive changes. Those who strive to get close to Allah SWT will certainly receive hidayah (guidance).

In Al-Qur’an and the universe, there are many people who have converted to Islam and believe in Allah after understanding Asma ul Husna. Miracles and guidance can make a significant difference in their lives. Asma ul Husna is a miracle for those who desire to comprehend its depths and istiqomah (steadfastness in Islam).

Asma Ul Husna in Islam

Our beloved Prophet (SAW) said the following about the Asmaul Husna:

 Allah has 99 names. Whoever memorizes and embraces (ihsa) these qualities will enter heaven.” (Bukhari).

The verse of the Holy Quran

 “The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on Him by them; but shun such men as use profanity in His names: for what they do, they will soon be requited.”  (Surah al-Araf, verse 180).

“Say, “Call upon Allah or call upon the Most Merciful. Whichever (name) you call – to Him belong the best names.” And do not recite (too) loudly in your prayer or (too) quitely but seek between that an (intermediate) way.”

(Al-Isra – 110)

In Al-Qur’an, one of them mentioned in the above hadiths that there are natures and names of Allah. In the above verse is mentioned the nature of Allah is Ar-Rahman.  According to the verse above, we should avoid comparing other things with Allah Almighty or giving attributes to other things that are not rightfully attributed to Him.

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