The last Ashra of Ramadan is predicated on the last 9 or 10 days of Ramadan which is called Days of Escape from Hellfire (NIjat). The Islamic calendar is based on the Moon’s appearance. As a result, the Islamic calendar month changes every 29 or 30 days when the moon appears. Ramadan is the holiest month of the year when every Muslim is required to withdraw from the material world for a month and draw closer to ALLAH Almighty.

3rd Ashra of Ramadan– Days of Escape from Hellfire

The last part of Ramadan is the most essential and beneficial part because it is the last ten days of devotion, which is loaded with an escape from Hellfire and is the most significant in terms of asking forgiveness and pity from Allah. There are some special nights in this Ashra in which any odd day in the last 10 days of Ramadan third Ashra might be the day of Shab-e-Qadr, which is the Night of Decision when the words of the Quran were revealed to Prophet Muhammad, making it a very Holy Night to pray on.

Dua for 3rd Ashra of Ramadan:

اَللَّهُمَّ أَجِرْنِي مِنَ النَّارِ

Allahuma Ajirni minan-Naar


“O Allah, save me from the fire (Jahannam)”

Events in 3rd Ashra of Ramadan:

Because of certain significant events in Islamic history that occurred on the third or final Ashra of Ramadan, it has gained a lot of importance. The most holy night (Lailat Al-Qadr) on which the first Holy words of the Qur’an were revealed to Prophet Muhammad is one of these events.

Allah Almighty said in the Holy Quran concerning Lailatul Qadar,

“We sent it (Quran) down on a wonderful Night,  We are, without a doubt, always warning. Every subject of ordainment is determined there (in that Night). We have received Amran (i.e. a mandate or this Quran or His Decree in all matters) from Allah. We are always sending (the Messenger) as a Mercy from your Lord.” (44: 3-6, Al-Quran)

The Jummat-ul-wida is the second most important event (The last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan). Aitkaaf is another Holy Norm in which people put their worldly lives aside and sit silently in a Masjid (Mosque) and homes to follow Islamic holy and spiritual activities. During the last Ashra of Ramadan, every believer of the Islamic school of thought is expected to attentively and interestingly comply and observe responsibilities such as Huqooq-ul-Allah (Salat, Fasting, and so on) and Huqooq-ul-Ibaad (Good actions and good behavior with the people).

Importance for 3rd Ashra of Ramadan:

Let us now turn our attention to the ashra that this topic revolves around, the third ashra. Although each day of the holy month of Ramadan is significant in its own right, the last 10 days of Ramadan are particularly significant for a variety of reasons. The most noticeable of these reasons is, of course, that every Muslim wants to conclude Ramadan on a high note. However, the last Ashra of Ramadan is full of benefits that are exclusively available during this time. The Night of Decree, for example, may be found in the odd nights of the final Ashra of the holy month and is better than a thousand nights. In these concluding 10 days of Ramadan, Muslims all around the globe follow the ritual of Aitikaaf. The last Ashra of Ramadan is also significant in terms of social welfare, as Muslims contribute extensively in the name of charity during this period.

3rd Ashra of Ramadan in Light of Ahadees

We’ll get to the zakat in a moment, but first, let us discuss with you a hadith concerning Ramadan’s three Ashra. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“It (Ramadan) is the month in which mercy is at the beginning, forgiveness is at the centre, and liberation from the flames (of hell) is at the conclusion.”(Vol. 93, Pg. 34, Bihar al-Anwar)

The holy month of Ramadan is divided into three periods, according to the hadith. It is self-evident that none of us wants to spend the rest of our lives in hell. But simply hoping for it isn’t going to cut it! What our heart’s desire must be matched by our words and deeds. We’ll get to the acts in a minute, but for now, here’s a dua that every Muslim must repeat throughout the holy month’s last 10 days:

“O Allah, save me from the flames (Jahannam),”

There is no need for how often it should be recited in a given day, but creating a pattern of repeating it at a pre-dawn meal (sehri), a post-dawn meal (iftaar), and before and after each prayer might be beneficial.

Deeds to do in 3rd Ashra of Ramadan:

Nights of worship

Try to worship for the entire ten nights or as many days as you can. This is the finest approach to catch Lailatul Qadr’s inconceivable and inexplicable benefits.

Sit for Aitkaaf

Staying in aitkaaf during the 3rd Ashra of Ramadan, which both men and women may do, is the ideal approach to capture the blessed month.

Recitation of the Holy Quran 

Fasting and Quran recitation is an ideal Ramadan combo. The most important thing we can do as Muslims in the remaining ten days of Ramadan is to recite the Quran frequently. Every single word recited from the Quran brings immense benefits and blessings.

No Squandering of time

During these beautiful 10 nights, we must form an unbreakable intention to remain away from all types of wrongdoings. We should also make a promise not to engage in idle conversation, watch TV, play computer games, or spend time on social media. To be honest, there are 355 days in the year for all of that if you truly can’t stop yourself.

Donate to charity

During Ramadan, any good deed, such as charity, is rewarded 70 times over. For performing the identical act during Lailatul Qadr, you would be rewarded as if you had done it for over 83 years.

Demonstrate Extraordinary Character

The Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Nothing will be heavier on the Day of Resurrection in the Scale of the Believer than excellent manners, Allah despises anybody who uses vulgar or profane words.” [Al-Tirmidhi]

As a result, we must strive to be the greatest in character throughout these fortunate days and throughout the year. We must not dispute, swear, backbite, slander, or gossip, and we must avoid other evil behaviors.

Reap Maximum Benefits Throughout

A righteous deed performed during the holy month of Ramadan is said to be worth 70 times more than one performed on a regular day. We may get enormous rewards by being noble, sincere, honest, and unwavering in our beliefs. Put forth your best effort on each of Ramadan’s ten last nights. Don’t leave it till the 27th of Ramadan to give it your all.

Payback to Nature

Planting trees, flowers, and plants, as well as watering them, is the sixth and last Ashra of Ramadan, and it is a must-do for all believers.


After 1st ashra and 2nd Ashra of Ramadan the third Ashra of Ramadan begins on the 21st of Ramadan and concludes on the 29th or 30th of Ramadan, depending on the moon. Protection from Hell, which translates to Nijat, is the name given to the third Ashra. The goal of Ramadan is to seek refuge in Allah Almighty from the fires of Hell. Every Muslim must pray for Hellfire’s protection and pray Taraweeh prayer for sawaab. The Last Ashra is the most essential and superior of all the Ashras. This Ashra also has Lailatul Qadar, which is superior to the thousand-month nights.

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