Making sins is obvious for mankind as no one amongst us is perfect. It is almost impossible to be barred from sins. Every one of us must have committed sins upon which we still lament. Though, it has been a struggle for all of us to get rid of sins. The Astaghfar is a special gift from the Creator of this cosmos. If you are suffering from depression then Astaghfirullah zikr will help you to be calm and also help you from refrain sins. Astaghfar wazifa is best for asking forgiveness of sins from ALLAH.

Astaghfar is the Best Deliverance From Sins

There are numerous ways to flee the sins as described in the following section.

  • Overcoming the nafs (Provoking Innerness Desire)
  • Introspection while your nafs stir up for the wrongdoing.
  • Fear of Allah (SWT). However, the best practice is to make an incessant streak of Astaghfar.

Before we earn blessings by discussing the beneficial advantages of Astaghfar, let’s explore the basic understandings of the zikr (Remembering Allah with lowness).

What are the Meanings of Astaghfirullah?

Astagh-fir-ullah is an Arabic phrase that connotes the basic meaning to seek refuge (forgiveness) from Allah. The phrase is a part of three words Astagh means “I seek forgiveness” Fir means “within” Ullah means towards Allah. In general, its full phrase means are I seek forgiveness for my sins from Allah.  It is commonly knowns as Astaghfar as the title of the zikr.


5 Benefits Of Astaghfirullah

There are uncountable benefits of Astaghfirullah that all cannot be described in a single post. So, we extend an effort to discuss some prime benefits of Astaghfar. Here are some benefits of Astaghfirullah for ALLAH blessings and forgiveness.

1. Astaghfar Relieves You From Sorrows and Grief

In today’s life full of depression and hardships, it is unprecedented to be happy in your entirety. So, you often seek a place of serenity where all your worries may get gone away. Yes! It is the refuge of Allah by doing Astaghfar in the hearts. Scientific and psychological shreds of evidence are out there from Astaghfar. Your worries seem as if flown away as the efficacy of the wird thrusts upon you. So, whenever life inflicts hardships on you, Istighar is a perfect remedy for you.

2. Astaghfar Opens the Door of Blessings

In our worldly race, we all subsequently run after the materialistic benefits. Though, it is not bad to pray for wealth and rizq (cash-oriented counts). We all struggle for a better future, for a better life, and obviously for prosperous gains. Allah(SWT) promises to provide rizq Halal(lawful according to commands of Allah) to the one who makes Astaghfar earnestly.

3. Astaghfar Benefit in Draught

Rain is the soul of soil. In Quran, it is interpreted as the reviver of the dead lands. So, when it lashes rain somewhere, the residents should feel blessed and thankful to Allah SWT for such an enormous blessing. Astaghfar is the main tool to plead with Allah for rainfall. Seasonal Crops are also dependent on this blessing to grow and harvest. Those tracts of land stay barren due to the draught. People often undergo inclement weather conditions so they should seek Astaghfar for them. So,  Allah renders the draught turns into rain thanks to Barkah of Istaghfar.

4. Astaghfar Removes Sins and Soften the Wrath of Allah

Astaghfar is one of earnest pleas to soften the wrath of Allah (SWT) due to a load of sins. There comes a typical consequential event in our life when we feel disconnected from Allah. Our life fills with Nafs-e-Ammara desires so we go on committing sins after sin. It comes a blessed time when our innerness starts lambasting us with frequent moves not to commit the sin(s) again. Our pure conscience warns us against wrongdoings and ill-making. So, that is the turning point of your life when Astaghfar helps your sins get removed. Subsequently, it placates Allah (SWT). You spend your time in Astaghfar inverting the things that are forbidden by Allah SWT. As more Astaghfar you make as more blessings and pleasances of Allah(SWT) you will earn.

5. Astaghfar Helps Supplications Get Accepted

Unending desires are the flow of this stream of materialism. Some things matter to us for the comfort of life. We want our dream house, we want to perform Umrah and Hajj for which we struggle best to earn money. For this, we work hard yet it is good but a prayerful plea is a key to getting your supplications accepted. Astaghfar is a tried wird that helps to reach your invocations bowed before Allah. Hence, Allah (SWT) does not turn down the prayers that are wrapped in the cover of Astaghfar.

Reference of Astaghfar in the Holy Quran

Astaghfar has divine commands in the Muslims Holy Book Quran. There are several citations in the verses (Ayahs) in the Holy Quran Karim. For the citation:

Surah Baqarah, Ayah No. 222, It’s commanded by Allah that He (SWT) likes the person who accepts Astaghfar, moves towards it, and inverts from sins.

In Surah Taha, Ayah No. 82, Allah says “I forgive the people who move towards me, who seek forgiveness with me but must have Imaan and do good deeds after seeking forgiveness.

Astaghfar Narrations in Hadiths

The prophet Hazrat Mohammad (ﷺ) would make Tasbih (rosary) Astaghfar heartedly during His(PBUH) lifespan. It is interesting to note that even though the Apostle Muhammad had always been innocent of sins (clear from every sin) yet He (PBUH) would recite Astaghfar.

In Hadith from all Sahih Hadith Books;

Someone inquires from the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) that it is clear that You (PBUH) are free from all sins then why do you make such a huge streak of Astaghfar? In response to the question which the Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) replied.

“Why not I should be the thankful worshipper (banda) of Allah, even though Allah has made me Masoom but I will do the thankfulness of Allah”

Final Thoughts:

Astaghfar covers an entire set of affairs of our life. We yearn to build a dream house that can accommodate our family’s happy lives. Sometimes, our loved ones are sick and diagnosed with a serious disease that fluctuates our hearts to sink.

All the problems we face in our life are either by a test from Allah or a jolt of punishment. Whatever the circumstances we face during our lifetime are, Astaghfar is the best practice to turn your way to God. It drains your sins completely and yields fortuitous blessings.

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