As the awareness about law education is getting bold day by day and this is increasing the openings of many new law institutions for students. Gujranwala is among the biggest cities in Punjab and it offers a variety of institutions for education. As few students prefer a law degree that is why there are only a few best law colleges in Gujranwala for LLB or other law educations.

Top 4 Best Law Colleges In Gujranwala

If you are a resident of Gujranwala and want to study and practice law there, then here are one of the best law colleges.

1. The College of Law

The College of Law Gujranwala

The College of Law Gujranwala is affiliated with the University of Punjab. The college is located on the G. T Road, Gujranwala. It is one of the best law schools providing field practice and knowledge. This law college has a history of 5 years of offering law degrees. It offers an LL.B program of 5 years to its applicants, divided into 5 parts having different subjects. The College of Law also offers opportunities for online learning. They also link their students to international exposure, scholarships, and awards. The college has very limited but best and highly qualified teaching staff. Also, they have international members in their faculty.

The campus has a library, auditorium, playgrounds, and computer lab to facilitate the learning of students. For professional training and practice, the college has Law Moot  Room which has an appearance as the courtroom. The institution focuses on students becoming modern courtroom attorneys who can present their arguments in new and better ways, taking advantage of this exceptional resource to its maximum potential.

Contact Details

Address: Regional Tax Office، Near، Grand Trunk Rd, Gulshan Colony

Phone No: 03216468686

2. Muhammad Ali Jinnah Law College

Muhammad Ali Jinnah Law College Gujranwala

Muhammad Ali Jinnah Law College is another one of the best colleges for law education for Gujranwala residents. This college was founded by Gujranwala Legal Aid and Educational Society. It is also under the affiliation of the University of Punjab. The MAJLC offers an LL.B program under the curriculum of PU. The campus facilities include a library and book bank, a computer lab, and a mock court available for professional learning and field training. Other than the syllabus, seminars are also conducted to make future lawyers participate and learn to speak confidently. Workshops are also performed.  Learners are expected to acquire a research flare and are given support in this area. Faculty are accessible to do research on crucial themes. In MAJLC, the students are encouraged to Islamic learning, ideological learning, and character development.

Contact Details

Address: Sialkot Bypass Road, Near، Phase II Green Valley، Gujranwala

Phone No: 03154606660

3. Premier Law College

Premier Law College Gujranwala

Premier Law College of Gujranwala is well-known for its law degrees. It is located near G Magnolia Park on G.T Road Gujranwala. Premier Law College is a supplier of law learning and technical legal training in Pakistan, closing the gap between intellectual law and practical skills at all levels of your profession. This college offers LLB of 3 years and LLM of 2 years in terms of law education. It also has a moot room for the professional development of students. It has well–experienced faculty and it focuses on detailed knowledge. To get admission details, you can visit the campus office or their official website.

Contact Details

Address: GT Rd, G Magnolia Park, Gujranwala

Phone No: 03338133800

4. University of the Punjab Gujranwala

University of the Punjab Gujranwala

This is basically a campus of PU Lahore. It is located near Alipur Chowk, Rawalpindi by-pass,  Gujranwala. The University of the Punjab Gujranwala is the top best institute for studying law. This institute has a separate department of Law and offers LLB (3 years and 5 years) as well as other law subjects such as Criminology, Labour Law, and Security. Their LLB,  LLM, and Ph.D. degrees are compatible with top universities in Pakistan and other countries.

It also offers a diploma in Environmental Law. They have the most prestigious teaching faculty. The PU Gujranwala provides many facilities like a library, hostel,  transport, fully furnished (more than 30) classrooms, video conference, and health facilities. If you want to know the admission criteria of PU Gujranwala, then visit their website.

Contact Details

Address: 55R3+45Q, NH 5, near Ali Pur Chowk، Gujranwala

Phone No: 0559201222


As Law education is getting more familiar like other fields and subjects to people in the coming era. Above in the content, we have given details information about the top and best law colleges in Gujranwala. There are many local and private institutes opening now for law education but not all of these are good. So for your ease, we have listed here the best law colleges.

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