Peshawar is the city of many famous personalities, a few of which are Patras Bukhari, Dilip Kumar, a great Pushto poet Rehman baba, General Yahya Khan, and Shahid Afridi.  That’s why Peshawar demonstrates a high educational level and quality. Peshawar is the city in KPK where you can find the best school with quality if education to make your kids a bright future.

Top 10 Best Schools In Peshawar 

We ilmibook discussed below some best and top schools in Peshawar. The purpose of enlisting the top schools is to give you the ease of finding all information on one page.

1. The City School Peshawar

the city school Peshawar campus building

The City school system is an international framework of schools extended all over Pakistan. The City School is an outstanding academic institution not just for the elites, but also for the middle class. Being the fastest chain of schools, it has around 166 campuses are present in various cities in Pakistan. In Peshawar, the City school has 6 campuses located in different areas. All the campuses are covering all the grades and classes from PG to intermediate. It also offers O-levels and A-levels as it is an international network. Every campus has science labs for practicals, computer labs, libraries, playgrounds, and other facilities in well-decorated buildings and well-managed faculty. All these facilities are provided to the students so that they can be encouraged to learn useful skills and experiences to deal with practical life situations.
The aim of this school system is to provide high-quality and abroad-standard education to broaden the raw minds of Peshawar. So that they can be from prominent personalities in the future. This school has highly qualified staff with remarkable experience. It has a UK national-based curriculum, specially designed to provide effluent knowledge and to polish the skills of students. The City school graduates can gain admissions and positions in the best and top universities in the world.

Admission Procedure

First of all, students must have to get register for the admission test. Registration can be done by filling admission form at the campus building. Then there will be an admission test. Students must have to pass the test for admission. After passing the test, there will be an interview. You can check other admission details on their official website. The Fee structure of The City school varies from campus to campus.

2. Army Public School Peshawar

Army Public School & College is among Pakistan’s most well-known academic systems, with over 160 campuses around the nation. The institution provides instruction for both Matric and O Level students.
Army Public School, another of the greatest schools in Peshawar, offers a wide range of possibilities for pupils to improve their academic and life skills, including computer lessons, swimming, and arts and crafts. Sports, theatre, elocution, and na’at and qirat groups are also available in the school. There is also a journalistic society at APS. Read more about APSACS Peshawar here.

Admission Procedure

For admission to Army Public School Peshawar, you can get admission forms from the Principal’s office of the respective campus. After the application form submission, there will be an interview followed by an admission test.

3. The Educators Peshawar


For educational growth in Pakistan, The Educators school system has been developed under the banner of Beacon House. It was established in 2002 and now has 900+ campuses all over Pakistan. It also has campuses in Peshawar. it is a private school teaching English medium. The Educators provide a foreign curriculum to their kids in order to polish their mental capability and wisdom so that they can compete in this competitive environment in the future. This school system has promised innovative learning to its students. They are providing all the high-level facilities including libraries, highly qualified staff, grounds, etc. It offers education for multiple classes starting from PG to Matriculation.
Success is becoming more difficult to achieve, therefore you should be prepared! Therefore, the Educators school is offering the same level of education in Peshawar as provided in other cities. Invest in your children now, with the proper education and school, and you will not be sorry for the time and money you spent.

Admission Procedure

To get admission to The Educators School Peshawar, you have to visit the campus or you can download the admission form from their official website. After filling out the admission form, attach all the required documents and submit the form on the campus. Then the student will be eligible for an admission test and interview further.

4. Lahore Grammar School Peshawar

Lahore Grammar School Peshawar

Lahore Grammar school is one of the greatest schools for your children to learn and grow. It is a fantastic option, with the greatest curriculum and instructors available. For O level and A-Levels, Lahore Grammar School uses the Cambridge Board of International Examinations. It is also one of Pakistan’s most costly schools. According to statistics, the district of Peshawar has 1060 primary, 155 middle, 140 secondary, and 32 upper-level schools.
Peshawar is the residence of the Pathans in Pakistan, and it was once recognized as a backward city in previous decades. The Lahore Grammar School, a private independent academic institute, is working tirelessly to educate famous personalities in the city. Lahore Grammar School, which is proudly located in phase 2 of Hatayabad, Peshawar, is playing an important role in character development, social life, and the development of Peshawar. hidden potential. They offer various creative activities and make their students explore more.

Admission Procedure

For getting admission to Lahore Grammar School Peshawar, visit the school and take all the documents with you, fill out and submit the form. Then the administration will tell you about the further schedule of tests and interviews. You can also visit their website for more details.

5. Roots Millennium School Peshawar

Roots Millennium School Peshawar

Roots Millennium School is another best school in Peshawar. This school intends its graduating MILLENNIALS to be competent, talented individuals capable of blending all the gained knowledge with their intellect, as well as meeting the obstacles of the broader world through their well-honed problem-solving abilities. They engage in a service delivery approach in the field of education that is founded on providing high-quality, accessible, foreign education to all students in purpose-built campuses that teach the multinational curriculum.

It is one of the leading schools of the present era in Peshawar. They offer classes from PG to Inter, O-levels, and A-levels also. They also taught some international languages such as German, Mandarin, and French. Roots school provides all the basic as well as advanced facilities to their students. Well, representative campus buildings, decorated classrooms, cafeterias, computer labs, and professional staff are a few of them. They indulge their students in extra-curricular activities also such as sports, debates, study, recreational tours, personality-building clubs and societies, and other fun activities.

6. Bloomfield Hall Peshawar

Bloomfield Hall Peshawar

The Bloomfield School has a large framework, that assesses and monitors academic standards in schools around the country. Students at Bloomfield Hall School take participate in a variety of entertainment and academic activities. Local and international school visits are a big part of what students do. Bloomfield Hall culture includes sports, poetry recitation, debates, photography, acting, and other activities.
This school is much more than a space where students get educational credentials. The school has air-conditioned classrooms, a strict security system, libraries, a generator facility for load shedding, art and science labs, sports facilities, a swimming pool and activity rooms. Bloomfield school offers Classes PG to matric, o-levels, and A-levels also. It provides a unique option for its ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level alumni to join the University of London International Academic Programs in a variety of fields. University College Lahore offers these courses.

Admission Procedure

Download the admission form from the website of Bloomfield hall school or get it from the campus. Fill out the form and submit it with all the required documents. After that, there will be a scheduled assessment of the student. Then after the result, admission will be confirmed.

7. Allan Noor Preparatory School Peshawar

There are several schools in every city of Pakistan, but Allan Noor Preparatory School has a unique and remarkable identity for its pioneering approach to preparing kids for potential performance. Admission to Allan Noor Preparatory School is not expensive and quite affordable. Allan Noor school is a private English medium school in Peshawar. This school offers classes from PG to Matric and inter. They also offer O-levels and A- levels. Its potential staff is working great for educational development in different academic fields.

The main focus of the school is to offer the best of education, skills, and talent. Allan Noor school offers great educational facilities to their students. The facilities include a well-furnished library with plenty of books, fully equipped science labs for practical purposes, well-decorated classrooms, playgrounds, healthcare, and a transport system for pick-and-drop service. With the best education, Allan Noor Preparatory school also promotes extracurricular activities such as sports, indoor and outdoor games, arts, and learning music. The safety and security of students are important therefore CCTV cameras are plotted in the school building and security guards are also hired. Because of all these facilities, it is on the list of best schools in Peshawar.

Admission Procedure

For getting admission to Allan Noor Preparatory School, you have to visit the campus to get admission forms from the administration office of campus. After the application form submission, there will be an interview followed by an admission test.

8. Beaconhouse School System Peshawar

In Peshawar, the school is located in Phase 5, Hayatabad. High-quality education is offered at the school by well-qualified teachers. Peshawar’s National School is a very popular institution with branches nationwide, and it fulfills every student’s educational needs.

Students at the school have the opportunity to explore their interests and to continue their studies after graduation. The school offers a variety of academic programs, including English, mathematics, history and geography, social studies, and science. Field trips and seminars are among the ways the school encourages student participation. Students are also encouraged to participate in group activities like sports teams and clubs.

9. Scholars Montessori Public School

One of the best schools in Peshawar is Scholars Montessori Public School. Students receive a high-quality education at this English Medium school. Founded in 2001, it is located in University Town, Peshawar, on Charsadda Road. Scholars Montessori Public School has highly professional teachers and employees who provide quality education. Several students from various parts of Peshawar get admission to this top school of Peshawar. The institute is known for its quality education and research in the field of management sciences. School teachers are being educated through workshops about the latest teaching techniques so that we can achieve this goal.

10. Frontier Model School

Frontier Model School is a private English medium school on Kohat Road in Peshawar, Pakistan. It was founded by the Frontier Education Foundation in 1998. Primary classes were initially offered at the school, which expanded to include O-level classes. It was established to provide quality education to the children of NWFP under the dynamic leadership of its founder-chairman Engr. Muhammad Riaz Khan. The school has more than 3,500 students and more than 200 teachers. Our mission at Frontier Model School is to provide students with quality education and develop their personalities according to modern standards.


Every human being has the right to education as a primary and crucial right. Education improves a person’s social, psychological, economic, and physical abilities. Education is a critical need in today’s environment. Education’s goal is to replace a closed mind with an awakened one! And we all feel that the only way to distinguish between an animal and a human being is via education. Education is required to make the world a better place to live. So ilmibook has listed the best school in Peshawar after studying here your kids can get easily admission in best colleges and universities in Peshawar.

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