Habib University Karachi is considered and proven in among best universities in karachi, that’s has been providing best and quality education. It has a good campus building from architectural point of view. The building is having a eye-catching and attractive look.

Ilmibook provides students with the most up-to-date fee structure. Most students have a fictitious fee structure for Habib university and believe that it is excessively expensive, which is why they are denied admission. Students may now get fee structures for various categories by using this website and page. The first is that students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree apply for this session and, with luck, are accepted. After obtaining the fee structure list, they pay the first semester charge.

Fees for Habib University

Students who have been accepted and whose first semester tuition is up to 4000 must pay the entry fees in the first semester. Now, students who wish to submit the registration form for this session and believe that they must first submit the fee, then the enrollment form, should send the 44000 first, and then they will be able to enroll. They are qualified and can pay up to 50,000 if they have any supplies in the first semester and wish to enroll.

Admission Fees 

The updated admission fees for the academic year 2023-2024 is 4500 PKR. This fees is to be payed just one time, only at the time of admission. This is compulsory and non-refundable. Down below is the table of Fee for the Academic Year 2022-23 for the Class of 2026.

Type of Fee Amount in PKR (Onetime payment)
Admission Application Fee
Enrolment Fee for Round 1 of Admissions
Enrolment Fee for Round 2 of Admissions
Security Deposit (Refundable) 25,000

Regular Semester Fees

Regular semester fees or semester registration fees is paid in the start of the every semester. For semester fees of AHSS and DSSE , check the table below.

Fee Amount in PKR (Per Semester)
Tuition Fee for DSSE and AHSS 545,000
Studio and Laboratory Fee for AHSS 77,000
Semester Registration Fee for DSSE and AHSS  (Applicable from third semester for the class of 2026) 20,500
Laboratory Fee for DSSE 172,500

Fees Structure updated in Every Session

Some students believe that the charge is the same for all sessions, but they are unaware that the fee varies depending on the new degree, and that additional expenditures such as food and lodging are also included in all sessions. The first is that students who pay an admission form charge do not blame that it is an entrance cost; in the prior session, they believed that it was an admission fee, and when they paid it, they ran into problems, which caused them to extend the fee deadline.

Fees and Scholarship

This university has two categories, according to the admissions committee. One is that students may receive admission on base of scholarship, and the other is that they can get admission on open merit with full payment. If students believe that this cost structure is outdated, they can go to this page and download the fee list to see which is current and which is outdated

Enrollment Fees

Enrollment fees has two rounds. It is paid by the candidate to confirm the admission in Habib University. In round one, the enrollment fee for admission is 49,000 PKR and for round two, it is 89,000 PKR. The enrollment fees is also paid at the time of admission and it is also non-refundable.

Security Fees

Candidate have to pay security fee of 25,000 PKR at the time of admission along with the enrollment fees. It is refundable.

Can students get discounts in fees ?

Yes. Those students who can not afford the regular semester fees by their own, they can apply for the scholarship programs offered by the university. If they are still not nominated for the scholarship, they can get financial aid by the university.

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