One of the essential Ramadan customs is the congregational sunnah or optional prayer known as Taraweeh, which is offered every evening throughout Ramadan following the ‘Isha or evening prayer.

The Arabic word for rest is Taraweeh. It is claimed that people who observe the optional prayer during Ramadan would have their previous sins forgiven because they did so “out of the sincerity of Faith and in the hope of gaining recompense.” In the mosque, the imam, who is in charge of leading worship, leads both men and women in the Taraweeh prayer. The prayer can, however, be said at home.

What Is Tarawih?

Tarawih is an optional (nafl) night prayer only offered during Ramadan. Congregational Tarawih prayers are held in masjids worldwide every night of this good month because it is a highly encouraged Sunnah.

How To Pray Taraweeh At Home

The mosques will be closed for Taraweeh during the holy month of Ramadan as COVID-19 continues to be a threat on a global scale. Muslims won’t be able to perform Taraweeh in mosques throughout the holy month. So here’s how to pray Taraweeh at home.

Follow the following guideline to pray Taraweeh at home:

1) Create a tidy, welcoming room in your home for prayer.

2) Pick a time each night to say “Ish.” Give the adhan and iqamah, and pray in congregation with those at home with you. Give the adhan and iqamah even if you live alone or are the sole Muslim in your home since you will lead an honorable assembly of angels.

3) After the prayer, recite the dhikr and do dua’.

4) After Isha prayer, recite the highlighted two sunnah prayers.

5) Perform Taraweeh with 8 to 20 units as you would in the mosque. You are free to recite from memory however much of the Quran you know or, if you’d rather, read from the mushaf during these units.

6) If you are reading from the mushaf, do your best to finish reciting one juz of the Quran each night. In that case, just repeat as much as you can.

7) Do your best to ponder the meanings and engage with the verses of the Quran you are reciting by reading the translation and commentary (tafsir) and the verse itself.

8) Offer Witr.

9) Distracting items like your cell phone and other electronics should be removed during this time.

Can I Just Pray Two Rakats Of Taraweeh?

You will undoubtedly receive rewards for praying two Rakat because Allah never lets action go unpunished. Additionally, praying two Rakat is always preferable to praying none. Two Rakat would not be considered a full tarawih, nevertheless.

During Ramadan, some people recite the entire Quran during their tarawih prayers. If you visit a masjid, you may notice that the tarawih prayers are lengthy. However, remember that you are not required to pray the full twenty Rakat in the congregation each day. You should always carry out your tasks following your capabilities without evaluating yourself compared to others.

Do I Have To Pray the Whole Quran In Taraweeh?

Throughout Ramadan, most masjids traditionally recite the Qur’an, finishing one Juz of Tarawih each night. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) used to revise the Qur’an with Jibril (as) twice during his final Ramadan and every Ramadan before that. Since Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an, we should follow suit.

The entire Qur’an can be recited at Tarawih. During Tarawih, you are free to recite whatever passages of the Qur’an you like. Don’t worry if you haven’t memorized many surahs—what matters most is the sincerity of your prayer.

Avoid Distractions

Make sure your phone is in silent mode to eliminate distractions. A phone that never stops beeping can be a significant distraction while praying and reduce the required level of focus. Turn off the ringtone while you are praying to avoid being disturbed. Or, even better, avoid using your phone while you are praying; a few tardy responses won’t ruin the world, and other people will understand that you are occupied at this time and will save the topic for later.

Final Words

I hope the article answers your queries regarding how to pray Taraweeh at home. May Allah grant us entry into Ramadan so we may benefit from its beautiful bounties and opportunities and obtain Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. May Allah keep us all safe and sound and quickly restore order to our lives.

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