The Qu’ran and Sunnah reveal the names of Allah as a pathway towards loving Him and knowing Him, and we must learn and use the names He has chosen to reveal to us. Our duas are a great way to solidify our knowledge of His beautiful names and attributes. Find an attribute of your Lord to suit every need you have.

“And Allah’s names are the best names, so call on Him and leave those who violate the sanctity of His Names. They shall be recompensed for what they did.” [Qur’an 7:180]

Beautiful ALLAH Names to Ask in Dua to Fulfill Wishes

There are lots of benefits of learning and asking ALLAH names in dua so get names of ALLAH benefits in your duas. Here are some beautiful names of ALLAH you can use or recall in your duas to fulfill all of your wishes.

Al-Mujeeb  ٱلْمُجِيبُ (The One Who Responds)

Al-Mujeeb is the answer when you are desperate for help, distressed, or in a great deal of difficulty

Prophet Muhammad said, “Allah is conscientious and generous.”. “Allah is timid to return his servant’s outstretched hands empty and disappointed.”. (Tirmidhi)

Al-Wakeel ٱلْوَكِيلُ (The Disposer of Affairs)

Whenever you feel short on time, money, or capacity, call Al-Wakeel

You should place your trust in Allah and repeat: Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakeel (Allah is sufficient for us, and He is the best Disposer of Affairs).

Al-Jabbar ٱلْجَبَّارُ (The Restorer)

Whenever you find yourself lacking in the skills you need to achieve a goal, call on Al-Jabbar to fill in the gaps and make up for your deficiencies.

A perfect being, possessing all power, sovereignty, grandeur, and magnificence.

Al-Fattah ٱلْفَتَّاحُ (The Opener)

You can improve your relationship and connection with Allah by doing this. Don’t be afraid to ask Al-Fattah to open your heart:

Ya Fattah, grant me a deep understanding of Your religion and use it to get closer to You.

Al-Wali ٱلْوَلِيُّ (The Protecting Friend)

Call Al-Wali for help when you’re in distress:

Anta Walliyyunā fa-ghfir lanā war-ḥamnā wa Anta khayrul-ghāfirīn. (You are our Protector, so forgive us and have mercy upon us. You are the best of those who forgive.) (7:155)

As-Salam ٱلْسَّلَامُ (The Source of Peace)

Call As-Salam for security and reassurance.

In your prayer, recite the following: Allahumma antas salam wa minkas salam tabarakta dhal jalali wal ikram (O Allah, you are peace, you distribute peace. Blessings be upon you, you possess glory and honour).

Al-Shafi ٱلشَّافِعِيُّ (The Healer)

If you or someone you love is suffering from an illness, seek the help of Al-Shafi:

Allah, the Lord of the people! You are the Healer, so remove the trouble and heal the patient. The only Healer is You; give him a healing that leaves no trace of disease.

Al-Haseeb ٱلْحَسِيبُ (The Sufficient)

Don’t worry about where your next meal will come from when you call Al-Haseeb.

Recite seven times in the morning and evening: Allah suffices me. There is only one God. The Magnificent Throne belongs to Him alone, and I trust Him exclusively.

Al-Waduud ٱلْوَدُودُ (The Most Loving)

Call on Al-Waduud when you feel alone to bless you with people who will always remind you of His blessings and love you for His sake.

Say: Ya Waduud make me and my loved ones among those who are beloved to You.


ٱلْقَيُّومُ (The One Who Sustains and Protects All That Exists)

If you’re having problems with your affairs, call Al-Qayyum:

Yā Ḥayyu yā Qayyūm, I rely on Your mercy for assistance. You should rectify all of my affairs and don’t leave me in the hands of yourself for even a second.

Al-Musawwir ٱلْمُصَوِّرُ (The Fashioner)

Whenever you don’t feel confident about yourself or your physical attributes, call Al-Musawwir:

Ya Musawwir, teach me to love myself the way You fashioned me and to beautify my character as You have.

Al-Mateen ٱلْمَتِينُ  (The Powerful)

If you’re having trouble accepting the outcome of an event or situation, reach out to Al-Mateen:

No matter what happens, you will know about it. Please soften my heart and give me the strength to accept what You want for me is best for me.

Al-Basit ٱلْبَاسِطُ (The Extender, The Amplifier)

Don’t hesitate to call Al-Basit when you’re about to embark on something new or unknown:

Ya Basit, You give abundantly to whomever You choose. Please open doors for me on this path and aid me in overcoming any obstacles I may encounter

Al-Baseer ٱلْبَصِيرُ (The All-Seeing)

When your nafs or shaytan tempts you to commit an act that’s displeasing to Allah, call upon Al-Baseer:

Please fill my heart with awe and consciousness of You, and help me to remember that you see Everything I Do.

Al-Muqtadir ٱلْمُقْتَدِرُ (The Perfect in Ability)

Al-Muqtadir can help you when you feel things are impossible or too challenging:

Ya Muqtadir, nothing is impossible for You, and all power belongs to You. Please provide me with a way where there seems to be none.

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