What Is Surah Hajj?

Al-Ḥajj (meaning: “The Pilgrimage”, “The Hajj“) is the 22nd chapter (sūrah) of the Quran with 78 verses (āyāt). This surah takes its name from the 27th verse.

One of those Surahs that combines the aspects of Makki and Madni Surah. It appears that some of its components were given at Makkah, while the remaining components were given to the Prophet in Madinah, a Saudi Arabian city, during his lifetime.

According to certain scholars, verses 1 through 24 were revealed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) during his time in Makkah. They added that the remaining verses of Surah 25–78 were given during Madinah’s early years, right after the Muslim migration. Additionally, it was claimed that this Surah had traits with the Makkai and Madani Surahs because of these factors.

About Last Verses Of Surah Hajj

Some of the verses in Surah Al-Hajj are about a pilgrimage, as the chapter’s name would imply. It bears the name Surah Al-Hajj for this reason to signify the importance of pilgrimage.

This Surah was revealed during the period when Muslims were not allowed to enter Makkah to make the pilgrimage. The emigrants recalled their time in Makkah during the month of Zul-Hijjah with some melancholy. Immigrants must feel a connection to Makkah, their holy and lovely city.

They must have had flashes of performing the Hajj in Makkah and of being forbidden from entering the holy sites of the Quraish by the Mushriks.

To act following Islam’s real essence, the Believers may be praying to Almighty Allah and requesting His Heavenly Permission to wage war against those who have forcibly barred them from entering their Holy Places. These final verses were revealed by Allah, the Almighty, at this moment.

The reason Masjid Ul Haram was constructed as described in these verses of the Quran. The irony in this Surah comes from the initial claim that the Hajj was for a single Lord rather than many of them.

But this irony became apparent when Allah permitted the believers to wage war against the unbelievers to drive them from Makkah.

Topic & Theme Of Surah Hajj

This Surah addresses three groups of people: (1) the mushriks of Makkah, (2) the wavering Muslims, and (3) the Sincere Devotees.

Message To Mushriks

The warning to the mushriks was powerful and had the following impact: “You have stubbornly and impudently persisted in your ignorant thoughts and trusted in your false gods rather than Allah, although they have no power at all, and you have denied the Divine Messenger.

They have also received arguments for Tauhid and the Hereafter at the same time as they have continuously been counseled against their shirk theory.

Message For Believers

There are two methods used to eliminate believers: explicitly and generically. To be more precise, Muslims were permitted to wage war on the Quraish because of their dominance and their sinful acts.

The advice given to the faltering Muslims who accepted Islam but did not want to encounter any difficulties in its journey is that you should keep in mind that this faltering disposition of yours can’t deflect those happenings and calamities which Allah has designated for you.

The term “Muslim” was also first used to refer to followers of Islam in this Surah.

Message For Sincere Devotees

Additionally, there is a message for Muslims who were questioning their faith after being repeatedly questioned about it. That you worship Allah when things are peaceful and stable, but stop being Allah’s servant when things got tough. They won’t benefit at all from this attitude.

Wave red Muslims are told that they cannot defy the fates Allah has planned for them by hesitating.

A message for those looking for direction can be found in verse 16. All Muslims can turn to the Holy Quran as their source of guidance, but Allah alone has the power to provide it through His grace because only He can guide.

Benefits Of Surah Al-Hajj

To reap the benefits and gain its virtue, one must recite Surah Al-Hajj with complete thought and expression. This thought will undoubtedly prompt one to go on pilgrimage.

In addition, the reciter of this surah receives a host of other blessings that will be advantageous to him both now and in the hereafter.

1.   The benefit of performing the hajj pilgrimage

According to the Noble Prophet, anybody who recites the surah Hajj is equivalent to someone who has made the hajj pilgrimage and will receive the same reward as everyone who has made the hajj in the past and the future.

2.   Having the opportunity to perform the hajj

Whoever recites Surah Hajj once every three days will perform the Hajj journey that same year, according to Abu Abdullah, Ja’far ibn Muhammad. Additionally, he will enter heaven if he passes while performing the hajj.

3.   Knowing the results of one’s actions

It has been reported that reciting verse 70 of the surah Hajj 201 times will reveal the results of one’s actions.

Wazaif Of Surah Hajj

Some of Surah Al-Hajj’s Wazaaif include:

  • You will perform the Hajj or Umrah within a year if you recite Surah Al-Hajj for three consecutive days.
  • Regular Surah Al-Hajj recitation provides the reward of performing the Hajj and Umrah from birth till death.
  • This Surah is particularly beneficial for putting an end to a dictator’s or tyrant’s rule. The verse must be inscribed on a deer’s skin, cleaned with water, and then sprinkled on the tyrant’s seat.

Gist Of Surah Hajj

The purpose of Surah Al-Hajj is to explain the foundations of religion in a way that both monotheists and polytheists can find value in it. The branches of religion are also briefly mentioned, but only believers can gain from them.

Monotheism and the importance of just worshipping one God have been underlined in this surah. Additionally, skepticism has been condemned and its negative effects have been addressed.

Surah Al-Hajj also discusses the Qiyamah and the dreadful earthquake that occurred on that day. It also explains several aspects of religion, like the hajj, jihad against oppressors, prayer, zakat, and encouraging good and discouraging bad.

Other subjects covered in this surah include:

  • Confidence and trust in Allah;
  • Exhortation to avoid sin and disobedience to Allah
  • Constant prayers
  • Performance of good actions
  • Divine intervention


Surah Al-Hajj plays a significant role in our daily lives. This Surah has remarkable merit when recited, Equivalent to the benefit of making the pilgrimage (Hajj).

Some of the verses in this Surah are about pilgrimage, as the name of the Surah suggests. Additionally, it conveys the jihadi message. Additionally, reciting this Surah Al-Hajj with great conviction and thought will undoubtedly inspire one to make the pilgrimage.

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