Surah An-Nisa

The Revelation of Surah An-Nisa took place in Madina. In total, it contains 176 verses. In terms of letters and words, it’s the second longest Surah of the Quran after Surah Baqarah. This surah calls for mercy and justice, especially towards the vulnerable in society. It teaches us that whoever is entrusted with the earth should be endowed with justice and mercy towards the society for which he is responsible. In other words, justice should be the first attribute that characterizes those who must carry this responsibility. Surah An-Nisa is very beneficial to resolving couples’ issues, marriage problems, protection from squeeze graves, finding lost things, and protection from evil.

Benefits of Surah Nisa

To avail of the benefits and virtues of Surah Nisa, it is recommended to recite this Surah in the morning after Fajr prayer Dua.  (Ṭūsī, Miṣbāḥ al-Mutahajjid, p. 284.)

Resolve Misunderstandings Between Couples

It is necessary to recite this Surah continuously for seven days, once a day, if there is any misunderstanding between husband and wife. Whenever a Husband and Wife have misconceptions, they will be resolved, and their love will grow stronger.

For Marriage

A person should first clean the location where he will perform the wazifa. Before completing this wazifa, he should seek advice from Islamic scholars. The first step is to read Kalma Tauheed 25 times. Subhana Rabbiyal Azeem should be read 966 times after that. After that, read Surah An-Nisa 56 times. Cut mango in half after reading Surah Nisa. One hundred times, take your name after eating one part of the mango. Afterward, read Surah Kaif 107 times. Eat the second half of the mango. After that, repeat 100 times the name of Almighty Allah SWT. After that, read Kalma Tamjeed 14 times. Drink milk after that. After that, read Kalma Shadat 36 times.

Use this powerful wazifa for seven days to get a good marriage proposal. Get the desired results by praying to Allah and having faith in him.

Ask for Protection

Hazrat Umar Farooq (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) also highlighted Surah Nisa benefits through his quotes

“This point shows that Surat Al Baqarah, Surah Al Imran, and Surah Nisa were recited in one rak’ah by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He did not reach a verse that spoke of mercy, but he asked Allah to grant it, nor a verse that told of punishment, but he requested protection from it.”

Reciting Surah Nisa can also remove the fear of anything from hearts.

Protect from the Squeezed Grave

 “A narration from an Infallible states that those who recite surah Nisa’ on Fridays will not be burdened by the pressure of the grave.” (Ṣadūq, Thawāb al-aʿmāl, p. 105.)

Recitation of Surah Nisa is like giving alms

It is recorded that the Noble Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) said:

“Reciting surah Nisa’ is like giving alms to all those who have left an inheritance, and its reward is like freeing slaves. Polytheism and shirk will be distanced from such a person, and God will forgive him of his sins. “  (Ṭabrisī, Majmaʿ al-bayān, vol. 3, p. 5.)

Finding Lost Things

“If a person has lost anything precious or he has placed that thing somewhere but didn’t find it, then he should recite Surah Nisa to find that lost thing.”(Kafʿamī, Miṣbāḥ, p. 454.)

Theme of Surah Nisa

Several subtopics are discussed in Surah An-Nisa, including Bani Nadir, who supported enemies of Islam and made plots against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Muslims. Though they had signed treaties not to do so, they were still aggressive towards Muslims. Bani Nadir received a final warning in light of their misbehavior and misconduct. As a result of their attitude, they were banished from Madinah.

Topics In Surah Nisa

1 to 35 verses

  • There are several rules and laws regarding husbands and wives outlined in verses 1 through 35. These verses also discuss divorce and remarriage laws.
  • The proper way for a family to run smoothly. Inheritance laws are also outlined in this section.
  • Orphans’ rights are also discussed in this section.

36 to 42 verses

  • Verses 36-42 contain a message for Muslims about how they should treat others. They are responsible for behaving in a just, fair, and non-mean manner. To live in harmony with other communities, Muslims should show generosity to other communities. It is also helpful in spreading Islam’s message in this way.

43 verse

  • In verse 43, we learn the importance of offering Salat. The importance of making Muslims’ thoughts and bodies pure.

44 to 57 verses

  • Verse 44-57 contains instructions on self-defense. Several Muslims have been informed about the cunning practices of local Jews, conspiring against Islam.

101 to 103 verses

  • In verses 101-103, Salat is essential even during wartime. It is instructed to offer Salat even when you are in danger or fearful.

104 verse

  • The message of verse 104 is for believers to remain strong in their faith and not display signs of weakness.

105 to 135 verses

  • Verse 105-135 illustrates why justice is essential for a strong Muslim community. Muslims are instructed to observe the highest standards of justice, even when at war with their enemies. Wives and husbands should also be treated fairly.

136 to 175 verses

  • Surah Nisa ends with verses 136-175, which emphasize defense. Muslims need to be prepared to defend themselves from nonbelievers.
  • Muslims should also protect the belief in Allah, the Revelation, and life after death.
  • At the end of this Surah, there is a strong message for Muslims to believe in the message of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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