In Pakistan Student’s study career starts after matric. After passing matric students feel very difficulty choosing the right field for their future. Many Students pass matric with biology, Computer science, Arts, and many more. If a student has cleared matriculation with biology with good marks then he or she can enroll in FSc Pre Medical also FSc Pre-engineering. If Students did matric with computer science then ICS is the best option for them. The most important thing is if you interested in your desired group then go for it, make a list of subjects you want to study. Gather authentic information before getting enrolled in an intermediate program. Here we have listed information about what should do after matric.

Here are the Best Options for Students After Matric.

Students who have completed their matriculation with science subjects should read this section of the post attentively. There are numerous options when it comes to studying the most significant subjects and taking courses that are advantageous to you.

After enrollment in science studies, students can pick from the following alternatives.

1. Do FSc Pre Medical

FSc in biology equates to FSc Pre Medical. This is a two-year higher secondary school program in which students study Biology, physics, chemistry, and other required topics. Students commonly enroll in a medical course called MBBS after completing their FSc Pre-Medical.

After FSc, MBBS is the most popular course among students. Students study biology at the FSc level with the express intention of pursuing an MBBS afterward. However, not every student is accepted into the MBBS program. The key reason for this is that if they do not choose MBBS, they will have many other possibilities.

2. Do FSc Pre Engineering

Fsc Pre Engineering is another name for this. You will study mathematics, physics, and chemistry in this program and other required topics such as Urdu, English, Islamic Education, and Pakistan Studies. Students enroll in professional courses at the best universities and engineering institutes following these studies.

3. Do ICS (Intermediate in Computer Sciences)

Intermediate in Computer Sciences. This is a computer-related field, and students with a passion for computers and technology are frequently drawn to it. This is a two-year post-secondary curriculum that prepares students for careers in various technical disciplines.

Following ICS, students have a wide range of options. Computer science students can be found in every discipline that has something to do with computers. In ICS, students read a variety of courses and the required subjects in the Intermediate.

4. Associate of Engineering Diploma (DAE)

These courses are at the diploma level. There are numerous associate engineering courses available. You can work as an electrician, an electronics engineer, a computer hardware engineer, a civil engineer, and many more professions. These are usually three-year certificates that lead to an Intermediate degree. It means that if you pass these diplomas, you will pursue a B.Sc.

5. Additional courses

Other matric diploma courses are available. Students who have completed matriculation with science can enrol in these short courses to gain technical skills and find work. These come in various shapes and sizes and a variety of fields. These are typically brief courses that last three months to two years. You can view a list of all diploma courses available following matriculation in science.

6. Start your own business

This point holds for art students as well. Being your boss is the best option. Start your own business. All other possibilities aside, starting your own business is the greatest. There are numerous reasons to establish your own business rather than working for someone else. Business is more flexible and can provide you with greater output than matriculated employment.

Owning a business can provide you with the following advantages:

  • There is no set schedule.
  • There have been no requests for time off.
  • The boss is unconcerned.
  • More effort equals more profit.
  • More profit; more time
  • You have the option to extend your business at any time.
  • You can start your own business.

Fields for Matric Arts Students

Here are some fields for students if they have done matriculation in Arts Subjects.

1. Perform a simple FA with subjects in the arts.

An FA is intermediate with art topics. For class 11 private and government pupils, this course offers a selection of arts disciplines to choose from. Students who participate in simple FA or FA have a variety of options. It is sometimes preferable to do FA rather than FSc. As a result, students who perform simple FA can earn a B.A., M.A., and even pursue a Ph.D.

2. I. Com

(Intermediate in Commerce) is another excellent course. This is a two-year curriculum in which students in grades 11 and 12 study-specific I. Com subjects.

3. ICS (International Code of Standards)

Students in matric who are studying arts disciplines can also do ICS with states and economics. For art students, the scope of ICS is the same as for science students.

4. Art students can enroll in diploma programmes.

There are also several short diplomas available for artistic students. After matric with arts, you can browse a list of diploma programmes.

5. Alternatives in general

For art students, there are numerous general alternatives. They can also look for work, start their own business, or learn new skills.


Students are occasionally perplexed after matriculation, unsure of what they should do next. They usually do what their parents think is best for them at this age. This is our social standard, and students sometimes feel obligated to follow it. They are obligated to attend classes that they do not want to hear.

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