In Pakistan, almost every second graduate dreams of taking a competitive exam, providing many aspirants with a bright future. There are two levels of these exams: provincial and federal. In Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, provincial exams are known as PMS, and federal exams are known as CSS.

There was a discussion about PMS, which stands for Provincial Management Service, and it is easier than CSS. A provincial service requirement will require you to interact with various public officials. If you think PMS is much easier than child’s play, you are full of misconceptions. To get what you want, you must compete with your region. The provincial services will require you to work harder than CSS, but not as much as CSS. CSS is the competition on the national level while PMS is on a provincial level.

For a better understanding of PMS and CSS, let us examine both:

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What is PMS?

Earlier, we discussed PMS as a provincial competency exam. Candidates serve within their region. Public service officers in PMS are limited in scope and governed by other federal CSPs. All applicants must take all compulsory PMS subjects and three elective subjects (almost one from every group), each carrying 200 marks. Therefore, the PMS exams have a total of 1200 marks.

There is no specific schedule for PMS exams, nor are they held yearly. Civil service jobs are advertised when vacancies need to be filled. If a particular provincial public service commission only announces its competitive exam after you take the PMS exam, you may get overage.

What is CSS?

On the other hand, CSS is a prestigious exam. The FPSC announces it yearly based on the syllabus published on its website. All applicants must take all compulsory CSS subjects and five elective subjects from different groups. For a total of 1200 marks, students must choose one paper from the group containing 200 marks. Pakistan’s CSS officers enjoy their service throughout the country.

They encounter a variety of traditions and life experiences. CSS officers are promoted quicker than PMS officers and receive more exposure during their service than PMS officers.


Both are prestigious careers for educated youth in Pakistan. The CSS exam is held yearly, while the PMS exam is held randomly. The promotion process for CSS officers is quick, while the promotion process for PMS officers is a bit slower. There are more subjects to prepare for in the CSS exam than in the PMS exam.

Additionally, you will have fewer competitors when taking the PMS exam than the CSS exam. In CSS, you will experience a wide range of exposure, whereas, in PMS, you will experience fewer opportunities that’s why PMS is easier then CSS. These are some of the differences between CSS and PMS.

Why is CSS Better than PMS?

There is no comparison between CSS and PMS. The first reason for CSS is the annual examinations. The CSS exam has a deadline and target, so you must prepare for it every year. When you wait for PMS exams to be announced, you become lazy and distracted from your goals.

The PMS exam is almost identical to CSS, so you can easily pass it if you prepare for it. If you prepared CSS exam, you would not need to bother with PMS. You will be much more confident for PMS exams if you have prepared for CSS in a specific timeframe.

CSS is, therefore, much better than PMS. The job is a bit more challenging and longer, but its future in Pakistan is bright.

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