For most of us, mathematics is still like something horrible that will blow us away like a hurricane. But gone are the days when these types of fears really could happen often. Many helpful applications, techniques online calculators have been developed to get instant results against complex calculations. An online fraction calculator is one such tool. With the assistance of this tool, scholars now are at great ease of resolving complicated queries in a couple of seconds. How does it sound to you?

Well enough! In this technical context below, we will be throwing light on some of the major calculators that have been proven very beneficial in resolving various mathematical problems. 

Let’s get ahead! 

List of 8 Best Major Math Calculators

When it comes to proposing the best calculator for electrical engineering that are available online and free absolutely, is the only name that stands out. 

1. Linear Regression Calculator

This calculator is available online and you can use it free of cost. This statistical technique is packed with very crucial concepts and thereby very difficult to understand by many students. But we are very thankful to the technology that has developed this free tool to resolve various statistical measures efficiently. With that, you can also get entertained by many other reckoners just like a fraction calculator to resolve many problems in a fragment of seconds. 

2. Pythagorean Theorem Calculator

Trigonometry, a gem in itself, is somehow a very interesting technical subject that is considered the backbone of mathematics. It is not wrong to utter that studying angles is not child play. A very small change in the measurements affects the whole answer just in seconds. That is why it is very important to get a firm grip over the angles and identities to get finer outputs. Architects make vast use of this free calculator along with a fraction calculator to determine exact angle values so as to design a structure that stands out.  

3. TI-36X Professional: 

This is Texas Instruments’ newest scientific calculator, advertised as the company’s most sophisticated, with a high-quality MultiViewTM display and MathPrintTM functionality. A toggle key allows you to rapidly display fractions, decimals, and concepts like Pi in various formats as you investigate more sophisticated topics, which is one of the features that makes this tool a popular pick. As well, a subtracting fractions calculator is also a very handy tool in enumerating fractions in a  couple of clicks.

The mode menu is also a plus because it is laid out in such a way that commands are easy to find and use.

4. Casio FX-300MS Plus: 

Casio’s calculators are aimed at the budget end of the market, which means that some versions lack key functionality. The FX-300ES Plus lacks metric conversions, complex numbers, or calculus operations, but the FX-115ES Plus at least has calculus and statistics capabilities. The FX-115MS Plus has 279 functions and access to Boolean logic operations, but the FX-300MS Plus is likely to be their greatest calculator. But a more great opportunity to avail is the use of the dividing fractions calculator that is absolutely for free and a large number of scholars are taking advantage of this free tool.

5. HP-10S

HP offers three scientific calculators, all of which are fairly similar in terms of design and operation. You get a 2-line display, 240 functions, and 9 variable memory with the HP-10S. Students and schoolchildren in the intermediate grades will benefit from this solar-powered calculator.

6. Smartcalc 300S from HP

When it comes to general math, algebra, trigonometry, biology, chemistry, and earth sciences, this calculator should be up to the task of providing you what you need. With the Textbook Format display, you may view your expressions just as they would look on paper. Advanced arithmetic functions, such as log to any base, probability and statistics calculations, and polar-rectangular conversions, are also included. Many fractions are involved in higher mathematics. So for that, you can use multiple fraction calculators to get instant simplification.

7. FX-9750G11 Casio:

This graphing calculator claims to have the same technology as the Texas TI-83 and TI-84 Plus models, which is important to note because the Casio FX-9750G11 is likely to be less expensive. Although the loss of a colour display option is a valid argument for the price difference, you do have AP Statistic Features, Pie Charts, and Bar Graphs. 

There are lots of features to compensate for this, including an Interactive Equation Solver, Inferential Statistics & Probability Distributions, and Hyperbolic Functions among the trigonometry choices.

8. HP Prime is a premium HP product

The newest edition of this graphing calculator has a multi-touch display and dedicated buttons for quickly switching between graphical, symbolic, and numerical table displays. It has powerful graphing and spreadsheet applications, as well as the ability to save keystrokes and time by using RPN and programmable functions, as well as the ability to display interim results while working.

You may also use the test-mode option to transform the calculator into a testing tool, allowing only pre-approved functions to be used. In terms of functions, the HP Prime is comparable to the TI-84, although users have expressed reservations about its user-friendliness and battery life.

What Calculator Do I Need For Calculus?

Well that’s a very good question to ask whenever you get stuck in complicated computations. It is true that you are unable to comprehend some calculus calculations without the aid of calculators. This is why a bunch of calculus tools have been designed to get a grip over the complex computations. Let’s see what it involves!

Integral Calculator:

Whenever you are confused to determine the area under the curve, find reciprocals of the derivative function, or simplify any Fourier series, this calculator is the one that louds out. It has brought a lot of ease for resolving logical and confusing techniques in a couple of clicks. No doubt it is considered the best companion of the scholars for getting a firm grip over the calculations.

Limit Calculator:

Another best tool for resolving calculus limit problems is around the corner. Yes, where there is no way to get the outputs, this abacus makes it possible for you at all. A large community of professionals and scholars around the globe are taking advantage of this great opportunity. Moreover, the fraction calculator is also playing its major role in simplification of fractions even in limits and integral or any other technique in which they are involved.

What Calculator Do I Need For College Math?

College level mathematics is not so tough as the higher one is. But still, it has a great importance. As we are discussing the use of the best estimators according to your level of studies, why not having a discussion about the college level calculator. Let’s go!

Fraction Calculator:

This free computer is one of the great proposals offered to worldwide students. Yes, in case you are confused with various fraction problems, try using this free fraction calculator to get instant results.

Percentage Calculator:

No doubt percentages are a very important concept to comprehend. Being widely used in everyday life, percentages are very attention seeking techniques and you must be able to resolve and simplify various percent queries. A fast method of doing so is also there which is none other than a free percentage calculator.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, education has evolved at the same rate as technology! Nowadays, educational systems all over the world are undergoing a metamorphosis as a result of technological advancements in order to satisfy the needs and requirements of economic and development progress. 

Furthermore, as a result of the effect of technology on educational institutions, both teaching and learning have taken on a whole new dimension. Education tools are used by students and instructors all around the world to make studying easier.

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