Gujranwala city is also well known for its academic institutions. This city is maintained by a large educational system thats why their are lots of best colleges in Gujranwala for students who want to continue their higher education by perusing intermediate courses.

Top 7 Best Colleges In Gujranwala

Let’s have a look at the best Colleges in Gujranwala.

1. Punjab College Gujranwala

Punjab Group of Colleges has more than 400 campuses all over Pakistan. The main branch of PGC Gujranwala has located on the Sialkot Bypass road. PGC Gujranwala offers admissions in intermediate programs: FSc Pre Medical, FSc Pre Engineering, F.A., I.Com, and ICS. The students who pass their intermediate level at PGC secure admissions to the best universities and medical colleges. They also provide enrollments in Bachelor’s courses and Associate Degree Programmes (ADP). Bachelor’s degrees in subjects of Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, English, and Math are available. Courses offered in ADP are Commerce, Science, IT, and Business Administration.

Punjab Colleges provide a diverse range of cultural, intellectual, sporting, and group interactions, which when combined, create a delightful student engagement. The institution hosts welcome and farewell parties to help students to interact. Students can participate in amusement tours, scientific galleries, sports galas, funfairs, cultural days, concerts, workshops, and art exhibitions at the college.

Contact Details

Address: 45JV+99V, Grand Trunk Rd, opp. Taj Marriage Hall، Jinnah Colony, Gujranwala

Phone No: 080078608

2. KIPS College Gujranwala

KIPS college is another one on the list of best colleges in Gujranwala. Kips stands for ‘Knowledge in Preparatory School.’ KIPS is under the top 5 private sector colleges. It’s a for-profit academic institution. It provides high-quality education to students. Kips is a Pakistani corporation with around 150 campuses throughout the country. KIPS Colleges presently has more than 35 campuses spread across seven cities in Punjab and the Federal Capital. And Gujranwala has 2 main campuses. One is opposite to Regional Tax Office and the other one is in Shaheenabad. Boys and girls have separate wings.

The KIPS educational system has begun publishing, in which they provide unique remarks for their students based on their research wing.  It offers Pre-first year, FSc. (pre-medical), FSc. (pre-engineering), ICOM, and ICS. It is one of Gujranwala’s most prestigious private institutions. The college emphasizes review and test sessions, counseling meetings, and scholarship possibilities in addition to regular lectures. Counselors are also available to students at the college for free educational sessions and career counseling. Other than curriculum activities, they also engage students in co-curriculum activities. Colleges are facilitated with a great library, and well-equipped science and computer labs.

Contact Details

Address: Grand Trunk Rd, Opposite Shaheenabad, Gujranwala

Phone No: 0553850078

3. Aspire College Gujranwala

Aspire College Gujranwala characterizes learning as career training by providing learners with knowledge, approaches and skills that go beyond the classroom to develop them as creative and responsible global citizens. At the intermediate level F.A, FSc Pre-medical, FSc Pre-engineering, com, and ICS are offered. At the bachelor’s level, ADC, ADS, and ADA are offered. The well-managed libraries of Aspire College Gujranwala include a diverse collection of literature on a wide range of topics. Especially stocked scientific laboratories at Aspire College Gujranwala allow students to augment academic learning while maintaining a balance between theory and practical. Their scientific laboratories at Aspire College Gujranwala are supervised and maintained by qualified personnel, and they provide an inspiring environment for students to test what they know and discover further.

Contact Details

Address: Sialkot link Road, near Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Faisal Town Gujranwala

Phone No: 03316718244

4. Superior College Gujranwala

Superior College is a one-of-a-kind institution with cutting-edge infrastructure, laboratory equipment, and, most importantly, highly qualified and motivated faculty members committed to providing the highest quality education. Superior Group of College Gujranwala Campus is showing high efficiency and is a goal-oriented academic center that has taken the opportunity to provide great education to the city’s youngsters. The College has defined educational excellence for itself and is working to promote higher education in Gujranwala, with top rankings on both the board and university.

Superior College Gujranwala offers all the intermediate and bachelor’s programs. At the intermediate level F.A., FSc (pre-medical & pre-engineering), I.Com, and ICS programms are offered. At the bachelor’s level, ADC, ADS, and ADA courses are offered. University programs include BBA (Hons.), BSCS (Hons.), BSSE (Hons.), and BSIT (Hons.). Master’s offered in subjects of English, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, and Commerce. Position-holding pupils are always lavishly honored with trophies, cash awards, and even vehicles. This prestigious recognition motivates our pupils to achieve even greater success in the future. Campus facilities include computer labs, science labs, transport, café, and library.

Contact Details

Address: 7-B Asie, N5، Grand Trunk Rd, Model Town, Gujranwala

Phone No: 0553844831

5. GIFT University Gujranwala

GIFT University was built in 2002. It has swiftly grown and expanded, and it is now considered a prominent undergraduate institution. It now has a huge number of students enrolled in five different academic programs. Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Textile & Fashion Design are among the prominent fields of study. According to international standards, all of the programs provided are four-year honors programs. There are advanced theatre rooms, IT and computing facilities, a resourceful library, and digital library, a mobile app for students, a cafeteria, seminar hall, discussion rooms, hostels for students’ accommodation, common rooms for girls, a resource center, mosque, transport, and air-conditioned campus.

Contact Details

Address: GIFT University, near GIFT University Chowk, Lohian Wala, Gujranwala

Phone No: 055111900100

6. Government Islamia College Gujranwala

It is one of the old institutes of Punjab. Government Islamia College is one of the populous public colleges of Gujranwala. The college has affiliations with the University of Punjab Lahore. It has two faculties, the Faculty of Arts (8 departments) and the Faculty of Science (6 departments). All departments have well-trained personnel and well-equipped laboratories. FSC Pre-engineering, Pre-medical, FA, ICS, I.COM, and BSc, B.A., and B.COM programs are available at the college. Master’s in Chemistry, Zoology, English, Urdu, Political science, Islamiat, and Economics are also offered. College is facilitated by a great library, and well-equipped science and computer labs.

Contact Details

Address: 557C+FVF, Islamia College Rd, Abadi Muhammad Baksh Abadi Muhammad Bakhsh, Gujranwala

Phone No: 0554210116

7. Concordia College Gujranwala

Concordia College is one of the projects of Beaconhouse. The college is providing programs in FA, FSc (Pre-medical), ICS, FSc (Pre-engineering), ICom, and General Sciences. Now they are also offering BS programs in Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Maths, IT, English, Accounting & Finance, and Management. Concordia Colleges’ unique culture fosters creativity, self-awareness, and personality. Concordia’s competitive edge is hard to emulate since it concentrates on novel ideas to encourage students to be fluent in optical, verbal, and interpersonal text. Campus facilities include highly equipped labs for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and computers, an internet facility and access to digital content, air-conditioned lecture rooms and common rooms, a library, a café, and a book and uniform shop.

Contact Details

Address: 658F+76J, Canal Bank Rd, Gujranwala, Punjab

Phone No: 03211451111


However, there are a lot of colleges in Gujranwala that provide first-year admissions, but these are the best colleges in Gujranwala for higher education, and you may select any of these best universities. Visit the official websites of these colleges to learn more about them, including when intermediate enrollments will open and what the entry requirements are. Students interested in the FA, Fsc, Ics, and Icom, or bachelor’s and master’s programs can enroll in these colleges.

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