Faisalabad has lots of the best universities, colleges, and schools in Faisalabad. It is very confusing to decide on the best institute for law students. Only a few students prefer to get a higher Law education that’s why there are few best and most well-known law colleges in Faisalabad.  These colleges are best according to their quality of law programs that’s why in Faisalabad students have no need to move out of the city for law education.

Top 5 Best Law Colleges In Faisalabad

Top 5 best law colleges are given below in our compilation. Read and know which one is preferable for you.

1. Faisalabad College of Law

Faisalabad College of Law or FLC is a dream institute for most law students, located near Kashmir bridge, canal road Faisalabad. The campus provides students with a comprehensive atmosphere that fosters experience with social, traditional, and physical activities that enhance the institution’s world-class law teaching. FLC has an affiliation with the University of Punjab and offers programs LL.B of 5 years and Law Admission Test (LAT). LAT is a requirement for applicants who want to get admitted to LL.B at FLC. The institute has very experienced and qualified faculty for teaching.

The increasing enrollments are making FCL the most popular law education institution in Pakistan. This institute offers the best facilities for its students, which includes a library, computer lab, scholarships, literary society, law moot society, naat, and qirat society, debating society, recreational trips, and sports activities. While the FCL College welcomes the brightest students from around the Faisalabad District, ensuring that students across all cultural and socioeconomic groups have equal access to education.

Contact Details:

Address: P-358 Amin Town Rd, C Block Amin Town, Faisalabad

Phone No: 0418753133

2. Government College University Faisalabad

GCUF is the best institute for all the disciplines and fields. It has many faculties holding different programs. There is a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences under which comes the discipline of law. The Law department was founded in 2003. This department has its own uniqueness from other departments of GCUF. This department is also considered a Law College. By participating in research activities, students are supposed to acquire strong analytical and reflective abilities.

The Law College has created a name for itself in the field of law because of the dedication and talents of highly qualified faculty members. The five-year LL.B program follows HEC’s accredited syllabus and is intended to match all of the students’ regulatory and professional needs.

Contact Details:

Address: C389+CXH, Kotwali Rd, Gurunanakpura, Faisalabad

Phone No: 0419200066

3. Lyallpur Law College Faisalabad

Lyallpur Law College is another on the list of best law colleges in Faisalabad. It is located in Peoples colony no. 1, Canal Road, Faisalabad. It offers intermediate courses and bachelor’s courses. The LL.B program is for 5 years under the affiliation of PU. The student of the institute enjoys an environment that includes academic and co-curricular programs that help them create a bold character that leads to being a wonderful and competent lawyer. The campus has a library, auditorium, playgrounds, and computer lab to facilitate the learning of students. For professional training and practice, the college has Law Moot Room which has an appearance as the courtroom.

Contact Details:

Address: 94MG+33G, Younus Town, Faisalabad

Phone No: 0418547890

4. Alley College of Law Faisalabad

Alley College of Law Faisalabad is the greatest facility for the law students of Faisalabad city, located on Canal Road. Alley College is a newly founded college, established in 2019. It is one of the best private colleges. Students who want to be bright future lawyers want to get admission to AGC. This college offers LL.B Hons. (5-years) program. Alley College is also affiliated with the University of Punjab. The law students can have facilities like a library, computer labs, sports grounds, and an eye-catching look at the campus. Alley College also offers scholarships to its deserving students. For best practice, this college also provides references for its students to government lawyers for internships.

Contact Details:

Address: Service Road Canal Expressway 204 Bridge, E Canal Rd, Raza Town, Faisalabad, Punjab

Phone No: 0418522601

5. Sandal Bar Law College Faisalabad

Sandal Bar Law College Faisalabad campus is spread out across a large area, with greenery grass and an educational atmosphere. It features highly skilled and experienced professors for the professional training of students. It offers LL.B Hons. (5 years program) under the affiliation of the University of Punjab. In order to expose students to actual legal proceedings in a court setting, it has a court mockup room. The library of Sandal Bar Law College has scholarly journals from all over the world.

Students have access to a range of sporting activities, including baseball, football, basketball, cricket, and athletics. Both male and female students have the facility of separate hostels. Seminars are also held for educational purposes, such as lectures, in which individuals participate in a debate on an academic subject in order to achieve a decent understanding of the subject.

Contact Details:

Address: 85Q3+GQ, Satayana Rd, Faisalabad

Phone No: 0418792050


For a lawyer’s remarkable career, selecting the correct law college for legal education is critical. A good and reputed institution may aid in developing a student’s talents and character. Faisalabad has a number of good law institutions with an outstanding educational record that competes for students from all around the country. However, due to the enormous number of law colleges in Faisalabad, selecting the best institution is a tough challenge. However, we’ve compiled a list of few but the best law colleges in Faisalabad.

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