Looking for the best engineering university in Islamabad to pursue your career in engineering? Well, engineering is quite a popular discipline of education across the globe and undoubtedly it plays a significant role in the development of a country. There are various engineering universities in Pakistan, and a few leading ones are in Islamabad, allowing the residents of the city to pursue good education from credible and authorized institutes.

Top 10 Best Engineering Universities in Islamabad

After conducting good critical research on the best engineering universities in Islamabad. Ilmibook has jotted down this list to help you make an educated decision regarding your career and choose the best engineering university in Islamabad to pursue your career.

1. Air University, Islamabad

Air University is one of the top university choices if you’re an aspirant engineer in Islamabad. The Pakistan Air Force founded the institute back in 2002. The formal accreditation of Air University is in among top universities in Pakistan serving the engineering discipline by HEC is one of the main elements that places its name among the top engineering universities in Islamabad.

Air University has built a second location in Multan. In addition to other areas of study, the institution offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the domains of engineering and management sciences. The engineering programs offered by Air University include B.Sc. Computer Engineering, B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc. Mechatronic Engineering, and B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering.

Contact Details

Address: Service Road E-9 / E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan، E-9

Phone No: 0519262557

2. Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS)

Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS), which ranks first among the nation’s top engineering universities according to the Higher Education Commission, has a strong reputation in the industry. Engineering and nuclear technology are the two main fields of study at this university, the foundation of which was made in 1967.

PIEAS has consistently been a hub for nuclear studies research since the time of its founding. It is one of the oldest universities in Islamabad and offers a variety of engineering degree programs. Additionally, PIEAS has a well-equipped Research and Development facility that is presently used for initiatives that are both academic and related to the industry.

Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS) has engaged in collaborative research with many national and international organizations to take its research partnership to an entirely new level.

The academic programs that PIEAS in Islamabad offers to engineering students are Mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical engineering, Metallurgy, and Materials Engineering.

Contact Details

Address: Lehtrar Rd, Nilore, Islamabad

Phone No: 051111174327

3. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

One of Pakistan’s top 5 universities in COMSATS University Islamabad. This institution was founded in 1998 under the name “COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,” and in 2018 it received a federal charter and changed its name to “COMSATS University Islamabad.” One of the top institutions, with 5 diverse faculties.

The following undergraduate programs are available at COMSATS University, Islamabad, and are PEC accredited. Hence students can pursue their career in Engineering in Electrical (Electronics), Engineering in Electrical (Power) Science, Electrical (computer) engineering as a major, Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineering Bachelor of Science, and software engineering with a BSc.

Contact Details

Address: Lehtrar Rd, Nilore, Islamabad

Phone No: 051111174327

4. National University of Science & Technology (NUST)

One of the well-regarded schools in Islamabad run by the Pakistani military is the National University of Science & Technology, also known as NUST. In the HEC ranking of the best engineering schools in Pakistan, it holds the second spot.

The National University of Science & Technology (NUST) is a renowned research-focused university on the global stage. Over a hundred students and a network of dozens of faculty members from other universities collaborate on research with NUST. NUST is a dream of students after doing Fsc Pre Engineering.

The academic programs that are available to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students at NUST are Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Software Engineering, and Petroleum & Gas Engineering.

Contact Details

Address: Scholars Ave, H-12, Islamabad

Phone No: 051111116878

5. International Islamic University, Islamabad

A public research university, International Islamic University Islamabad was established in 1980. In 2000, the institution created a separate campus for women only. The same amenities that are available to men are also available to women. This institution, which has about 9 faculties, is a significant provider of higher education in Pakistan.

The undergraduate programs provided by International Islamic University, Islamabad, and are PEC accredited include Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Engineering in electronics, and Mechanical engineering.

Contact Details

Address: H10, Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan

Phone No: 051-9257988

6. Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad

The Institute of Space Technology (IST) is one of Pakistan’s top-ranked engineering schools, according to the Higher Education Commission. Additionally, it is one of Islamabad’s top engineering schools. Under the sponsorship of the Pakistan National Space Agency, IST was established in 2002.

The Institute of Space and Technology is credited with launching Cubesat, Pakistan’s first-ever miniature satellite (code name iCUBE-1). This satellite has a capacity of 10 cm cube and weighs only 1.1 kg. Cubesat can gather scientific data because it has a variety of sensors.

The Institute of Space Technology (IST) in Islamabad offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs such as Aerospace Engineering, Avionics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Mechanical engineering.

Contact Details

Address: 1 Islamabad Expressway, Sector H DHA Phase II, Islamabad

Phone No: 0519075100

7. National University Of Modern Languages (NUML)

The National University of Modern Languages Islamabad was founded in 1970 with a focus on quality in higher education. Students can improve intellectually, personally, and professionally at the institution thanks to the outstanding academic atmosphere it offers. This institute was first created to provide language training for members of the armed services.

The National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad offers undergraduate programs that the PEC including Communication Engineering also accredits, and Electrical B.E. (Telecommunication).

Contact Details

Address: 4 Khayaban-e-Johar, H 9/4 H-9, Islamabad

Phone No: 0519265100

8. The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

A federally chartered university, the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences was founded in 2000. It is a well-known university with top-notch academic programs and knowledgeable instructors. There are five campuses for the university, located in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, Chiniot, and Islamabad.

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad, offers undergraduate programs such as Bachelor of Science in Electrical engineering and Bachelor of Science in Engineering Telecommunications. These programs offered by the university are also accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Contact Details

Address: FAST University, 3 A.K. Brohi Road, H-11/4 H 11/4 H-11, Islamabad

Phone No: 051111128128

9. Bahria University Islamabad

The Pakistan Navy created Bahria Institution in 2000 as a public university. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees in a variety of fields, including  engineering’s,  social sciences, art, management sciences, and physics, among others.
The facility is close to the lovely Margalla hills. It’s a wonderful spot to learn because of the abundant greenery and gorgeous campus.
This is one of Islamabad’s most prestigious business schools. Several engineering and business programs are available on campus. It provides a BS in Maritime Business and Management, a 3 1/2-year MBA in Pharmaceutical Business Management, and a BBA. Bahria University is the ideal option if you have a strong business mind.

Contact Details

Address:  Shangrilla Rd, E-8/1 E 8/1 E-8, Islamabad

Phone No: +92519260002

10. The International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) 

The International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) is a renowned institution of higher education that combines the pursuit of academic excellence with a strong foundation in Islamic values. Located in the capital city of Pakistan, IIUI offers a diverse range of academic programs, including engineering. The university is committed to providing a holistic education that fosters intellectual growth, ethical values, and a deep understanding of Islamic principles. With a dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, IIUI ensures a supportive learning environment for its students. The university’s emphasis on research, community engagement, and global perspectives further enhances the educational experience. IIUI stands as a leading institution that prepares its graduates to excel in their chosen engineering fields while upholding Islamic values and contributing positively to society.

Contact Details

Address:  H10, Islamabad, 44000

Phone No: +92 51 9257 915


Now you have got brief insights on the best engineering universities in Islamabad. So what are you waiting for, go get enrolled in your favorite university to pursue your dream career of becoming an engineer? These are all great engineering universities to help you to become a civil, mechanical, electrical, software, or other engineering’s. Ilmibook always focuses on providing high-quality institutions to provide the latest and authentic information.

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