Lahore is called an educational city in Pakistan. In Lahore, there are lots of best schools for Cambridge and other middle or matric studies. But when we talk about Islamic schools in Lahore then there are few only. Nowadays only a few parents want their kids to get Islamic education as well. Down below Ilmibook has listed the best Islamic schools in Lahore for your children’s Islamic education.

Top 5 Best Islamic Schools In Lahore

Here is the list of the best Islamic schools in Lahore for students’ Islamic education or for memorization of the Quran.

1. Rosans Islamic School

Rosans was founded in 1996 as a modern school but was subsequently converted to a religious school in the early 2000s. It is a trendsetter in Lahore’s religious learning for Muslims offering the best contemporary education while upholding the greatest Islamic ideals. The values, scheme of studies and policies of the school are based on the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Rosans School features two campuses. One is in Paragon City and the other one is in Gulberg II. The school is based on classes from Montessori through O levels.  Rosans Islamic School offers hifz-e-Quran as a choice. Rosans’ boys begin their hifz after fifth grade, while the girl students begin after fourth grade. The pace of modern studies slows down during the hifz. Their hifz-e-Quran curriculum is noted as one of the best not only in Lahore but also in Pakistan. Translation, Tajweed Rules, and Tafseer are also taught.

Contact Details

Address: G8HR+J9R, Rana Shaukat Mehmood Rd, Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab

Phone No: 04235714523

2. Scholastic Islamiah Islamic School System

The Scholastic School Lahore has campuses in two locations, Gulberg III and Peco Road. The school is offering levels from Preschool to O Levels. Additionally, it provides a Hifz-e-Quran course. Availing of the hifz program is not a compulsion. This Islamic school doesn’t provide FSc or Matriculation classes. Furthermore, it includes the teaching of Arabic as an essential course. For both boys and females, shalwar qameez is the uniform. The tuition fee of school costs from 10k to 16k. The Scholastic School has maintained its excellent result from the previous few years. They also engage their students in co-curricular activities to broaden their minds. It is equipped with the best facilities. it is also considered one of the best O-levels school. The Cambridge syllabus is taught in this school.

Contact Details

Address:  54, C Street 3, Block C3 Block C 3 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Phone No: +923014436419

3. Al Barakah Islamic School

Al Barakah Islamic School is one of the best religious schools in Lahore. It was established in 2003 and currently has five Lahore campuses. It is an English medium school. The school is divided into four sections: Pre-section, junior section, middle section, and senior section. The sections are from pre-nursery to 9th class. They offer admissions in PG or pre-nursery for kids of 3.5 years. They make their students learn Quran in junior classes, starting from Qaida and then Nazra. From two-class, hifz-e-Quran is started. Hifz-e-Quran is mandatory for boys, not for girls. With hifz, students also study three basic subjects: English, Maths and Urdu. After the completion of hifz, the hafiz students study all subjects along with the revision of the Quran. Basic and adequate facilities are also provided to the learners. The facilities include science labs, a computer lab, air-conditioned classrooms, a library, and more.

Contact Details

Address: 259/A, Block A Muslim Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone No: 04235841885

4. Iqra Rauza tul Atfal Islamic School

The Iqra Rauza tul Atfal is one of the fastest-growing chains of Islamic schools in Pakistan. This school has more than 180 branches all over Pakistan. Their featured courses include Tajweed, Recitation, Arabic, and Hifz-e-Quran. These courses are also offered online on their website. To take admission, the student must have the age of 3 years or more. They have qualified and certified tutors for learning Quran. The course of hifz is mandatory for all students. Students are also taught basic English, Maths, and Urdu subjects at the beginner level (Rauza ba and jeem) of Quranic learning. Then the students are taught Qaida and Nazra. After the hifz of the Quran, students revise the Holy Quran along with modern studies.

Contact Details

Address: G775+9CX, Sabzazar Block N Sabzazar Housing Scheme Phase 1 & 2 Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone No: +923084394918

5. Shajar School of Modern and Islamic Education

The Shajar School is another Islamic school in Lahore. It is located in Gulberg-|||. It is one of the very few schools in Lahore that is providing modern and religious education side by side. It offers classes from preschool to Matric courses. Students get educated there along with all the major facilities that enable a learner’s mind to grow in an adequate environment. The school also focuses on the development of strong and effective character. Daily sports and physical activity are part of the student’s life at Shajar. The curriculum of the school is assembled according to the international curriculums. Quran and other Islamic teachings are based on the real Prophetic and inherited learnings. The environment of the school is ideal and contemporary. Their experienced tutors are helping in offering the Hifz-e-Quran program. It Is optional for every student.

Contact Details

Address: G983+4J9, Block A1 Block A 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone No: 04235752838

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