Paraphrasing refers to rewriting the information in an alternate style. The students require paraphrasing while writing literature reviews, quotes, summaries, and assignments in general. However, in most cases the writing quality is poor.

Effective paraphrasing requires adequate linguistic and grammatical skills. Most students lack those skills, which result in low marks and sometimes, subject failures. To avoid this, students should always consult online paraphrasing tools for paraphrasing.

Paraphraser tools use AI to generate multiple copies of the content. The output is contextually and grammatically accurate. They can convert your initial draft into a professional piece of writing.

9 Best Paraphrasing Tools For Students

Here are the 8 best paraphrasing tools which students can use to their advantage:

1. is a premium choice for academic work for students. The tool can rewrite your work in 4 different paraphrasing modes, which are:

Text improver: This mode improves the overall quality of work by adjusting the keywords, style, and tone.

Near-Human: This mode works like a human writer. It alters the sentences with 100% contextual accuracy.

Plagiarism Remover: The mode operates to make your content 100% unique. No detector can find any plagiarism in your work.

Creative: It gives freedom to the tool. The tool overhauls the content and rights in a completely different manner from the source.

To make it the perfect paraphrasing solution, the tool has been equipped with a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, summarizer, content generator, and sentence rephraser. It can also translate your work into multiple languages.


  • Ease of usage
  • Variety of paraphrasing modes
  • Complete range of added features
  • Suitable for professionals and newbies


  • Not available on android
  • Free Version is limited

2. Plagiarism-Fixer

For students looking for a quick paraphrasing solution, plagiarism-fixer is an ideal choice. The tool uses advanced AI for rapid conversions. It doesn’t bother its users with a variety of paraphrasing modes, The tool only has one paraphrasing mode.

The interface is very simple. It helps users in the quick configuration of the website layout. All you need is to input the text on the left window and get results in the right window.

The tool is also available in the android version. It can rewrite 5,000 words in one search. It enables students to rewrite complete assignments in one go.


  • Quick paraphrasing
  • Simple interface
  • Ideal for newbies
  • Free to use


  • Lack of paraphrasing modes
  • Absence of added features

3. Neural Writer

This tool gets 3rd ranked courtesy of its high efficiency. The tool can rewrite your content in 2 basic modes, which include:

Light Mode: the basic mode, which can perform quick conversions. However, it is only suitable for small adjustments.

Medium Mode: Although the paraphrasing pace is slower, it can alter the paragraphs and overall sentences.

The tool can rewrite 10,000 words in one search. It can also translate your work into more than 16 different languages of the world.


  • Binary paraphrasing modes
  • Simple interface
  • High Efficiency of paraphrasing


  • Doesn’t have added features
  • Not available on android

4. Spinbot

Spinbot is among the most critically acclaimed paraphrases. Students use it for re-writing and it gives the best results. According to Ilmibook in many best schools, this tool is liked by students. It provides the students with 3 basic paraphrasing modes:

Shortest Mode: This mode condenses your work in the minimum word count. However, the tool doesn’t miss any notable details.

Default Mode: The tool performs regular sentence and word rephrasing in this mode. It shows contextual efficiency.

Longest Mode:  This mode expands the original content. It acts as a content generator, removing all plagiarism from the work.

The tool can rewrite 10,000 words in one search. It also provides the option of “ignore words”. The selected words don’t get rephrased. It helps in rewriting technical and scientific assignments.


  • Suitable for Science subjects
  • Can rewrite complete work in one go
  • User-friendly approach


  • Lacks added features
  • No android supported version.

5. is a well-rounded online AI-powered tool used for effectively rephrasing sentences, paragraphs, and articles. Its clean and slick interface gives off a welcoming vibe that makes it a perfect choice for students to enhance their content quality.

Also, it supports more than one language, which adds to the diversity of the tool. This tool also offers multiple modes for sentence modification, which are as follows:

Word Changer: This mode can be useful for introducing new words to your sentences.

Sentence Rephraser: This mode makes minimal changes to your sentence that alter its tone.

Paraphrase the Text: In this mode, AI-based paraphrasing takes place, which aims to make changes while preserving actual and contextual intent.

Text Improver: This mode can be used for paraphrasing unreadable sentences and making them clear to understand.


  • Quick paraphrasing
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Accurate results
  • Responsive tool


  • No login option for saving user preferences
  • Drag and drop upload file option not available

6. Essay Rewriter

Essay Rewriter is an ideal tool for paraphrasing as per academic norms. The developers have paid special attention to following all the established academic standards for paraphrasing.

The tool performs quick paraphrasing. The tool analyzes the original draft to understand the context. And then, it does its magic.

The tool only possesses one paraphrasing mode. The interface is very basic, built to attract students.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for descriptive assignments
  • Free to use


  • Only one paraphrasing mode
  • No added features

7. Outwrite

The tool is known for its variety of paraphrasing modes, it possesses 6 different modes. They include:

Improve: It improves the quality of the work.

Expand: This mode acts as a content generator to expand the important points.

Shorten: This mode works on summarizing the content

Casual: suited for content writing. It performs as per market demands.

Formal: most useful for academic writing. It rewrites the original draft as per academic norms.

Restructure:  It changes the positioning of sentences to improve overall quality.


  • Suitable for advanced work
  • Wide variety of modes
  • High-quality paraphrasing


  • The free version is limited
  • Not suitable for newbies

8. Contentbot

The content bot can serve students in two basic modes. These modes are:

Standard Mode: This mode performs little adjustments in the original specimen.

Power mode: This mode maximizes structural and verbal interventions. It results in 100% unique content.

The tool possesses the most advanced translator. It can translate into any language in the world in conjunction with Google Translator.


  • Binary rewriting
  • High contextual accuracy
  • In-built translator


  • The free version can paraphrase only 500 words
  • Limited added features
  • Not suitable for scientific assignments

9. Writing Services

The paraphrasing mode is present in the essay toolbox of writing services. The tool specializes in rephrasing descriptive essays as per requirement.

It can rephrase 20, 40, 60, 80 & 100% of the initial draft. It allows students to upload the complete file and get quick results of their choice.

The free version can paraphrase up to 6,500 words with ease.


  • Ideal for essay rewriting
  • Simple interface
  • Rewriting as per academic norms
  • Suitable for newbies


  • Single paraphrasing mode
  • Not good for customized adjustments
  • Lacks added features


Paraphrasing with an online tool isn’t just easier, it is also effective due to grammatical and contextual accuracy. This article highlights the top 8 best paraphrasing tools for students.

To facilitate selection, their specs, features, advantages, and limitations have also been listed. Use them well and keep us informed about your experience.

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