As a fundamental right, every human being has the right to education. A person’s social, psychological, economic, and physical capacities develop as a result of education. Education is a fundamental requirement in today’s world. The purpose of education is to replace a closed mind with an open one! And we all believe that education is the only way to tell the difference between an animal and a human being. To make the world a better place to live, education is essential.

If you live in Rawalpindi and are concerned about providing your child with the greatest education possible, this post will help you locate the best schools. In Rawalpindi, there are many governments as well as private schools, but finding the best one is a bit difficult. Below are some of the most prestigious and best schools in Rawalpindi. Ilmibook has goal of listing the top schools is to make it easier for you to get all of the knowledge you need on one page.

List of Top 5 Best Schools In Rawalpindi with Fee Structure

Here is the list of one of the top 5 schools in Rawalpindi according to their quality of education.

1. The City School Rawalpindi

The City School Rawalpindi

The City school system is an international framework of schools extended all over Pakistan. The City School is an outstanding academic institution not just for the elites, but also for the middle class. Being the fastest chain of schools, it has around 166 campuses are present in various cities of Pakistan. In Rawalpindi, the City school has 7 campuses located in different areas. All the campuses are covering all the grades and classes from PG to intermediate. It also offers O-levels and A-levels as it is an international network. Every campus has science labs for practicals, computer labs, a library, a playground, and other facilities in a well-decorated building and well-managed faculty. All these facilities are provided to the students so that they can be encouraged to learn useful skills and experiences to deal with practical life situations.

The aim of this school system is to provide high-quality and abroad standard education to broaden the raw minds of Rawalpindi. So that they can be prominent personalities in the future. This school has highly qualified staff with a remarkable experience. It has a UK national-based curriculum, specially designed to provide effluent knowledge and to polish the skills of students. The City school graduates can gain admissions and positions in the best and top universities in the world. All the facilities provided by the school make it one of the expensive schools.

Fee Structure:

Hers is the estimated fee structure of The City School according to different cities of Pakistan.

Campus NameFees
Ravi campus Lahore37,000 per month
DHA Lahore campus38,000 per month
DK Karachi20,000 per month
Rawalpindi Campus29,000 per month
Larkana Campus21,000 per month

Admission Procedure:

First of all, students must have to get register for the admission test. Registration can be done by filling admission form at the campus building. Then there will be an admission test. Students must have to pass the test for admission. After passing the test, there will be an interview. You can check other admission details on their official website here.

Contact Details

Address: JX7W+MWF, Mehar Abad Aliabad, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000, Pakistan

Phone: +92515479007

2. Siddeeq Public School Rawalpindi

Siddeeq Public School Rawalpindi

Siddeeq Public School is located in Rawalpindi’s Satellite Town. The school, which was established in 1980, is a famous and best school in Rawalpindi.  The school has classes for students in grades one through ten. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi is the school’s governing body. Boys and girls have their own buildings at the school. The school is housed on a purpose-built campus with skilled faculty, well-maintained laboratories, and a library, among other amenities. Admission to class 1 is conditional on passing an entrance exam. Other courses from Grade 2 to Grade 8 are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to an admission exam. In Grades 9 and 10, no admissions are permitted.

Fee Structure:

       K0-K5P6-S1      S2-I2    C1-C3     H1-H2
Tuition fee      8,300     8,460      9,625    10,965   24,950
Funds*       2,225      2,435       2,435      2,435      2,435
Per Month**      10,555     10,895      12,060     13,400    27,385
Per Term Rs  42,220Rs 43,580Rs  48,240Rs 53,600Rs 109, 540
Per school year Rs  126,660Rs 130,740Rs 144,720Rs 160,800Rs 328,620

K0 = Class 0, K1 = Class 1, P6 = Class 6, S1 = Class 8 (Matric), C1 = Class 8 (O Level), I1 = Class 11 (Intemediate FSC ), H1 = Class 11 (A Level)…

Admission Procedure:

To get yourself registered online, you can visit the website and apply for registration here. Admission policy and criteria are also given on the website here.

Contact Details

Address: 6th Rd, Block D Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab

Phone: +92514841494

3. Roots Millennium School Rawalpindi

Roots Millennium School is another school in Rawalpindi. This school intends its graduating MILLENNIALS to be competent, talented individuals capable of blending all the gained knowledge with their intellect, as well as meeting the obstacles of the broader world through their well-honed problem-solving abilities. They engage in a service delivery approach in the field of education that is founded on providing high-quality, accessible, foreign education to all students in purpose-built campuses that teach the multinational curriculum.

It is one of the leading schools of the present era in Rawalpindi. They offer classes PG to Inter, O-levels, and A-levels also. They also taught some international languages such as German, Mandarin, and French. Roots school provides all the basic as well as advanced facilities to their students. Well, representative campus building, decorated classrooms, cafeteria, computer lab, and professional staff are a few of them. They indulge their students in extra-curricular activities also such as sports, debates, study and recreational tours, personality-building clubs and societies, and other fun activities.

Fee Structure

The fee structure of Roots Millennium School is different at different grades as well as in different branches. You can check the original tuition fee policy on their official website here. Also, you can visit the nearest branch of Roots Millennium for proper details.

Admission Procedure:

For admission to Roots Millennium School Rawalpindi, you can apply online through their website here.

Contact Details

Address: Bahria Town Phase 8 Extensinon Phase 8 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab

Phone: 0512375201-6

4. Army Public School Rawalpindi

Army Public School & College is among Pakistan’s most well-known academic systems, with over 160 campuses around the nation. The institution provides instruction for both Matric and O Level students.

Army Public School, another of the greatest schools in Rawalpindi, offers a wide range of possibilities for pupils to improve their academic and life skills, including computer lessons, swimming, and arts and crafts. Sports, theatre, elocution, and na’at and qirat groups are also available in the school. There is also a journalistic society at APS.

Admission Procedure:

For admission to Army Public School Rawalpindi, you can get admission forms from the Principal’s office of the respective campus. After the application form submission, there will be an interview followed by an admission test.

Contact Details

Address: Khadim Hussain Rd, Lalkurti, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000

Phone: +92515147615

5. Grammar Public School Rawalpindi

Grammar Public School Rawalpindi offers education in a variety of subjects. Grammar Public School is a public elementary school in the city of The school, which was founded in 1981 under the direction of Syed Abu Mohammad Rizvi and is affiliated with the Rawalpindi education board, has been helping the public of Pakistan in the field of elementary and secondary education. GPS is an English Medium School dedicated to the educational advancement of the region.  At the junior level, the lectures at Grammar Public School are Gender Neutral (Co-Education). Grammar Public School Saidpur Road Branch is a famous Rawalpindi school dedicated to the area’s intellectual growth. A considerable percentage of students apply for admission to GPS each year. Saidpur Road Branch of Grammar Public School continues to provide excellent outcomes for its pupils. The school offers all classes from playgroup to matric level. In terms of the mural and extracurricular activities, it stands out among prestigious institutions in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. As a result, it was registered and recognized by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi and the Pakistani government in a relatively short period of time. Later, because of its outstanding educational standards and matriculation results, the board of Rawalpindi was established.

Admission Procedure:

To get admission in Grammar Public Scholl Rawalpindi, a candidate must have to appear in the written exam. Candidates can get admission forms from the Principal’s office of the respective campus or online from the website.

Contact Details

Address: 1318 B, Asghar Mall Scheme, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46300, Pakistan


The above is a comprehensive list of the best public and private schools in Islamabad Rawalpindi for boys and girls. Because school is a child’s first learning environment, it must be suitable for studying not just the books but also the skills necessary to help them achieve their goal of becoming a good engineer, doctor, businessman, or other professional in the future. So, these are the greatest schools in Rawalpindi, and you may register your child in any of them for a good future. The government and private schools educate both boys and girls at primary and secondary levels.

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