A-levels qualification are subject-based qualifications that can lead to a university degree, further study, training, or employment. A level of study usually takes two years. Nowadays most trending question about a level is that “Can we do A Levels after matric?”

Yes, students can take admission in A Level after matric. They are not subject to any restrictions. After matric, you can take a levels at any best colleges that offers A levels and a B grade is needed for admission.

What is A-Levels?

A-Levels stands for “Advanced Levels”. Over two years, you study the subjects you choose. These subjects are similar to those you chose for Grade 10. If you plan on attending tertiary education, select subjects that will assist you.

A-Levels and scores are typically required for university courses, so students should speak with universities about the requirements for the courses they are interested in.

Can Students do A Level After Matric?

Yes, Students can do A level after matric in Pakistan their are not restrictions. O-Level is matric level studies and A levels is Intermediate level studies in Pakistan like FSc Pre-Medical, FSc Pre-Engineering, I.com, ICS and others. So if you have cleared your matriculation exams and now you want to further continues your studies in Advance levels you can proceeds by following some admission criteria’s rules.

Basic Admission Criteria for A Level

A Level is a program that prepares students to be skilled and professional. Students get a broad understanding of the subject matter. A Level courses are offered at many schools and colleges. You can read the criteria here if you’re interested in enrolling for A-level admission.

Listed below are the basic requirements for admission to A Levels.

  • The candidate must have passed O-Levels or matriculation.
  • Previously, they must have passed a recognized board exam.
  • To enroll in the A Level program, candidates must have a minimum 2nd division.

Schools and colleges will have different requirements for studying A levels. If you’re looking to attend a school or college, it’s important to check what you will need.

Subjects Selection in A levels

A-Levels offer many more subjects, but universities rarely require them. When selecting your subjects, you will start with AS-Level subjects. Students study AS-Level subjects for the first year and A2-Level subjects for the second year, also known as A-Levels. In both years, you will take exams.

You may also choose to take more AS-Level subjects than A-Levels. A student may take ten AS-Level subjects, but generally, only three or four A-Level subjects.

Some subjects will be removed when you move from AS-Levels to A-Levels. If you want to take an A-Level subject that does not have a matching AS-Level, ask your teachers about what AS-Level subject you should take.

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