This chapter is located in the thirty-first chapter of the Holy Quran. The revelation of Surah Luqman (Makki Surah) occurs in Mecca during the lifetime of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). According to the Arabic meaning of Luqman’s name, he is a pious man who Allah has given wisdom to. The Holy Quran mentions Luqman’s name in chapter 31. There are 34 verses in Surah Luqman. Luqman is the sixth Surah that follows Alif Lam Mim.

Here are lots of benefits of Surah Luqman as stomach illness treatment, thirty angels protect the reciter, for illness disease.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Luqman

Here are some of the benefits of surah Luqman.

Luqman’s Companion on Judgment Day

Whoever recites surah Luqman will be one of Luqman’s companions on the Day of Judgment.

The Noble Prophet (PBUH) said,

“Whoever recites surah Luqman will be one of Luqman’s companions, and Allah will reward him ten times what those who enjoined the good and forbade evil received.”  Majma‘ al-Bayān, vol. 8, p. 74.

Thirty Angels Protect the Reciter

Those who recite Surah Luqman every night will be protected by thirty angels from the evils of Satan and his forces. According to Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Ali,

“Those who recite Surah Luqman every night will be protected by thirty angels from the evils of Satan and his forces. In the same way, if it is recited in the morning, the person will be protected until nightfall. ” Thawāb al-A‘māl, p. 110

Curing Internal Diseases

Surah Luqman helps in curing internal disease. It has been reported that the Prophet said,

 “Anyone suffering from an internal disease will be cured if the surah Luqman is written and washed with water.”  Tafseer al-Burhān, vol. 4, p. 359.

Ousting of a Tyrant

Those who write Surah Luqman and place it in a tyrant’s house will be removed from power in the same year.

Stomach Illness Treatment

Reciting surah Luqman seven times and blowing on the water are benefits of this Surah. The sufferer should drink this drink. He will get well soon with this shiffa, insha’Allah. You can give a person suffering from a stomach ache a Chinese plate that has recited Surah Luqman on it and then clean it with water and wash it. This will be enough to cure the stomach ache and remove illness. A fever patient can be cured by reciting Surah Luqman.

Relieve Wounds

Recite Surah Luqman on paper and tie it to the wound if blood is coming out from any bounds in your body. This will stop the bleeding, and the wound will heal quickly. There are endless benefits of Surah Luqman when it comes to the healing of wounds instantly.


Syrah Luqman also teaches us disbelief. According to the Quran:

“And, when Luqman said to his son while I was instructing him, o my son, don’t associate anything with Allah. Indeed, association with him is a great injustice”. 

In Surah Luqman, Luqman advises his son not to shirk. Don’t associate anything else with Allah.

Prayer, Promoting Goods, and Protection from Evil

If you recite Sura Luqman every night Allah appoints angels to protect you from Shaitan and his agents till the next morning

“O My son establishes prayers enjoin what is right forbid what is wrong and be patient over what befalls you. Indeed, this is of the determination of the matter”. 


In the Quran, Allah mentions only a few prophets. However, he chooses Luqman, a wise and pious man. Why did he find it so special?

Allah says in Surah Luqman:

“And we had certainly given Luqman wisdom, be grateful to Allah. And whoever is grateful is grateful for himself. And whoever denies it. Then indeed, Allah is free of need and praiseworthy.” Quran 31:12

However, a wise person has a lot of knowledge and is known beyond all others in Surah Luqman. Allah is saying that wisdom precedes knowledge. According to him, gratitude is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.

In Quran, Allah says:

“If you are thankful, I will give you more”.

Lessons Learned from Surah Luqman

In Surah Luqman, we can apply many lessons to learn to our lives. It is especially instructive for us to read Luqman’s advice to his son. Luqman needs to warn his son against ascribing partners to Allah. According to Luqman, polytheism is a great injustice. It also mentions the firmest handle that will deliver whoever holds fast to it. According to this verse, to hold onto this handle, a person must surrender his heart to Allah and be virtuous. At the end of Surah Luqman, Allah mentions his knowledge of the hidden and unseen. The Day of Judgment is known to Allah, and He knows when and where someone will die and what their earnings will be on that day. According to the Prophet Muhammad, those who recite Surah Luqman will become companions of Luqman and receive ten times the reward of all those who enjoined the good and forbade evil.

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