D1 Maths Book 7th Edition

Maths D1 official textbook for learning school numeracy course. The book is of all rights reserved by the Oxford University Press. The official publisher of the book is the same university press. The course contents of the book discuss a wide spectrum of Math integrally fundamental and logical problems. The D1 Maths book PDF has formally been released with the 7th edition which is its latest one and free download from here (link below).

Book Paradigms

The focal paradigms of the book revolve around the generic Maths logics such as arithmetic and logical schema of work. It enables a student to learn arithmetic operations like LCM, HCF, and BODMAS rules.  The book comprises a total of 15 chapters discussing major cores of Maths.

D1 math book 7th edition download pdf

Features of the Book

  • Primes, Highest Common Factor, and Lowest Common Multiple
  • Integers, Rational Numbers, and Real Numbers
  • Approximation and Estimation
  • Basic Algebra and Algebraic Manipulation
  • Linear Equations and Simple Inequalities
  • Functions and Graphs
  • Percentage and Comparison
  • Geometry
  • Statistical Data Analysis

D1 Math Solution Book PDF Download 

D1 math book is recently launched in the 7th edition. You can download the pdf book here with solved (solution) and unsolved (core textbook).

Book:  D-1 (Textbook / unsolved) & resource book (solved)

Edition: 7th Edition

Authors: Dr. Joseph Yeo, Teh Keng Seng Loh Cheng Yee, Ivy Chow, Ong Chan Hong, Jacinth Liew

Consultant: Dr. Yeap Ban Har

Year: 2022

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