D4 maths Book PDF (7th Edition)

If you’re a student interested in learning some new arithmetic concepts, you should use the official textbook, math D4. Oxford University Press has exclusive publication rights. Linear Inequalities in Two Variables, Probability of Combined Events, Data Analysis, Matrices, and More are just some of the topics covered in this textbook. The most recent version of D4 Maths is the seventh edition, which was just published.

D4 Maths Publishing New Ideas:

The fundamental ideas presented in this book are founded on the mathematical logic that is shared by a variety of academic fields, such as geometry, measurement, statistics, and probability. Eleven chapters make up this book, and each one is dedicated to one of the book’s core mathematical themes.

Summary of the Book’s Contents:

  1. linear equations and additional probability sets;
  2. Matrices and further geometric transformations;
  3. Vectors
  4. Loci
  5. Arithmetic and Numbers
  6. Measurement and Geometry
  7. The Science of Chance and Statistics

D4 Maths Solution Book PDF Download Free

D4 Maths Solution Book PDF Download

The seventh edition of the book has just been released. Solved (solution) and unresolved examples are included in the downloadable D4 maths pdf book (core textbook).

Book:  D-4 (Textbook / unsolved) & resource book (solved)

Edition: 7th Edition

Authors: Dr. Joseph Yeo, Teh Keng Seng, Loh Cheng Yee, Ivy Chow

Consultant: Dr. Yeap Ban Har

Year: 2022

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