Thousands of people apply for a green card every year. But, of course, not everyone is granted the application. If your green card is denied, approach a immigration appeals lawyer immediately to file a reapplication.

So why can a green card be denied? Being a permanent resident of a country is not an easy job. Several factors are taken into consideration. First, you must fulfill all the requirements.

That is why it is crucial to the top reasons a green card is denied. Here are seven leading causes behind the rejection of a green card.

7 Top Reasons a Green Card is Denied

Before getting into the rejection reasons, let us understand what requires you to be eligible for a green card. A green card is official legalization of being a permanent resident of a country. This shows that the immigrant is a lawful resident of the country and can enjoy several rights of a regular citizen.

You must fulfill several requirements to apply for a green card. Some of them are pretty straightforward, while some are pretty tricky. There are numerous criteria and paths you can take to be eligible for a green card.

Therefore, knowing what could go wrong with your application is highly crucial. In the following section, we will see the 7 top reasons a green card gets rejected.

1: Health-Related Issues

You will need to provide a medical examination report with your green card application. A government-approved professional will be assigned to examine your overall health status.

The outcome of the checkup can play a massive role in the decision of a green card. For example, if you are found to possess a deadly disease harmful to the country’s citizens, your application may be rejected.

However, you can overcome the situation by providing the office with a vaccination certificate document. Failure to do that will surely deny you your green card.

Furthermore, being a drug abuser can also be the reason behind the rejection. Finally, having a mental or physical disorder could be another medical issue that can cause denial.

2: Criminal Record

The most apparent reason behind denying a green card has a previous criminal record in your name. However, certain types of crimes could act as the most significant deciding factor.

Some of these specific crimes include being a drug trafficker, money laundering, sexual or physical assault, murder or manslaughter, and terrorist activities.

3: Mispresenting the Application Form

If you mispresent or submit the form without correctly answering all the fields, your application will be rejected. For example, this can happen when you do not understand specific information fields or provide an honest answer to particular questions.

Misrepresentation can be deliberate sometimes. If you are willingly trying to conceal information from your end, that is a severe fault. It could even lead to a suspension to apply for a green card in the future.

4: Failure to Provide Required Supporting Documents

When you apply for a green card, the website should ideally tell you what documents to submit with the application. This is a crucial part of completing the application.

If you fail to provide any required document, you will be penalized, and your application will be denied. Therefore, you have to enlist and gather all the required documents correctly.

5: Not Knowing the Eligibility Requirements

Canada offers as many as 60 immigration opportunities. Each option has its unique set of requirements and eligibility criteria. You must be sure about which one you are applying under and consider going through every condition within the option.

After your application, the officials will run a thorough check on your eligibility. If you do not fulfill even a single criterion, your application will be denied. Therefore, you cannot just make a slight glance over the requirements.

6: Likelihood of Financial Instability

This can be a rare case. Suppose the officials suspect that you may end up being unemployed with complete financial instability. In that case, they may deny your green card application.

This is because you would have to live on the benefits provided by the state government. No country would want to grant permanent residency to such an immigrant.

7: Mistakes by the Immigration Office

Finally, the immigration office could make mistakes in your application. This can lead to a faulty rejection of a green card application from their end.

It is sometimes possible that the officials misinterpret your answer or even the law. As a result, your application can be rejected on faulty grounds. The best way to deal with such a situation is to hire an immigration appeals lawyer and re-apply as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts:

Apart from the top 7 reasons a green card is denied, the immigration office can reject your application on solid grounds. This can eventually cause you a suspension from reapplying ever again. Therefore, it is crucial to confirm every aspect of a green card application before submitting the request.

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