Introduction to Computer Science

BS Computer science is a field in which we study the hardware of the computer systems and software components too. A person who has studied computer science is called a computer scientist. A computer scientist solves problems using technology. They develop new hardware and software to solve problems or make difficult or time-consuming tasks easier and efficient. They also repair and maintain hardware or software components of a computer system. This field is almost same as BS Software engineering.

Scope of BS Computer science in Pakistan:

When thinking about a field one question is constant in every mind what is the scope of this field am I making the right decision.? Is there any scope of software engineering or computer science.? Well, the answer to the question which people ask is YES!. You can’t choose a better field than this right now because it has one of the best scopes out there in the market not only in Pakistan but it has huge scope all over the world because everything is going digital and soon there will probably be more computers in the world than the human population because everything is getting automated and going online nowadays from small businesses to huge businesses.

Real-life examples

When you ask about the scope of computer science keep in mind that a name everyone has heard Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft. He is one of the richest men on the planet and he made all his fortune through computers and software. Plus Jeff Bezos another big-name founder of Amazon’s online store one of the richest men in the world made his fortune through the use of computers and software. Elon Musk another well-known billionaire made his fortune through Paypal online payment service, then through Tesla motors which uses computers for automation and running of electric vehicles. So you can confidently select this field for a bright and secure future without any worries or second thoughts because millions of job opportunities are being created every month in the field of computer science it has a really high demand if you are skilled and know how to get the job done.

You can be your own boss too

One can also start a business of their own when one has sufficient skills in the field and be your own boss and it pays handsomely too. So the answer to all the questions in your mind about is it worth it, will it be good? Is yes it is, it is highly worth it.

Facts and figures support Computer science

The IT industry in Pakistan is worth 3.5 billion dollars right now it has doubled over the last half a decade and experts say that it may reach up to 7 Billion dollars a 100% growth rate in the next 2 to 4 years. So it is clear that this industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. If we look at the world like in America it is worth 1.7 Trillion dollars right now and it is predicted to reach 5 Trillion Dollars by the end of 2021 so it is a secure field with a really bright future.

Salary of a computer scientist in Pakistan

A fresh graduate candidate can get a job with a starting salary of 25,000 Rupees but as you gain some experience in this field you’re earning/ Salary increases, one can earn up to 175,000 Rupees a month in this field in Pakistan. But if you are working outside of Pakistan one can earn up to 500,000 Pakistani rupees a month if you have experience and the skills required for the job. If you run your own company or software house then in the earning department sky is the limit. It all depends upon your effort and Hard Work. In all the scenarios computer science is a very lucrative field to work in if you have the skills.

Some Job Titles of a computer scientist

In the degree of BS Computer science students, most focus on Core programming languages like Java or C++.
After completing the BS computer science degree you can get jobs in one of the following fields just the requirement is you must have programming skills Otherwise your degree will be worthless.
• Game Developer
• Cyber Security Expert
• Cyber forensics expert
• App Developer
• Data Analyst
• Quality Assurance Manager
• Programmer
• Software Developer
• OS Developer
• Web Developer
• Network Manager
• Systems Manager
• Database Manager
• Web Designer
• Teaching field in colleges and universities.
These are just some of the job titles there are plenty others out there but these are the ones popular nowadays.

How to become a Computer Scientist

A student can take admission in BS computer science after doing F.S.C PRE-ENGINEERING or I.C.S. Mathematics should have been studied by the student in intermediate. After intermediate one can apply to any university that offers the program according to one convenience and choice.

Admission Requirements in BS Computer Science

50% to 60% Marks in intermediate and Matriculation (Depends Upon the Eligibility Criteria of the University)
FSc Pre Engineering or ICS Computer Science in intermediate with mathematics is required.
List of Universities offering the Program:
• LUMS University
• NUST Islamabad
• Lahore Garrison University
• FAST NUCES Lahore Campus
• PUCIT Lahore
• UET Lahore
• UMT Lahore
• GC University, Lahore
• GC University, Faisalabad
• Comsats Lahore
• Imperial University Lahore
• Superior University Lahore
• Leads University Lahore
• National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Lahore
• National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad
• Bahria University, Islamabad
• Abbottabad University Of Science And Technology
• Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro
And many other computer science universities in Pakistan are offering the program.

Subjects studied in computer science degree

Here is the list of compulsory and elective subjects students have to study in the BS computer science program.
• Introduction to Computing
• English Comprehension
• Financial Accounting
• Calculus And Analytical Geometry
• Pakistan Studies
• Islamic Studies or Ethics (for Non-Muslims)
• Introduction to Programming
• Business and Technical English Writing
• Discrete Mathematics
• Calculus II
• Introduction To Business or Economics
• Data Structures
• Digital Logic Design
• Object-Oriented Programming
• Data Communication
• Physics or Circuit Theory
• Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming
• Database Management Systems
• Software Engineering – I
• Computer Network
• Principles of Management or Principles of Marketing
• Statistics and Probability
• Computer Graphics
• Differential Equations
• Operating Systems
• Communication skills
• Software Engineering-II
• Fundamentals of Algorithms
• Compiler Construction
• Advanced Computer Architecture
• Linear Algebra
• Theory of Automata
• Human Resource Management or Entrepreneurship
• Final Project -I
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Visual Programming
• Web Design and Development
• Modern Programming Languages
• Operations Research
• Artificial Intelligence
• Final Project -II
• System Programming
• Data Warehousing
• Numerical Analysis
• Organizational Behaviour or Business ethics

Duration Of Degree

It is a 4-year degree program consisting of 8 semesters. 2 semesters per year. A semester consisting of 3 and a half to 4 months.

Fee Of The Degree

In a government institute it can cost from 200,000 upto 350,000 Rupees and in a private universities it can cost from 700,000 to 900,000 Rupees it can be even more expensive in the private sector depending upon the university.

Is Computer Science Difficult

The answer to this question is it highly depends upon your interest and effort. If you are interested in this field and try your best it is a field that you will like a lot and find not much difficult. But if you lack interest in it then it can become difficult for you but still if you show effort you can do it. It’s not that hard or difficult.

A Special Benefit Of Computer Science

You can work as a freelancer from anywhere for anyone all around the world the whole world can be your workplace and you can be your own boss and work according to your desire and need.

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