Surah AL-Mudassir

The word “Mudassar or Mudathar (in roman English)” means to be a cloaked one. Allah (Subahana Wa’Talla) addresses in this Surah the Holy Apostle as a clothed one because of His (SAWW) specific attire. Surah Al-Mudassar is the 74th Chapter in Quran and decended in Mecca (Makki Surah) and contains 56 Verses.

Surah Al-mudassir has lots of benefits if you recite this surah regularly, you will get ALLAH blessing, deliverance from Austerity helps to get rid of poverty, and many more benefits. So Make a habit of reciting surah al-mudassir after fajr prayer to get rid of financial worries and more power.

Benefits of Surah Al-Mudassar

Let’s learn what the benefitting outcomes of reciting Surah Al-Mudassar are.

Source of Attaining Allah’s Blessings

Like all Quranic Chapters, the Surah Mudassar is the focal means of acquiring Allah’s Rahamat (blessings). One of the other benefits of Surah Al-Mudassar is that it is the very first complete Surah revealed to the holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH as a whole, so having it learned by heart causes a great shower of blessings from Allah (SWT).

The Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) has said “it could be combined that it is the first address (O, cloaked one) to me revealed to me so reciter can attain reward ten times in Ramadan.”

Deliverance from Austerity

All of us often worry about our livelihood. In recent years, due to economic downfall around the world, there has been a surge of depression and recession being observed all over the world. Thus, people struggle to win a piece of bread.

Surah Mudassar is immensely helpful in removing the dependence of the people. It makes you, regardless of the poverty, thanks its charismatic benefits. If you are depressed about your poverty-stricken conditions and face several economic hardships, then Surah Mudassar is accurately perfect for you.

How to Recite to Get Rid of Poverty

Islamic Scholars (Ulema) say anyone who undergoes financial hardships should make an ablution (Wazzu) and recite the Surah Mudassar faced towards Ka’aba every day. The advised method is to recite this Surah after Fajar Salah. (Prayer after Dawn and Before Sunrise—the first Prayer out of the Five obligatory Prayers). It’s like a dua after fajr.

Narration by Hazrat Ali (R.A) about Surah Mudassar

“A believer should seek Prayer to Allah (SWT) for rizq (Livelihood) after Fajjar Prayer because, at the time, rizq is being distributed among mankind and all creatures of Allah”. So, reciting Surah Al-Mudathir is profusely beneficial to be reciting after the Morning Prayer.

The Reciter Would Never Be Deprived of Clothing

Out of the core benefits of Surah Al-Mudassar, there is a point to note that people’s desire is to wear good clothes after poverty. It ofttimes happens and observed that even if someone is unable to wear good clothing despite having riches in hand. So, reciting Surah Mudassar will never underlie the reciter to be deprived of the appropriate clothing. It is good to note that the culmination of the Surah is being “Cloaked or Clothed”, as Allah (SWT) calls Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), “Oh, Cloaked one!” which means to be wearing a decent cloak.

Surah Mudassar Strengthens Memory (Wazifa for Quran Memorizers)

Another blissful benefit of Surah Mudassar’s recitation is to strengthen the mental memory level. A tested tip to memorize the Holy Quran by heart is testified for the Huffaz (memorizers of the Quran) who undergo a weak memory effect. So, reciting Surah Mudathir increases the mental remembering power that eases memorizing Quran by heart.

How to Recite Surah Mudassar to Fortify Mental Memory?

Quran explorers say that if a child or person has a weak memory, he should, himself or someone (especially a parent) recite this chapter and suspire in clean drinkable water. The suspired (to breathe out in the water after reciting the Surah) water is drunk every day for at least 40 days by the child or person. Thence after, you will not see a noticeable change in his memory Inn-Sha-Allah (If Allah wills).

Virtues of Surah Al-Mudassar By Hadiths

In a narration from Muhammad PBUH:

“Anybody who recites the Surah Al-Mudassir, by the number of the people who accepted and denied the prophet of Islam in the city of Mecca they will be granted rewards of ten times of it.”

In another Hadith from Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS) it is stated:

“The one who recites Surah Mudassir in the obligatory namaz, it becomes compulsory for the Benevolent God to stabilize that person in the neighborhood near the status of the prophet and in the worldly life the ill-fate and sorrows will never grab him.”

Imam Zuhri relates the following tradition on the authority of Hadrat Jabir bin Abdullah:

“The Holy Messenger of Allah describing the period of falrat al-wahi (break in revelation) said: One day when I was passing on the way, I suddenly heard a call from heaven. I raised my head and saw that the same Angel who had visited me in the Cave of Hira was sitting on a throne between heaven and earth. This struck terror in my heart, and reaching home quickly, I said: ‘Cover me up, cover me up’. So the people of the house covered me up with a quilt (or blanket). At that time Allah sent down the Revelation: Ya ayyuhal-Muddaththiru… From then on revelation became intense and continuous.” Cite: (Bukhari, Muslim Musnad Ahmad, Ibn Jarir)

Final Thoughts:

Surah Mudassar has all the good-getting benefits to make a beneficial impact on your life. You should make it in your schedule if you are a struggling businessman or undergo hardship due to financial worries. There are billions of benefits of reciting Quran and every surah has its own benefits. If you have any guidance-seeking query related to Surah Mudassar or any other Quranic Wazaif, let us know, ilmibook will guide you according to Sharia (Defined Jurisdiction in Islam), Hadiths, and Quran.

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